Crazy Cramps?

Bloating? Fatigue? Irritation? Cramps? Fight back….without Midol!

Theres really no necessity to explain the purpose of the cycle but as of late , a lot of my friends have been asking for advice about reducing symptoms of their cycles. In recent years, my cycles have gone from 7-8 days to a maximum of 4 days. My cramps (and the amount of time I cramp) has decreased significantly. I rarely bloat and fatigue is minimum. Please understand, everyone’s body functions and reaction differently but all my improvements came after I changed my diet—particularly meat. Personally, I believe the hormones, additives, steroids and antibiotics that companies give the livestock may be safe for animals but unsafe for humans. You would be a fool to think those injections don’t affect what goes on inside of YOUR body after you consume the animals. However, I’ll save my hate speech for another post.

Here are a few great ways to PREVENT severe cramps:

  • Cut back on coffee,   decaffeinated coffee, and black tea in the days before your period begins.
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption in the days before and during your cycle (you may think that beer will help, but it may only make things worse!)
  • Reduce the amount of meat and  dairy food in the diet. They can aid in the production of the prostaglandins that help to cause cramps. (*sigh* I shall move on quickly to the next bullet)
  • Cut back on salt before your period  begins.
  • Eat lots of food that  contain B3, E, magnesium citrate, and calcium citrate. [I’ll have another post about this later]
  • Eat cold-water fish, especially if it is fresh [Omega 3 and fatty acids in the fish can help inhibit the production of prostaglandins]
  • Practice certain yoga positions to aid the proper balance of the uterine function.


However, if you feel these prevention tips are null and void (ie you just arent going to do them because it interferes with your lifestyle), then proceed to the bullets below…

  • Place a heating pad on  your stomach. A damp towel heated in the microwave can also be used.
  • Abdominal cramping can be relieved through orgasm. The muscle contractions that occur during an orgasm make the blood and other fluids leave organs that are congested. [go figure, the time you actually need an orgasm, you’re too gross to get one.]
  • Drink two cups of peppermint or  wintergreen tea a day. The mint leaves can be added to any type of tea.
  • Drinking hot liquids can increase blood flow and relax muscles that cramp. Drink any herbal tea. Don’t drink any hot liquids that contain caffeine—->Caffeine increases nervous energy and can make menstrual cramps worse.
  • A hot bath with mineral salts help relax muscles. Soak for at least 20 minutes.
  • Basil has a natural painkiller  called caffeic acid and it can relieve the pain menstrual cramping. To make a basil tea, put two tablespoons of basil leaves in a pint of boiling water. Allow this to stay covered until it comes to room temperature. To ease cramps, drink ½ cup to 1 cup of the tea every hour.
  • Calcium is well known to   decreasing pain from menstrual cramps. Taking magnesium supplements both before your cycle begins and during it can help the body more effectively  absorb the calcium in food and calcium supplements.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Dehydration can make menstrual cramps worse.
  • Getting plenty of rest can help to decrease cramps.