Weekly Forecast Sept 3rd-7th, 2012

Monday Sept 3rd

Mars (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn): This is a great transit to work on goals and tackle the necessary “to do” list of the day. It will begin at 7am EST, but you may feel lingering effects all day! Under this aspect, we attack problems easily and are decisive in action. Decisions/changes made during this time are likely to stick. Great dynamism will permeate through the morning and revitalize our sense of purpose. Additionally, because the planet Mars also governs sexual energy in conjunction with ambition, expect your sex drive to sky rocket. Desire to connect physically with others is likely.

Sun (in Virgo) semisquares Saturn (in Libra): Around midmorning (10:40am EST) the obstacles in our life frustrate, distract and discourage us from moving forward. We feel blocked and restricted, not knowing how to maneuver through our struggles.

Venus (in Cancer) squares Saturn (in Libra): We feel as though a brick wall in standing in our way of happiness. Your romantic and financial goals appear too far from reach. A melancholy disposition will color the majority of the day. Use this transition to review what you want in a partner and figure out what is missing from your love life. A relationship reality check will most likely occur today.


Tuesday Sept 4th

The Moon is positioned in the constellation of Taurus today. We are hedonistic under this placement. Financial and romantic matters are favored. We will most likely crave security, comfort peace and compromise. Throughout the day, our energy is slow and steady. Negatively, we may take a stubborn position and resist changes in our personal lives.

 Moon (in Taurus) squares Venus (in Cancer): Under this transition, we are apprehensive of forming close emotional bonds with others. It begins around 7 am EST, and will likely end mid-afternoon. Hypersensitivity is key and we are demanding, almost to the point of being confrontational, with loved ones. We seek harmony in relationships at this time, although we are less likely to relax enough for it to transpire.

Mercury (in Virgo) inconjunct Uranus (in Aries):  Expect choppy and snappy communication with others. No-nonsense Virgo coupled with fiery Aries makes for a deadly combination. It is very easy for us to blow up under this aspect and subsequently rub those in our immediate environment the wrong way. It’s difficult to employ tact. Hasty, impulsive decisions and disorganization are key themes for the evening. Be careful of your words, they have lasting effects with this transition. Luckily these planets will move into this alignment around 6:50 pm EST and will move away from one another by midnight.


Wednesday Sept 5th

Mercury (in Virgo) sextiles Mars (in Scorpio): Energetic and enthusiastic energy carries the day. We are alert and will wake with a “get it done” mentality. Thanks to Mercury in Virgo, we have the courage to say what’s on our minds and hearts. This is a perfect time to confront someone or a difficult situation. This transit is wonderful if you are looking for energy to handle a challenging hindrance.


Thursday Sept 6th

Moon (in Taurus) semisquares Uranus (in Aries): Beginning around 8:50 am EST, and pervading through the remainder of the day, tension is likely. The moodiness of the Moon and the impulsiveness of Uranus in this hard aspect can only mean that mood swings will be the name of the game today. Emotional upsets coupled with lack of tact can make it difficult to open up to others. This is a great time to stop, breathe and understand the source of your internal frustration.

[Venus transitions into Leo around 11am EST. Our love style changes from the introverted, domestic Cancer into extravagant and wild Leo. There is a subsequent post I’ve written about this transition that provides more detail]

Venus (in Leo) semisquares Jupiter (in Gemini): Around 1:45pm EST, we will feel on top the world! Feelings of luckiness and enthusiasm are likely; we are apt to promise more to our loved ones than we can actually deliver. We are blindly optimistic about our capabilities and can underestimate the amount of time it takes to do something/get somewhere. When it comes to finances, we may spend more than we can actually afford. The tendency to “overdo it” is here, and very powerful. Be careful!!!


Friday Sept 7th  

Sun (in Virgo) squares Jupiter (in Gemini): We may wake up and feel restless under this early morning aspect. We seem to want more out of life, but cannot seem to figure out which direction to move in. The fussy nature of Virgo added to the flighty nature of Gemini may leave us feeling vaguely dissatisfied with life in general. This is a challenging aspect as we work towards recognizing our boundaries, but finding methods to push past them for real breakthroughs.

Venus (in Leo) inconjunct Neptune (in Pisces): Around 4:30pm EST, we will take out the rose colored glasses to view our relationships and financial situations. We see what fantasize abt versus what is really taking place in reality. We may give our partners the benefit of the doubt regarding a recurrent issue when we know they haven’t changed. Or we may be in denial about our finances and cannot seem to live within our means. Feelings of disappointment and insecurity are likely under this transit. Only when we acknowledge that we have been kidding ourselves can we make the necessary adjustments to move forward.