Weekly Forecast August 20th-24th, 2012

Big things are happening in the sky this week! Here are a few key things to look out for.


*The moon leaves industrious Virgo and transitions into graceful Libra. Whenever the moon is positioned in the constellation of Libra, we tend to focus less on practical matters and more on social interactions. We are inclined to indulge in aesthetically pleasing activities and avoid arguments/confrontations. During this period, we may daydream and direct attention towards relationships (either building or repairing).

**Moon (Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn)= Around 1:10pm  EST , we may feel guarded with our feelings. We may have a strong desire to reveal our deepest fears and emotions with those we are close to (because of Moon in Libra), but simultaneously, we may struggle to control the information we release about ourselves (because of Pluto in Capricorn). Pangs of belonging, betrayal, abandonment and rejection could follow: whether these emotions are truly warranted may vary per person. Under this aspect, we delve into a “self-protective” mode and attempt to detach ourselves from others. This aloof behavior could potentially backfire if you are trying to forge or repair a partnership.  Be careful to avoid self-pity, hopelessness and despair.

** Sun (in Leo) sextiles Mars (Libra)= Around 5:45pm EST, we may become assertive regarding an important issue in our lives. We come up with innovative  solutions to solve old problems. We will instinctively take the initiative (because of Mars in Libra) to creatively  look at obstacles from a fresh perspective. We feel confident (because of Sun in Leo)  enough to make good decisions that will prove very useful later in the month.

**Mars (in Libra) sesquiquadrates Jupiter (in Gemini)= Around 7:11pm EST , feelings of warm enthusiasm take over. We feel lucky and are apt to overestimate our true capabilities (because of Jupiter in Gemini); or we may promise more things to friends/family members/colleagues than we can actually deliver. Generally, feelings of happiness and good fortune will color the remainder of the evening.



** Moon (in Libra) sesquiquadrates Neptune (in Pisces) = Around 5:30am EST, emotional turbulence permeates throughout the day. We are apt to be dreamy, idealistic, and very delusional about reality. We may be at the mercy of our emotions: wavering between overly emotional and complete detachment. Memories of the past and glamorizing things that “were” is a common theme for Tuesday morning. We tend to procrastinate under this aspect on account of all the daydreaming that will most likely take place. Positively, our sense of compassion and empathy is increased.

** Moon (in Libra) conjuncts Saturn (in Libra)= Around 8:00pm EST, our whismsical thoughts from earlier in the day are slowly retiring and we seek things that ground us. Because the planet Saturn is representative of limitations, boundaries and responsibilities, we begin to review the structure and order in our present. We may take time to reflect upon recent struggles in our lives concering finances and relationships ( as Libra is very closely associated with partnerships). We will search for new ways to balance our emotions and attain a higher state of emotional peace. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm future plans and goals that we would like to implement.



* The moon leaves harmonious Libra today and enters obsessive Scorpio. When the moon is positioned in the constellation of Scorpio, intensity is key. Everything we feel will be experienced on a deep level. Scorpios are the detectives of the zodiac and stop at nothing to uncover “the ultimate truth.” During this period, we intuitively want to get to the bottom of everything: superficiality is not even an option. This is a wonderful time to challenge yourself and focus on activities that can bring you material success. Negatively, we may fall into patterns of manipulation, paranoia, and suspicion. Be mindful to avoid emotional drama as that is also likely at this time.

**Also today, the Sun leaves socially gregarious Leo and transitions into reliably practical Virgo. The Sun will be in Virgo from August 22-September 22. September is the last “summer month” and signifies the end of something. Unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling job positions and other things that we feel no longer have a place in our lives will be discarded. Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. As the only zodiac sign represented by a woman, symbolically, during this time we may become more in touch with our feminine energy. The sheaf of wheat symbolizes the gathering of crops during the fall harvest (again, because Sept is the last month before seasons change).  From this, we can gather that this is a perfect time to implement order into our lives. When the Sun was in Leo, we desired social interactions and outings. We networked, mingled with new people and focused on enjoying life. Now that the Sun has moved into hard-working Virgo, we need to organize those contacts made last month and shift our attention towards furthering our professional lives. During this period, we want to organize , collect, and gather information. We seek practical activities that will yield successful results. We cannot be bothered with abstract theories and whimsical ideas. We look closely at details. Negatively, we are apt to be fussy, hypercritical and anxious when things do not go our way.


