Astrological Transits

Harmonious Transits Difficult Transits
Conjunction= power

When two aspects (familiarly known as “planets”) are conjunct, it   just means that both are in the same sign. This usually signifies that they   will work together for a common goal. This combination is easy flowing. For   example, if the Sun is positioned in Leo and the planet Mercury is also   positioned in Leo, astrologers may say “the Sun will conjunct Leo today”

Inconjunction (sometimes called a “quincunx”) = requires us to make   adjustments.


When two aspects are inconjunct, neither have anything in common.   This transit is related to struggle and we must find adjustments. Energies do   not flow smoothly and we may have difficulty forging connections with others.

Sextile= an opportunity implied; reaching out is necessary

When two aspects are Sextile, it implies that openness is significant   in order to usher in new opportunities and connections. It is a high energy   transit and encourages an active exchange.

Sesquiquadrate= notes subtle tension is likely


When two aspects are Sesquiquadrate, willingness and eagerness to   learn is implied. We must be slow to respond and take an additional moment to   react in heated situations

Semi-sextile= denotes reciprocal action

When two aspects are semi-sextile, growth is likely. The planet’s   energies attract one another and require some sort of effort to allow an   inflow of information. Generally, the effects are favorable.

Square= implies irritation and challenges ahead

When two aspects are square, internal conflict is likely. This   transit can be challenging, frustrating and at times overwhelming. This also   means we have to work twice as hard to be accepting to change and reformation

Trine= easy flow; natural cooperation

When two aspects trine one another, a beneficial connection is   likely. This is a harmonious aspect and we may feel lucky or hedonistic. Any   obstacles we face during the time two aspects trine are met with good energy   and a good attitude.

Opposite= Extreme conflict is probable.

When two aspects oppose one another, balance will be called into   action. This is the most difficult dynamic of all due to the polarized energy   of the transit. Understanding and patience will be necessary until the   transit has passed.


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