Bloomberg Teams Up With Whole Foods

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been called a ‘socialist’ and ‘commie’ many times in his political career, but no one can ever say he never cared about the children of New York. On August 23rd, Whole Foods Market pledged 57 salad bars to NYC public schools under Bloomberg’s “NYC School Salad Bar Initiative.” Recognized earlier in the year by first lady, Michelle Obama, the movement Bloomberg created was to curb obesity and assist kids in making healthier decisions about the food they eat.



In a system overrun with fried lunch items, ultra-sweet snacks in vending machines and readily available sodas after school, it’s refreshing to see someone work against the junk food current. There are currently 1,000 salad bars in New York City public schools and the additional 57 are worth over $300,000. Whole Foods has agreed that the option of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of something salty and riddled with fat can literally mean the difference between life and death. Conservatives Senators for the state have remarked that it’s “not the government’s responsibility to decide if their children should eat healthier or not.” Bloomberg shrugged off the comments and posted the great news on his website!

[Perhaps these children will also inform their parents about the dietary changes in school so that a few new modifications can also be made concurrently at home.]

Check out his website to see the details of the donations and ways that you can help at home: