Mercury Transitions Into Virgo: August 31st, 2012

Mercury Goes Home To Virgo…Finally!

On August 31st, Mercury [ruler of communication and intellect] will transition into Virgo. Mercury is comfortable in both Virgo and Gemini, as it is their home (or ruling) planet. Whenever a planet moves into another constellation, it affects all of us! This happens regardless of what our sign is. Now that Mercury is resting in its old stomping grounds, expect for our mental processes to run at 100%. We are mentally sharp, witty and seek to organize our thoughts efficiently. When communicating with others, we are less likely to be aggressive and desire center stage (as we were when Mercury was positioned in Leo). We are also less likely to be diplomatic and graceful (as we will be when Mercury transitions again on September 16th).  Instead, we will convey our thoughts with honesty: no sugar coating with this alignment. Our approach to learning new information will be calculated and well planned. More than likely, details will play a major role during this two week transition. Checking, rechecking and checking again are staples of the Virgo personality, so expect this when researching information. Virgo never leaves a stone unturned and can be nitpicky should numbers not add up the way they’re supposed to. Those who have their Sun sign, Ascendant sign or Mercury sign in Virgo or Gemini are more likely to be affected than others. Negatively, if you feel someone is not listening to/or understanding the things you are trying to explain to them, you are likely to be fussy and harsh in your response—this includes all signs, not just Virgos and Geminis.

Mercury’s position also means you are less interested in abstract theories, concepts and brainwork; instead preferring to work with the practical and engage in activities that allow you to get your hands dirty. You’ll prefer work that gives you the opportunity to work with others for both your benefit and theirs. People are attracted to methodological approaches to complex issues—with amazing results. Expect to lie awake in bed at night and stare at the ceiling between August 31st and September 16th. Because your keen intellect is activated now, your brain will constantly churn over details and new goals. Insomnia may creep in as you ask yourself, “did I wear the right suit today?” …”I wonder how my boss felt about my presentation?”…”did I leave my briefcase at work?”…”should I review my assignment for the 968948th time before it’s due?” You may also rewind the day in your head, plan for the coming day and ponder about the events for next week: all preventing you from relaxing and falling asleep. Generalized anxiety is a trait most Water and Earth signs suffer from: usually because they worry about things that have already passed or have yet to pass. Conversely, we may all be feeling a bit anxious about minor annoyances in our lives. Remember to breathe and BE. Give. Live. Laugh. Love. Give laughs. Give Love. Make love. Yes, all of those things.