Weekly Forecast September 24th

Week of September 24, 2012


Monday Sept 24th

Moon (in Capricorn) squares Saturn (in Libra): Under this aspect, most likely felt all day (although the actual transit occurs in the afternoon), feelings of dissatisfaction and pessimism are key themes. In astrology, a “square” between two planets usually denotes some sort of challenge or obstacle. Remember the moon controls our emotional undercurrents and how we express our subconscious to others. While the planet Saturn rules structure and our necessity to conform to the status quo. As a result, we may feel frustrated with the way our lives have turned out thus far. We may be ever critical of ourselves and decisions we’ve made in the recent past. This transit highlights our ability to understand and accept that we cannot change what has already happened, but we must instead figure out how to make things better for the future.

At 7:30pm EST, the Moon will leave practical and efficient Capricorn to transition into free-spirited Aquarius. Whenever the Moon is positioned in Aquarius, we have a distinct need for something new and innovative. Our reactions to things in our immediate environment move along the lines of mental instead of emotional. We are more concerned about the future. Under this influence, it is difficult to adhere to structure and schedules: we want to work at our own pace and indulge in everything that seems interesting to us. Any attempts at constraint by others will be met with resistance.



Tuesday Sept 25th

Mars (in Scorpio) semisquares Pluto (in Capricorn)

The planet Mars, ruler of ambition and sexual energy, is currently positioned in the constellation of intense Scorpio. Today, Mars will semisquare Pluto, positioned in stoic Capricorn, the planet that governs regeneration and dramatic transformations in our lives. This combination highlights a power struggle of some sort. Under this aspect, we are difficult to satisfy and are liable to be confrontational with others who aren’t sympathetic to our unique emotional needs. We must remember to just relax. It’s best to lie low until negative feelings have passed.

Venus (in Leo) sesquiquadrates Uranus (in Aries)

The ruler of romance and finance, Venus, will fall into a difficult aspect with Uranus this afternoon. Uranus rules our desire to rebel against social restrictions and the need for progression and innovation. Because Uranus is positioned in fiery Aries and Venus is positioned in dramatic Leo, this transit could cause serious commotions in our personal lives. We may feel torn between freedom and constraint. We may want to spend money but not have enough to spare in the budget. Or we may crave closeness with a romantic partner but are afraid of the commitment. Thoughts of restlessness and the desire to engage in behavior adverse to short/long-term goals could happen as well.



Wednesday Sept 26th

Mercury (in Libra) trines Jupiter (in Gemini)

This aspect is a very positive one! Whenever two aspects “trine”, expect good things to follow. Mercury governs our communication style and how we engage in deductive reasoning. When in Libra, Mercury is diplomatic and relaxed. We are willing to make compromises with others; we often need to hear both sides of the argument before making a decision. Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, is currently positioned in communicative Gemini. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter create a space where great ideas will prosper. We are optimistic about obstacles in our environment and confident that “everything will work itself out.” We are eager to learn and interact with others. Negatively, we may over exaggerate the nature of a situation; or we may promise way more to someone (including ourselves) than what we can actually deliver. Blame it on that “feel good energy” that makes you believe you are heroic and invincible.

Moon (in Aquarius) semisquares Uranus (Aries); Moon (in Pisces) semisquares Pluto (in Capricorn)

Between 10am EST and 11am EST, two intense aspects will occur. I’ve labeled them under the same transit since they occur so close to one another during the day. When the Moon in aloof Aquarius semisquares Uranus in fiery Aries, the tendency to daydream is very strong. Under this influence, the inability to stay focused or committed to one task is high. Mood swings and tactless behavior can be expected. This transition signifies emotional tension. Around 10:50am EST, the Moon (again, still in Aquarius) will semisquare Pluto, which is positioned in Pluto. Under this aspect, we are eager to free ourselves from past hurts. Remember, Pluto controls death, regeneration, transformations and rebirths. So when the Moon (ruler of emotions) comes into contact with Pluto, the result is a resurgence of emotional burdens from the past. We may relive an experience that we told ourselves we would let go; or we may feel as though we are unable to move past a particular situation.

