Venus Moves Into Leo, Sept 6th 2012

After hovering in the constellation of Cancer since August 8th, the planet Venus is now making her way into Leo. Under this transit, our love style will change drastically! Cancer is concerned with domestics, stability and family life. While Leo also values those things, the Lioness is more concerned with the display of love over the actual love itself. Introverted Cancer seeks comfort and solace in a steady partner who helps them maintain a quiet, peace of mind. Leo is ultra-romantic and ultra-dramatic! Under this transition, we are generous and playful with our lovers. Feelings of creativity, affection and the desire for attention increase substantially. We will be on a never ending quest for bliss. Expect passion and fireworks!

Venusian Leos expect outward displays of affection while demanding ultimate devotion and loyalty. But understand, they only request those things because they will definitely give those things as well. Those with Venus in Leo on their birth charts are far from selfish creatures: the same amount of attention they crave will be graciously returned. And since Venus is moving into Leo, we can assume that those traits will also rub off on our own partnerships regardless of our sign.

We may also feel the need to improve our outward appearance. The sign of Leo can be egocentric, materialistic and slightly superficial. You’ve never seen a Leo who wasn’t dressed to the nine, ALL THE TIME! These folk will throw on a pair of stilettos just to grab a few items from the grocery store. And, again, because Venus will be positioned in Leo from September 6th-October 2nd, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will all be more conscientious of what we wear when we leave the house.

Because Leo is an extroverted, masculine fire sign and the planet Venus carries an introverted, feminine energy, you can be sure that we will all be grandiose in our expressions of love. Unlike quiet and secretive Cancer who revels in privacy of their love lives, Leo will want to shout from the mountain tops that they have the best partner. Brazenly seductive, Leo wants to perfect the art of flirting. If you are taken under this transit, you may try at every chance to seduce your lover. If you are single under this transit, you may find yourself more inclined to go out and mingle with members of the opposite sex. Sexual urges intensify.

Negatively, the sign of Leo is also very jealous (and wrathful) when they feel scorned. Their possessiveness and quick temper can make for a deadly combination should they feel as though their partner is no longer praising them and have diverted their attention elsewhere. For those individuals who have their Venus positioned in an Earth or Water sign, they may despise the flamboyant nature Venus has taken on during this transit and will most likely be glad when it has passed.