Saturn Moves Into Scorpio: Oct 5th

Although Saturn doesn’t fall into the category of personal planets, astrologers believe it plays a big role in our lives. Saturn serves as a reality check within the universe. We become more aware of internal and external constraints in our lives whenever Saturn transitions through a new constellation. Saturn provides us with challenges that reward our patience and level of accountability. Since the planet governs structure, order and adherence to the status quo, Saturn can also slow us down and develop (or refine) self-discipline.

Whenever Saturn transitions into our Ascendant, it is said that the effects immediately amplify. Expect experience major, life-changing events that breakdown and restructure how we view and handle our problems. Saturn reminds us of caution and the necessity of practical work. As a result, many of life’s difficult decisions are made under Saturn in Earth or Watersigns. Subsequently, we may feel as though our lives are not moving in the manner we need or that we aren’t receiving recognition we deserve in life. Those of us with Scorpio in our Sun, Ascendant or in our natal Saturn and Solar Capricorns(as Saturn is the ruler planet for Capricorn) will feel this transition the most.

On Friday Oct 5th, 2012, Saturn will leave Libra and position itself comfortably in Scorpio until December 2014. While Saturn was in Libra these past few years, we may have had serious upsets in our romantic relationships. Frequent breakups, instability in partnerships, unreliability concerning a lover (whether our fault or not) and repeated quarrels placed strains in our lives. Since Saturn deals with restrictions, Saturn in Libra forced us to confront boundaries we’ve established in our relationships. Have you been pressed to maintain your relationship (or “a” relationship)?. What behaviors were we willing to deal with in a mate? What standards did we lower or barriers did we cross to satisfy our mates (and not necessarily ourselves)? Of all the zodiacs, Libra thrives in the art of compromise. Libra doesn’t like to step on toes. Libra wants everyone to “just get along” and is infamous for “fence sitting.” As a result, sometimes we avoid addressing things for fear of creating a poor image of ourselves of family members/lovers. Consider the past two years of your life (between October 2009-present), have you been fighting for a relationship that doesn’t feel destined for greatness? Have you been attempting to portray to others that everything is going well, when in fact, it was the exact opposite? Perhaps you protected a partner in a situation that ultimately destroyed your home life? Under this new transit, we will no longer be able to pretend our relationships are picture perfect; or continue to deny that our child has a behavior problem. All the cracks in our domestic foundations will appear: Saturn in Scorpio will give us the opportunity to heal and move forward.

Like its home planet of Pluto, the sign of Scorpio is all about rebirth and transformation. So this transition will compel us to meet antiquated behaviors that we need to rid ourselves of. Intensity is the name of the game for Scorpio and they rarely do things half-heartedly. Whatever Scorpio feels (happiness, sadness, disappointment, jealousy), they experience it to the fullest extent: and for the next two years, we will react intensely to areas or influences in our lives that restrict, constrain or confine us. Unlike Fire andAir signs, Scorpio doesn’t mind rules and structures; they just prefer to be the ones who make the rules. Should a Scorpio detect that they have lost control over internal emotions or external environmental factors, the tendency to overreact is there. Conversely, expect “extremes” during this two year transit. Many things in our lives will be unearthed; simultaneously, we will feel more inclined to hold newly developed secrets and obsessions dear to our heart.

The lesson to take from this transit would be to accept what cannot be changed. Saturn in Scorpio will force us to surrender our attachment to control. Any partnership established under this aspect will be almost unbreakable. But any bond established during the previous transit (October 2009-October 2012) that is currently on the rocks today will most likely slowly dissolve over the next few weeks/months. Scorpio is all about the removal of dead weight. Passionately powerful Scorpio is guaranteed to make fierce changes in the way we tackle life.


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