Got Milk?

Why do we criticize mothers who breastfeed past one year; but encourage mothers who feed their children milk from another species?




For the last 80 years, the American population has largely been misinformed and uniformed in their decisions about food consumption. The FDA has misled the community with ridiculous guidelines in the form of public service announcements on television about what we should and should not consume to be healthy. In his Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health, Joseph Keon tackles the tricky subject of eliminating dairy from our diets. Keon contends that propaganda sponsored by dairy industry lobbyists have led to Americans’ obsession with milk. The author asserts that the bureaucratic federal government compromises the health of Americans by folding to these special interest groups in exchange for campaign donations and gifts. Keon also points out that puppies drink dog milk, piglets suckle pig milk and baby rats drink rat milk; then poses a very legitimate question: why are humans the only creatures who drink the milk of another mammal?




Those in the field of public health, medicine and even the education system have pushed how essential dairy milk is: as it is supposed to build strong bones and teeth. Yet, the United States has one of the highest rates of Vitamin D deficiencies and osteoporosis of all developed nations. Whitewash exposes the reality of the dairy industry: detailing the lives of over 100,000 cows that are kept perpetually pregnant so they can create enough milk for consumer demands. Many of these cows are stored in warehouses, never feeling the sun or grazing on a single blade of grass. These animals are fed a “wheat and corn” diet which is not found in the wild. Keon specifies the process of producing the milk, “cleaning” the milk and shipping the milk to our local grocer.  Instead of asking the nation, “got milk?”, we should be asking, “got ethics?”

Milk, anyone?


I read the book a few weeks ago and he definitely worked my brain cells over. I am definitely reconsidering my dietary intake! I implore everyone to atleast click the link below, read a few reviews and see if this is a book you’d like to add to your collection.






You can find it here:

Joseph Keon
Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health
New Society Publishers, BC, Canada • 2010