Weekly Astrological Forecast August 27th-31st

This week offers alot of tense aspects that may throw a curve ball here and there. Check it out below to see what to watch out for in the days ahead. I would suggest reading each day (instead of one sitting) in order to compare the transits with how your day went. Feel free to email me with questions, comments or concerns (kortnie.favors@gmail.com). I’ve disabled comments for the majority of my posts.


Monday August 27th

[The Moon is positioned in the constellation of Capricorn. Overall feelings of resourcefulness and practicality are key themes. We are aware of limitations and restraints in our lives, but they do not bother us. We desire order and seek achievement of personal goals. We look for activities that produce longevity and guaranteed results. We are motivated to network with others who can help propel us to our next level. This is a great time to look into practical investments. Responsibilities and efficiency is highlighted. Negatively, we may reserve our feelings as we fear being vulnerable to others. ]

* Moon in Capricorn inconjuncts Jupiter in Gemini: Feelings of distress are likely. We may have trouble looking at the bigger picture and may be less inclined to review the important details in our lives. Capricorn represents structure, order and practicality while Gemini represents the abstract. Under this rather disharmonious aspect, we could find ourselves making decisions without thinking them through completely and not recognizing the future consequences. We may all be unreliable and confuse others in our immediate environment who require definite answers. [around 10am EST]

* Mercury (in Leo) sesquiquadrates Pluto (in Capricorn) : Feelings of distrust, paranoia and suspicion. Minor annoyances in our lives make us more emotional than usual and pessimism is expected. Cognitive dissonance, emotional distress and frustration are common things under this aspect. We may second guess the things others tell us—for no apparent reason. Hypersensitive, introverted Pluto [ruler of rebirth, transformation] clashes against gregarious and warm Mercury [ruler of communication and intellect].  We may be flaky in communication with others. [Around 6:15pm EST]

*Moon (in Capricorn) opposes Venus (in Cancer):  Intimacy blocks are likely. We may feel that those in our environment are thwarting or preventing us from engaging in pleasurable activities. Problems in your home and domestic life feel burdensome and we feel restrained. Issues with finances (either the lack of income, the surge of outwardly flowing money or both) are also highlighted under this aspect.  Extreme hypersensitivity concerning matters of the heart should be expected. [Around 8pm EST]



Tuesday August 28th

[Around 1:40pm EST, the Moon will transition into Aquarius. We feel an instinctive need for progression and innovation. All of our reactions to people and situations in our lives under this transition come from a more objective, than subjective, place. Mental processes are sped up. We desire to shake things up as it is difficult for us to adhere to structure. We are flaky with schedules: preferring to play the day “by ear” instead of definite dates. Anything new and mysterious grabs our attention as we are inclined to explore our curiosities. This is a perfect time to brainstorm ideas, network, and make social connections. We look to broaden our horizons and are much more receptive to change today.]

* Mercury (in Leo) sesquiquadrates Uranus (in Aries): Mercury [ruler of communication] in fiery Leo combined with Uranus [ruler of progression and change] in bold Aries makes for a difficult aspect. Upsets, unexpected changes and flaky modes of communication are likely. The things we planned for our lives today will most likely be abruptly interrupted and we will be required to shift gears accordingly. Our thoughts are all over the place and we may struggle expressing ourselves in a coherent matter. Unreliability and irritability are two key themes today. Be careful to lace sarcasm with laughs, otherwise, we may irreversibly manifest problems with long term consequences. Positively, we will be feelings creative and want to follow fresh ideas to help solve persistent complications in our lives.

* Moon (in Aquarius) squares Mars (in Scorpio): Throwing caution to the wind is likely. We are apt to engage in rash and spontaneous activities without thinking .This aspect will ignite our desire to get up and go. Free-spirited Aquarius colors our feelings [as the Moon rules how we express our emotions]: we are less likely to focus on self and direct attention towards community service. Mars [ruler of action and sexual energy] transitioned into sexual and persistent Scorpio last week. We are impulsive, liable to fly off the handle and easily jump to conclusions. Be careful not to overreact by pushing yourself or others too hard. Positively, under this aspect, we can find the strength to finally rid ourselves of dead weight and transition out of toxic situations [i.e. underemployment, unhealthy relationship, stressful living situations, the cancellation of unbeneficial legal agreements, etc.] [Around 7:40 pm EST]


Wednesday August 29th

* Moon (in Aquarius) trines Jupiter (in Gemini): This is a favorable aspect so try to maximize all it has to offer! Feelings of optimism, happiness and luckiness are likely. Community oriented Aquarius and chatty Gemini make for a great combination. The desire to network, connect and communicate with others for the “good” of a project, cause, event etc. will be common themes. Our positive state of mind can attract others who are looking to move in a similar direction. We are less likely to feel anxious, and also less likely to review details. We want to focus on the overall picture.

* Sun (in Virgo) trines Pluto (in Capricorn): Our connections with ourselves become deeper under this aspect. Our personalities give lasting impressions to others who we meet for the first time today. We are determined, dedicated and focused on achievement and success. We are decisive and able to tap into resources that assist us as we accomplish goals. This is a great time to make a decision and stick with it. Fastidious Virgo combined with steady Capricorn can be helpful as we start new projects or money-making activities. We may direct attention to “getting to the bottom” of a matter by being vehement —making others fold to our wishes. You may find the strength to stand up to a person who has either misunderstood you or took advantage of you. Negatively, if you are too forceful, others may feel overwhelmed and can pull away. It’s best to gauge how receptive others are to your ideas before you attempt to stuff them down their throats.

* Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Saturn (in Libra): Organization and prioritizing are two key themes during this transit. This is a wonderful time to sit down and review details from an objective standpoint. Try to organize the logistics of a project, relationship, a move to a new residence, transition to a new job (or job position) as to ensure success. This aspect is not really associated with romantic energy, but because Libra rules balance, this is also a perfect time to restore the equilibrium between your domestic and professional life. We are likely to see things from a clear perspective and are disinclined to rationalize fantasies. Decisions made now tend to stick for the next few weeks.


Thursday August 30th

[The Moon moves into the constellation of Pisces today. We are inclined to detach from reality and settle into a dreamy (and probably unproductive) state. Imagination and intuition are heightened so details may be overlooked. We are impressionable, introspective and receptive to deception from others. The line that separates reality and fantasy, truth and untruth will disintegrate. We mesh objectivity and subjectivity into one big blend. Positively, we tap into our creative sides.]

* Sun (in Virgo) opposes Chiron (in Pisces): Chiron [the healer of the zodiac] and the Sun [rules how we express our egos and individuality] clash under this transit. We may have a difficult time expressing our true desires (for fear of upsetting others) and are likely to bend over backwards to satisfy others. There is internal conflict as we want to break from our comfort zone to reach our highest capabilities but we are afraid to take the risk. We struggle to commit to goals for fear of failure and we may push our lack of faith in ourselves upon those close to us.  Positively, we crave interactions with others and seek emotional gratification from those we care about.

*Venus (in Cancer) sesquiquadrates Chiron (in Pisces): Difficulty in our romantic lives is probable and we are inclined to feel tension within our relationships. But for those single folk who desire a partnership, this will also cause a considerable deal of stress—almost as if you are trying to force a puzzle piece to fit in a keyhole. We may wallow in our sadness and disappointment caused by lovers (past and present). Positively, this is a perfect opportunity for emotional growth and reexamining the values we hold dear in relationships. If you are not committed, now is the time to figure out why things have not worked in the past and ways to improve yourself as a partner. Chiron is also associated with illusions and watery visions. We are apt to view matters of the heart very subjectively through rose-colored lenses. We may feel like our partners (or potential partners) are unwilling to commit…conversely, we may be hesitant to offer commitment and stability for fear of being hurt.

*Moon (in Pisces) opposes Mercury (in Leo): Minor disagreements are likely! We have much to say but it may not come across the way we would like. Emotional Moon positioned in emotional Pisces will stir up intense feelings but we may have difficulty expressing them. We may be anxious, tense, paranoid and irritable; as a result, we may not be thinking clearly. This is a poor time to make decisions, sign contracts, start relationships, switch jobs, make a major purchase or lend out large sums of money. The decisions finalized under this influence could come with disastrous consequences later.  Communication (Mercury) errors are possible: lost emails or paperwork, continuously dropped calls, inability to get in contact with important people, etc.  [Around 1:50pm EST]

*Moon (in Pisces) conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces): Hypersensitivity and compassion is highlighted. We may be quiet, reflective and introspective. Intuition is heightened and epiphanies regarding situations which have caused considerable stress recently are likely. We are attune with our spiritual side and seek to connect emotionally with others. We are not bold and aggressive; our energy is mellow and open. Negatively, we are easily manipulated, swayed and tricked under this aspect. We are also more inclined to believe lies told to us by others or the lies we tell ourselves. We are welcoming to deception and seduction: we want to indulge in fantasies and daydreams. During this period, some of us will be: receptive to opening up to someone who is unavailable for total commitment, make promises we know we cannot keep or purchase things we are aware we cannot afford. We are impractical in domestic matters; positively, we are hospitable and seek to extend a shoulder of empathy to those in need.


Friday August 31st

* Moon (in Pisces) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn): We are inclined to be very emotional (thanks to the Full Moon in Pisces) but are great at hiding them from the world (thanks to Pluto in Capricorn) today. Others may have a difficult time trying to read us, and that is our exact aim. We are personable, energetic and open to new ideas. This is a friendly aspect for those looking for new ways to increase income or expand an existing business. Memories and items of the past [as Pluto rules death and rebirth] are likely to resurface. Old lovers or business partners may reach out to you. Or friends that you haven’t spoken with recently may want to chat about new details.  Positively, our sexual and creative energy will transform. We seek to build with others on a deep level. [Around 7:15am EST]

*Venus (in Cancer) semisquares Sun (in Virgo):  We desire to please others. Our visions of love (Venus in Cancer) clash heavily with our ego today (Sun in Virgo). Under this aspect, we very much want others to like us and be attracted us. Issues of attachment may arise. We could have a difficult time letting go of an argument with a lover or a toxic relationship in general. Unfortunately, we also have a hard time compromising with others. We project our irrationalities and frustrations on our partners, who return the gesture. [Around 9 am EST]

* Moon (in Pisces) sesquiquadrates Saturn (in Libra): Feelings of isolation, desertion and not being supported are likely. We may perceive that others are not truly in our corner and lack dedication to us. A realization of depending on ourselves due to the unreliability of others is a key theme. We may believe that we are not receiving proper recognition for our hard work (especially in the domestic sphere as Libra rules partnerships). We feel blocked and constrained by society [as Saturn rules structure, order and the maintenance of the status quo]. Legal problems may arise or clashes with authority figures. It is difficult for us to rely on others; it is also difficult for us to express this effectively to them. We are less spontaneous and feel limited by our finances. Domestic and professional matters lack balance. Yet, this is a great transit to make adjustments in your personal life to attain peace and stability. [Around 3pm EST]

*Moon (in Pisces) squares Jupiter (in Gemini): The emotional nature of the Moon added to the upbeat nature of Jupiter can only lead to outward expression of our feelings. We are apt to be indulgent, self-aware and open about our thoughts. We are social with others and likely to overeat, overdrink, or think without fear of a backlash. Negatively, we are less tolerant and project a self-righteous attitude that’s offense to others.