Full Moon in Aries: September 29, 2012

Okay, so today (Sept 29), we have a Full moon in Aries. NASA says that it’ll be visible around 11:20pm EST, but there will also be a few astrological aspects that take place earlier in the day that you may feel. Remember, we learned that the Moon and planet Earth have a very unique connection; and whatever transition the Moon experiences, WE also experience it (ex. tides waves/pools in large bodies of water are influenced by cycles of the Moon). Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Astrologers believe this is the subconscious (the Moon) and the conscious (the Sun) battling things out. Your mind is telling you to move in one direction, while your heart is saying something completely different. In addition to this struggle, Full Moons also denote the completion or the ending of things. The seeds sown during the New Moon (which always occurs two weeks prior to the Full Moon) come into fruition today.
In astrology, Libra and Aries are polar: With Libra ruling relationships, partnerships and the balance of “give and take”; while Aries rules the self and the ego [see the dualities?]. Libra is concerned with refining the art of compromise; while Aries can sometimes act with little regard to how their behavior may impact others. And finally, Libra understands the necessity of giving up power to allow someone else to manage the reins; while Aries has a VERY diffcult time relinquishing control because Aries can be headstrong and too independent sometimes.
Cardinal signs [ Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] will be experiencing some intense changes during the month of October—much of which will be ocurring during the very first week. Those who have their Personal planets [Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars] and their Ascendant in a Cardinal sign will most likely be affected more. [Be Prepared!!!!!] In general, Cardinal signs enjoy taking charge and move according to their goals and ambitions. They like to shape the world in their image and aren’t much concerned with how this image may fit with everyone else. [ Click here if you’d like a bit more detail: https://holistictruth.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/astrological-elementsqualities/ ]
**Moon (in Aries) inconjunct Saturn (in Libra) around 10:30 am EST : We are very sensitive to criticism at this time. The Moon rules our subconscious and the way we express our feelings to the world; conversely, Saturn is the planet that governs structure and order. When astrologers utilize the term “inconjunct”, it signifies a difficult or incompatible energy: it will require us to make adjustments to challenges presented in front of us. [Click here if you need more details on each “transit”: https://holistictruth.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/hello-world/ ]. Since the emotional Moon is currently positioned in explosive Aries and serious Saturn is positioned in light-hearted Libra, expect a whirlwind of emotions. Our feelings bounce back and forth on the spectrum: concerning one situation in particular, we keep wavering between “should i?” or “shouldn’t i?” We may feel restricted (Saturn in Libra) and desire to break free in any way possible (Moon in Aries). Perhaps we feel trapped in a relationship, an unfulfilling job or a stressful living situation—we look for ways (usually not the most well thought out) to transition into something different or better. Life may require us to be spontaneous and shake things up and the energy provided by unpredictable Aries can help us with the change. Under this aspect, we are also inclined to experience “a-ha” moments or epiphanies regarding problems that have been troubling us for the last few months.
**Sun (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) around 1:50pm EST: This transit carries extremely forceful energy. We are compulsive, irritated with authority and slightly defensive. We may feel blocked and refuse to submit to others (or situations). Your sense of self/identity/purpose (Sun) may be [over]regulated by forces that are outside of your control (Pluto) which bothers you. You may temporarily feel overwhelmed and fall into power struggles with others. Positively, you may assert yourself emotionally in ways you normally stray from. Pluto , the planet that governs rebirth, transformation and regeneration, may force you to release something from your past that has been weighing you down heavily. Perhaps it is a mentality, a way of doing things, a relationship, a job, etc. You have the opportunity to decide what you want to give up; the Full Moon can help you make the transition.
**Moon (in Aries) conjunct Uranus (in Aries) around 9:36pm EST: Impulsiveness! When two planets (although in no other field besides astrology is the Moon considered a planet smh) “conjunct” one another, it merely means that both are in the same constellation/sign. During this particular transit, we feel rebellious and extremely honest. We are apt to give our opinions whether they are asked for or not–and we may hurt a few prides in the process. It may be difficult for you to bite your tongue and pretend to be happy about something that genuinely bothers you. Fiery Aries in Uranus, the planet of Innovation and Progress moves us to look towards our professional lives. Thoughts about our acheivements, accomplishments and the direction our careers (guided by Uranus) are headed in control us internally(Moon). We are likely to sit on the cusp of a very major career change ! We reflect over the path our professional life has been on for the past few months and the areas that need improvement. We feel intuitively as though there is something better right over the horizon, but we just can’t see it yet. So this conjunction between the Moon and Uranus can help us employ patience and the strength to GIVE UP CONTROL.
**Moon (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) around 10:30pm EST: Messy, emotional battles are likely under this influence. Paranoia, suspicion, and misdirected negative energy are likely. We may think the worst of a partner or a particluar romantic involvement. Intense relationship struggles usually come as a result of the Moon and Pluto coming into contact (as both planets are guided by subjectivity as opposed to objectivity). There may be a tendency to engage in mind games due to jealousy on our parts. We may withhold parts of ourselves from our partners because we fear they have betrayed us in some sort of way. Much of this will probably be imaged, but in our minds (and hearts), it is very real ! Positively, this transition can transform our personal lives. This is a great opportunity to understand and explore the depths of our emotions—good and bad—and use them to our advantage. I personally hate when Pluto and the Moon interact because it usually denotes a resurgence of “past ” (Pluto) hurts/pains(Moon). Shit that you thought you got over, or moved past are back and in full effect. SMH.
**Moon (in Aries) opposes Sun (in Libra) around 11: 20pm EST the FULL MOON will be visible to the naked eye. This is the time that the Moon and Sun finally “interact.” Again, there is an internal battle between what we need and what we want; between what we know is boringly right and what we know is deliciously bad; between what is best for us and what will most certainly set us back a few steps. There may be a tendency for us to overreact and behave irrationally. The imbalance between the inner you and outer you may spill over into your interactions with others.