Venus in Virgo: Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2012


During the first week of October (on Tuesday the 3rd), Venus will transition yet again into another constellation and shake up our love styles. On September 6th, the planet of romance and finance rested comfortably in the sign of Leo. In Leo, Venus is grandiose, flashy and affectionate. We were inclined to shout from the highest mountain tops about our love interests. Did you happen to send any tweets describing your happiness with “him”…or your ultimate satisfaction with “her?” [Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you scroll back over your TL for the last month].

Once in Virgo, however, Venus conforms to the conservative nature of Virgo the Virgin. We are less likely to be dramatic by sending a dozen roses to our honey; instead, we may iron all of his work clothes for the week to show we care. Leo, like all Fire signs, has a knack for the spontaneous and theatrical. Virgo, on the other hand—like the other Earth signs, prefers to engage in practical activities that are beneficial in the long run. Virgo may ask, “what’s the purpose of sending you flowers that have been pulled from the ground? They’re dead already!” …and Leo may simply respond, “it’s the gesture that counts!” Or instead of taking your girlfriend on a shopping spree (as Venus in Leo may suggest), you could fix that broken step on her porch so she doesn’t have to spend too much money this month. Maybe you’ll serve as her alarm and give her a wake-up call so she doesn’t miss the big meeting. Or perhaps you will organize his closet so he can find necessities when he’s in a hurry. Virgo is all about efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to relationships. [See the difference?]

Under the influence of Venus in Virgo, we look towards helpful, loving and serving actions that show our lovers we are truly in their corner. Earth signs are the signs of service so expect this to trickle into our partnerships. Likewise, Earth signs have a tendency to behave aloofly and deploy stoicism when they detect their emotions are boiling over. When dealing with a Virgo (in general), sometimes you can never be sure if you’ve hurt them or not as they feel a constant need to rein in their feelings. In our romantic relationships, we may want to keep our hearts hidden until we know for sure that we are moving in the right direction with our lovers. The warm and fuzzy feelings from Venus in Leo have been wrapped and sealed underneath the coolness of Venus in Virgo.

Virgos are also the organizers of the zodiac. Are there some things in your relationship that needs to be sorted out? Are you in the process of divvying up bills and finances (as Venus does govern how we spend our money)? Look no further! This is the perfect time to conserve funds and budget appropriately. Use this transit to get back in control of your money.

For all of their positive traits, Virgos can also be nitpicky, hypercritical and worrywarts. Their desire for perfectionism can drive their partners (and themselves) completely crazy if its unchecked! And, again, since Venus is moving through Virgo, you can almost be assured that this may rub off on all of us to a certain degree—those with a Sun, Ascendant or Venus in Virgo can expect to feel it the most. The highly critical (and judgmental) nature of Virgo may lead us to be difficult to please: we will have low tolerance for those who cannot keep promises, those who try to trick or mislead us or those who appear to take too many uncalculated risks.

An immense amount of worrying and nitpicking at themselves and their partners may also take effect: details will become a huge part of this transit, as Virgo can be obsessive over little details that don’t matter much. I suspect the strongest of relationships will survive this transit…and the weakest will dissolve (which is good because at least you know it would have never worked out anyhow). My Sun is in Virgo and even I’M not happy about this. I’m ready for it to be over with already !!


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