The Luminaries

** Although neither the Sun or Moon are planets, they are often called “luminaries.” This is a classical term utilized by early astronomers and astrologers to describe the givers of light. **


 Sun: controls our creative expression. The Sun symbolizes the center of our consciousness(psyche): how we display our ego and how we express our individuality. The energy of the Sun works to help us become more aware of ourselves. The Sun possesses a masculine energy, also called the “yang.” Although the Sun is not a planet, astrologers consider it the planetary ruler of Leo.






  Moon:  defines our emotional development. The moon symbolizes the center of our subconscious and emotional needs: how we understand our feelings and how we conversely express them. If the Sun is representative of our “spirit”, then the Moon is representative of our “soul.” Symbolically, the Moon possesses a feminine energy, also called the “yin.” Again, although the moon is not a planet either, astrologers consider the Moon the planetary ruler of Cancer.