**Moon (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn)= Around 4:00pm EST, we feel passionate and protective. We may search for intimacy and approval from our partners. If we feel rejected, we are liable to brood and sulk. However, this is an important time to keep to ourselves for fear of lashing out at others.

** Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Gemini)= Around 6:50pm EST, we will burst with positive energy!! We want to share our love and good feelings with those in our immediate environment. We exercise great judgment and positive thinking. Cooperation with others is a key theme under this aspect and we readily accept looking at “the big picture.” We are communicative and talkative (because of Mercury in Leo) and seek new insights / possibilities (because of Jupiter in Gemini). We want to share thoughts, ideas and feelings and we have no problem doing so effectively.  Try not to come across as arrogant, as we feel over confident about all of the information we’ve acquired in our lives. Don’t discredit another person’s experience simply because it is different from yours.



*The planet Mars leaves diplomatic Libra and transitions into intense Scorpio. As Mars is the planet of ambition and drive, this shift will influence our “get up and go” energy. When Mars is in Scorpio, we may develop an extreme case of tunnel vision. Scorpio thoroughly enjoys challenges and the employment of strategic tactics. You may also temporarily take on this trait under this transit. If you have been looking to cement business contracts, take on a new position or ask for a raise, this is a great time to do it. Negatively, Scorpio doesn’t “believe” in grey areas so you are less inclined to compromise with others during this time. Scorpios strongly prefer to make changes and accepting challenges. Be careful not to manipulate or exploit others who you deem emotionally/intellectually inferior. This could backfire quicker than you think. Astrologers also associate Mars with sexual energy. When Mars is in passionate Scorpio, intense affairs are likely. We will want to engage in passionate love-making and may attach ourselves to the hips of our lover.

**Moon (in Scorpio) trines Venus (in Cancer)= Around 5:34am EST, we will feel soft and yielding to our partners until mid-evening. We are charming, energetic and highly appealing to those around us. Our imaginations may be very overactive and we find comfort in a diplomatic disposition. You may be forced to be a mediator, counselor or sounding board for those you are close with.



*The moon leaves passionate Scorpio and transitions into upbeat Sagittarius. When the moon is in Sagittarius, we are blindly optimistic about obstacles we face. We are interested in “turning over new leaves”, and “leaving the past in the past.” We tend to focus on the bigger picture and just cannot be bothered with what we consider minute details. We search for random adventures and look for ways to travel and broaden our horizons. We don’t really stop to brainstorm and plan: preferring to go with the flow and wing it, if necessary. Negatively, we are likely to over promise and under deliver if we are not careful of our words.

** The Sun (in Virgo) opposes Neptune (in Pisces)= Around 8:30am EST, we will be lost in a dream world for the vast majority of the day. We seek comfort in old memories + material goods that have sentimental value. Attempting to rekindle old relationships because we are reminiscent of the past could pose a potential problem. Our willpower is low and we could potentially make poor romantic and business decisions. Tension between clarity/reality and blurry vision is another theme during this time. Visions, day dreams, romantic longings and high expectations may turn into a source of grave disappointment if your wishful thinking isnt rooted anywhere in reality. Those currently suffering through romantic woes may fall into a depression due to emotional disillusionment. Positively, we are at our most empathetic and creative. We feel artistic and highly intuitive.

** Venus (in Cancer) sesquiquadrates Neptune (in Pisces)=  Around 7:38pm EST, we are addicted to happiness, love and sex. We are interested in expressions of romance and affection under this aspect. We may gloss over important details in exchange for “flowing through our happy feelings.” This is a very poor time to make important financial and legal decisions because we are viewing the day through rose-colored glasses. Deception is likely, more specifically, we may deceive ourselves about the nature of certain relationships. Be careful to not fall victim to your feelings of dependency and neediness because this aspect will pass in the morning.