Wal-Mart and Monsanto Have Joined Forces (*yawn*)

“Genetically modified organisms” (or GMOs) isn’t a phrase that comes up often in American conversations. The preachings by those of who know what they are seem to fall on deaf ears. Thanks to the population boom after the Second World War coupled with increased demand for produce and meat, corporations have come up with an ingenious (albeit harmful) way to make everyone a happy customer.

To put it plainly:

GMOs are a nice way of saying that a fruit, vegetable or livestock animal has been genetically engineered to produce desired traits for the corporation doing the engineering. So when it comes to the livestock we eat, animals today are bred to grow faster and heavier than nature allows. This is an effective way for companies to maximize profits since the American demand for beef, chicken, turkey and pork grows daily.

The problem is that this “splicing” has negative long-term consequences for human consumers who:

1. Have no idea that the foods they are consuming have been seriously altered

2. Have no idea that GMOs can cause cancer, liver failure, kidney failure and have (in the past) introduced salmonella and a batch of L-tryptophan into the body.

The king of manufacturing genetically modified organisms has been Monsanto for the past three decades. And Monsanto has just signed a lucrative business deal with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has recently decided to carry a variety of sweet corn produced by the Monsanto Corporation that will bring in huge profits for both companies. In Connecticut, the Congressional body introduced a bill that would require companies (including Wal-Mart) to label products that carry genetically modified chemicals so consumers can make a somewhat informed decision about their purchase. In November, five other states will vote on similar measures (including California, where Monsanto has done heavy lobbying).

Wal-Mart released a statement on their website that says they have “no interest in labeling products in their store that has been genetically altered” …and if people are looking for chemical free food, they should just “buy organic instead.” Wal-Mart continues to say that “there isn’t enough evidence to support adverse human health effects from consumption of GMOs as the studies thus far aren’t credible.” <—the problem with this is that there have been literally hundreds of studies that revealed the harm of chemically altered foods. In fact, many European nations have banned GMOs from being manufactured, let alone sold in grocery stores. Americans seem to be slow on the trail.

Monsanto says that genetically modified produce they plan to sell to Wal-Mart was created to “protect the corn from pesticides and herbicides.” <— Monsanto leaves out that the pesticides and herbicides they speak of were also created in their laboratories. [ Monsanto is the maker of RoundUp, the weed and insect killer]. To stand up against the Monsanto giant, many chain grocers are fighting back. Whole Foods, Trader Jones and the Patel Brothers have refused to carry produce that has been genetically altered.

Thus far, Monsanto has spent close to $5 million to reject the Connecticut House Bill 5117 that requires companies who utilize their products label them before they are bought by American consumers.

Monsanto has poured millions of dollars into blocking measures that would require companies to label products containing GMOs, but the people are fighting back!

You can learn more about GMOs here and sign the petition in the fight to label GMOs here:http://www.change.org/petitions/walmart-say-no-to-monsantos-genetically-engineered-sweet-corn\