Venus (in Leo) sesquiquadrates Pluto (in Capricorn)

This is an aspect I always hate! Whenever these two planets enter a difficult angle (and a “Sesquiquadrate” indeed represents a difficult one), expect a return of lovers (Venus) from the grave (Pluto). The ex that you thought you were done with? Perhaps they are calling and trying to work things out at some point today. You may be feeling sympathetic and toy with the idea of seeing where the [dead] partnership could go. This aspect signals some level of emotional distress—less of a general sense, and more of a romantic sense. We may be saddened by some aspect of our romantic partnerships (or lack thereof). Positively, this instability could bring you and a spouse closer on a sexual level. We desire to connect physically because we have difficulty expressing ourselves emotionally. Backwards, I know.


Thursday Sept 27th

The Moon will enter dreamy and idealistic Pisces around 1:30am EST. We are inclined to detach ourselves from reality and opt to wear our “rose colored” glasses. Whenever the Moon transitions into Pisces, we are highly unproductive (unfortunately). Positively, our intuition and imagination are at an all-time high. We crave creative outlets and desire the freedom to explore things that hold emotional appeal. Details, schedules and specifics are more than likely overlooked under this influence. We find ourselves very introspective about relationships.

Venus (in Leo) squares Mars (in Scorpio)

Early this morning, around 5am EST, the planet Venus will square Mars. Astrologers consider these two planets the most important when discussing relationship matters (as Venus governs romantic love; and Mars governs the expression of sexual energy). Subsequently, under this challenging aspect, expect relationship problems to rear their ugly heads. Any type of disagreement between yourself and a spouse, lover or potential mate will only exacerbate. Jealousy and resentment [either on the part of you, your lover, or both] that has built up recently can overflow with disastrous consequences if not controlled.  Emotional (Venus) and sexual (Mars) insecurities are likely. It’s best to refrain from aggravating a situation with a partner—opt to walk away and return to the discussion once things have calmed down. This influence will be felt until Friday morning.

Moon (in Pisces) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn)

Around 2:15pm EST, the Moon sextiles Pluto. “Sextile” denotes a favorable transit: It requires us to be open to opportunities; it also encourages pleasant exchanges between ourselves and others. During this time, we are withdrawn (Pluto) with our emotions (Moon). We perhaps only reveal certain parts of ourselves to those in our environments. We feel creative and intuitive. It is also very possible for us to be reconnected to something/someone/some place from the past (Pluto).


Friday Sept 28th

Moon (in Pisces) squares Jupiter (in Gemini)

This transit highlights excess. We may speak before we think and we may act before we do either! Under this transition, regrettable decisions are likely. We may indulge (Moon) ourselves without paying much attention to the fine print (Jupiter). Since Jupiter emits an optimistic and energetic  aura, the negative side of the planet includes irresponsibility—so be careful of that today. We may experience intense enthusiasm to complete several different projects without finishing any of them. Unfortunately, early morning today may be quite unproductive for all of us.

Moon (in Pisces) inconjunct Mercury (in Libra)

Around 2pm EST, communication errors are likely. When two planets are “inconjunct”, disharmony follows. An adjustment is likely because the sign the two planets are positioned in have nothing in common. With this aspect in particular, we may have a hard time truly communicating/explaining (Mercury) how we feel about something/someone (Moon). Hypersensitivity will repeat itself until late evening.

Moon (in Pisces) trines Mars (in Scorpio)

This is a wonderful aspect that highlights our confidence in ourselves and each other. The emotional strain/tension felt earlier in the day will melt away and we will feel comfortable enough to “let our hair down.” The easy flow in our environments brings out all forms of creativity. We are opportunistic, passionate, friendly and motivated.