Mercury Moves Into Scorpio: Oct 5th



The planet Mercury governs our communication style and our methods of deductive reasoning. Mercury manages the way we interpret and then regurgitate information to those in our immediate environment. As Mercury passes through the signs, the way we communicate with others changes slightly. And whenever Mercury returns to the constellation it was positioned in on the day of your birth, astrologers believe that your communication with others will be favorable during that particular period. Have you ever met someone, hit it off and then several weeks later, communication with that person tapers off until it comes to an abrupt stop? It may be a result of Mercury transitioning into another sign that is either unfavorable to you or them.

Nevertheless, on Friday October 5th, Mercury will leave diplomatic and graceful Libra to repose in Scorpio. Whenever Mercury is in Libra, we try very hard to appease those we interact with. We are less likely to explode and more likely to listen to both sides of an argument. It is difficult for us to make decisions during this time because we are afraid to offend or upset others. But in Scorpio, Mercury is aggressive. Communication moves beyond the visible: we become instinctive, instinctual and nonverbal. We are more aware of the body language and facial expressions displayed by others. We may also become intentionally withdrawn: omitting information and attempting to hold onto secrets that benefit us.

Expect obsessive and fanatical thinking: we have vivid imaginations under the influence. We develop affinity for spirituality, death, the paranormal, mysticism, religion, destruction and the afterlife. Similar to a detective, we become critical of information we receive. When in Libra, Mercury takes everything at face value. We are less likely to question what is presented to us, because we want to see the good in everyone. Consider arguments and communication failures between yourself, friends, family and lovers since September 16th. Have you “let things slide” because you’d like to give others the benefit of the doubt? Mercury in Libra may have been the reason. On the contrary, when Mercury is in Scorpio, superficial answers simply will not do. Scorpio does not like to scrape the surface, making them the most thorough of signs. Epiphanies, revelations and unearthed secrets are key themes under this influence.

Mercury in Scorpio will make us very demanding communicators: requesting limitless loyalty and reacting swiftly (and harshly) to any form of perceived betrayal. Those who keep secrets from us will pay dearly, yet we may be persuaded to keep secrets from others [the irony and hypocrisy].


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