Save Money! Start Yoga

In recent decades, Americans have become dependent upon pills. Got a migraine? Pop a pill. Backache? Pop a pill. Stressed out? Pop a pill. Very few people in pain consider alternative forms of medicine because prescription pills provide an immediate and potent result. Well, it’s time to change that! Director Adam Silman and his colleagues of the Arthritis Research UK group performed a small study that revealed participants who consistently attended yoga sessions over 12 weeks had fewer joint problems.

Chronic back pain sufferers admitted that they missed fewer days of work, spent less money on pain pills, and had fewer medical costs than those who did not attend the yoga classes. A similar study administered by the Spine journal, offered the same results as those recorded by Arthritis Research UK.

Yoga, the art of mind-body balance through meditation, breathing and physical poses, has been in practice in parts of Asia for centuries. This holistic practice offers many benefits with little to no side effects. If you are suffering from a chronic mind/body illness, buy a mat and stretch it out!