A Blue Moon: Friday August 31st, 2012

A Blue Moon in Pisces August 31

On Friday August 31, 2012, a rare astronomical event will occur. Now of course, the moon won’t actually be “blue” but because a full moon twice in one month only happens “once in a blue moon”, the moniker stuck. The last time we had a blue moon was December 2009 so this is a huge deal! Try to manifest all the positive energy this transit has to offer.  Full moons offer a sense of finality and signal the completion of events. Full moons provide closure and clear clutter from our lives. You may firm up paperwork for a new home or car; transition to a new company or position within your current company; or finally cement a commitment with your love interest. People are inclined to change their appearance in an effort to “start anew” or begin a new health regime that they have been putting off. In astronomy and the physical sciences, it’s been proven that the moon controls the ebb and flow of water on Earth. Changing tides are governed by the orbit of the Moon therefore our feelings are likely to be fluid today. The “high tides” of large bodies of water occur under the blanket of a full moon; so symbolically, we are compelled into action under this influence. We are absorbed with self and seek activities that allow us to reap seeds we planted under the New Moon in Leo (on August 17th).

A New Moon is perfect for outward changes to things in our environment while a Full Moon manages internal growth. The Full Moon in Pisces may embolden our dreamy and intuitive side. On and off, feelings of sadness and disappointment linger throughout the day. Things, conversations, feelings may be a bit blurred today: we may distort the truth to get what we want from others, or vice versa. Interactions with others reflect interactions with ourselves. For example, If you are suspicious about whether or not your partner has been honest with you, you may in turn be deceptive about your true feelings also. The sign of Pisces is all about healing. Be careful that you do not play the role of “victim” or “martyr” today. We may temporarily feel depressed throughout the early morning. Tears will most likely be shed. By midday, we will be able to shake that “weird” energy and look forward to a progressive weekend.