Weekly Astrological Forecast: Oct 1st, 2012

Monday Oct 1st

[Since Saturday (9/29), the Moon has been positioned in the constellation of Aries. When the Moon rests in this Fire sign, we are independent and favor activities that require us to take initiative. We are enthusiastic about life and focused heavily on matters that concern our personal identities (namely from a career and professional perspective). Negatively, we are impatient, impulsive and occasionally immature: we will act before we think.]

*Moon (in Aries) opposes Mercury (in Libra): around 7:40am EST, the Moon and Mercury will interact. Normally when these two form a hard aspect to one another, you can expect some minor communication mishaps. Disagreements are likely, and domestic concerns may arise. Perhaps you misunderstood what a spouse was attempting to convey in a text message or you misspoke about something to a relative before you had adequate information. Expect minor setbacks to occur early in the morning.

*Moon (in Aries) inconjunct Mars (in Scorpio): around 11:50am EST a strong conflict will surface between our desires [Mars] and emotions [Moon]. We may be irritable, combative and very aggressive with those in our immediate environments. We actually may be over influenced by our feelings and are apt to indulge in pleasurable experiences (perhaps overeating, binge drinking, sexual indulgence, and other escapist activities).

*Moon (in Aries) trines Venus (in Libra): around 4:07pm EST, the Moon and Venus will bring a bit of optimism back in our lives. We may be feeling cheerful, charming and empathetic with ourselves and our peers. We are less likely to sweat the small stuff and look for innovative [thanks to the progressive nature of Aries] solutions to domestic [financial and romantic] woes [as Libra governs partnerships]. Perhaps we come to piece with a certain situation under this influence. This particular transit promotes positive energy.

*Moon (in Aries) opposes Saturn (in Libra): around 6:33 pm EST —and probably an hour before due to the intensity of this transit—we may feel blocked. We may feel as though we cannot express ourselves and clashes with figures of authority are likely. Plans that we had may not fall into place the way we want; we may feel restricted in how much we can progress in our lives. Feelings of mild depression are expected for signs with Aries or Libra as their Sun, Moon, Mercury or Ascendant sign.
[At 7:32 pm EST, the Moon will transition out of headstrong Aries and saunter into pleasure seeking Taurus. Under this placement, we are immensely hedonistic. Financial and romantic matters are favored. We will most likely crave security, comfort peace and compromise. Throughout the evening and the next few days, our energy will be slow and steady. Negatively, we may take a stubborn position and resist much needed changes in our personal lives.]
*Moon (in Taurus) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces): around 9pm EST, the Moon and Neptune will interact favorably. Intuition and imagination are both heightened. This transit carries a compassionate energy: we feel very giving with not only ourselves, but with our lovers as well. Creative, charitable and artistic abilities/qualities can expand, especially for Earth and Water signs. Negatively, dreamy Neptune positioned in the sign it favors most (Pisces) can lead us to daydream and pay very little attention to detail. For the remainder of the night, we tend to distort domestic matters as we are looking through things with rose-colored glasses.


Tuesday Oct 2nd

*Moon (in Taurus) trines Pluto (in Capricorn): around 9:30am EST, expect emotional or physical growth. Pluto governs death, rebirth and transformation so this is a perfect time to begin a new fitness regime, a new diet, ending an outworn relationship [and actually sticking to it] or switching up something else in your life. This is an opportune time to organize, strategize and execute. This energy may help us all throughout the day as we move productively from task to task.

* Venus (in Leo) sextiles Saturn (in Libra): around 8pm EST, Venus and Saturn work together to bring stability to our partnerships. We may be less inclined to offer overt, showy declarations of love; but we offer our time and support to show our partners we care. Relationships already established prior to this aspect can take a very mature turn: expect renewals in tense partnerships as our feelings for our partners hold steady in order for us to make small improvements step by step.


Wednesday Oct 3rd

*Venus transitions into Virgo around 3am EST. Click here [ https://holistictruth.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/venus-in-virgo-tuesday-oct-3rd-2012/ ] to read what to expect under this influence*

*Moon (in Taurus) semi-squares Uranus (in Aries): around 2:20pm EST, restless, impulsive and erratic behavior is likely to surface. We are emotionally stubborn and unwilling to compromise or be open-minded. Recent residential upsets, changes or disturbances can place you in a funk. Perhaps a break-up forced a partner to move out or an eviction notice was placed on your door in the recent past. Maybe you are unhappy with your current living situation or feel like you would be happier elsewhere. All things residential color our mood from late afternoon until early evening. Emotional storms can destroy relationships and friendships if unchecked: the lesson for this transit is to understand [and accept] the art of compromise.

*Venus (in Virgo) opposes Neptune (in Pisces): around 6:25pm EST, we have difficulty making important financial and romantic decisions. Our inability to discriminate between what is truly good for us, and what feels good to us will certainly bring drama. At this time, we are emotionally vulnerable: a fuzzy line will exist between what we want to see versus what is actually there. Our imaginations, intuitions and suspicions are roused immensely.

Thursday Oct 4th

[At 7:47 am EST, the Moon will leave steady Taurus and enter chatty Gemini. When we wake in the morning, our natural instinct may be to communicate or be in the midst of “business.” We want to share ideas with others, learn new things and explore subjects that spark curiosity in us. Positively, we prefer to engage in light-hearted conversations/activities that don’t put a damper on the mood: we are content with superficiality. Negatievly, it may be difficult for us to commit to one thought process, one answer, one lover, one idea etc. Our minds are likely to be all over the place!]
*Jupiter will retrograde today until 2013. I will upload an article regarding Jupiter’s Rx period on Oct 3rd*
*Moon (in Gemini) squares Neptune (in Pisces): around 9:17am EST, muddled feelings of inferiority and distortions of reality are likely. We are confused and probably self-conscious about the direction our lives are moving in. We are full of negative emotional tension: and cannot seem to come up with ways to change our circumstances or change our feelings about our circumstances. We are liable to daydream to escape the reality we are currently experiencing.
*Moon (in Gemini) sextiles Uranus (in Aries): around 8:44pm EST, making us mentally alert ! We are energetic, spontaneous and ready to enact upon our ambitions. Innovative ideas about our professional lives run through our thoughts like water: they are fluid, easy to follow and ready to be put to use. This is a favorable influence for those of us who have been considering transitioning jobs, starting a new business or partnering with someone else in the recent weeks. This interaction between the Moon and Uranus can help prepare us mentally for what is to come during the month of October.
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