Mars Moves Into Sagittarius: Oct 6th

Get ready to leave broody and emotional Scorpio to experience light-hearted and carefree Sagittarian energy ! Mars, the planet that governs our how we exhibit our motivations. Whatever constellation Mars was positioned in at the time of your birth determines how you “get up and get out” in the morning; and it is believed that when Mars returns to that sign, your ambitions are amped: you are confident and feel invincible! On Saturday, Oct 6th, Mars exits Scorpio and waltzes into Sagittarius. Although Mars is passionate in both Scorpio and Sagittarius, Scorpio’s passions are exacting and calculated. When tackling goals, Scorpio doesn’t move unless they are sure they are moving in the best direction. A Sagittarian’s passion flows in a variety of different directions with very little follow through. Sagittarius is a very broad, general and vague sign: they cannot be bothered to be bogged down with exact details and fine print. The philosophical perspectives of Sagittarius are wide and encompassing.

Under the influence of Mars in Sagittarius conjures utopian dreams and blind optimism. We are actively and passionately defensive of our goals with little regard to the logistics of the project. Perhaps you may make a large purchase, travel unexpectedly or make major changes to your business with little thought to how things may work out in the future. Overconfidence could possibly be our downfall during this transit. This feeling of invincibility can help us, however, as we cross off accomplishments and move forward in our lives. We may also improve our chances of fortune and luck by being generous and open to others.

Additionally, like the other Fire signs, Sagittarius craves emotional and physical freedom. Any project, task, job, partnership or union that cramps a Sagittarius will be immediately disposed of with no second thoughts. We can expect that restlessness and the desire for freedom will also take over our lives briefly. We will have little patience for self-discipline/regulation, subordination or restrictions. Positively, we may become more tolerant, open (and welcoming) to knowledge and are willing to tap into our “true leader.” We will employ unorthodox solutions to problems revolving around professional goals —solutions we may not have considered under the influence of Mars in Scorpio.

In addition to governing drive, ambition and motivation, Mars also plays a role in our sexual escapades. [Venus governs romantic love, while Mars manages pure, raw sexual energy. This is why astrologers consider them “love planets” as they both are important and influence the romantic and sexual methods we prefer]. With Mars in energetic and enthusiastic Sagittarius, our sex lives will have no choice but to become explosive in nature ! Fire signs rule the spontaneous and unpremeditated expression of sexual vigor. In general, Sagittarians are generous lovers and very concerned with pleasing their partners. Of all the zodiacs, they are the least demanding or controlling. Negatively, they may request unwavering loyalty from their partner’s but shy away from commitment themselves. It doesn’t take much for a Sagittarius to fall into a bedroom, and it takes even less for them to leave and move into another one once they are bored. You can be sure that under this transit, you will be open to enjoying uninhibited and pleasurable sexual experiences. “Activities” you claimed you’d “never do”may surface to the forefront of your mind—-and you may just like it!


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