Forecast for Friday October 5, 2012

The skies are very busy today !

Scorpio isn’t content with superficiality; this sign reminds us that there is more than what meets the eye.

Today features Mercury, Mars and Saturn placement in intense Scorpio [until Mars transitions into Sagittarius tomorrow, Oct 6th]. Today’s mood may be colored with somber energy and a sober realization of what’s really going on in your life right now. Saturn in Libra may have sugar coated things for us for the past few years but this all comes to a crashing halt today. Today, we may all be a bit more serious minded than in the previous three years. Superficiality and the inability to commit (either to a relationship, a job, a decision, etc) of Saturn in Libra will fly out the window until 2014. Under the new influence of Saturn in Scorpio, we are introspective and sincerely concerned with our responsibilities. Things that we have “let slide” in the past can no longer occur. We will all have a serious change in perspective and how we handle important business. Bad or outworn habits will melt from us, as we are finally emotionally ready to make the transition to improve our personal and professional lives.
Unfortunately, the Saturn in Scorpio influence in conjunction with both Mercury’s movement and Mars’ movement from Scorpio may leave us all feeling aloof and selectively social today. We are critical of ourselves and the direction our lives have been moving in—perhaps you have been feeling these effects subtly since October 1st. Today, they may hit you much harder! Past [futile] endeavors, failures and the “shoulda-coulda-woulda” blues will find a way to weave themselves into your heartstrings today. The intensity of Scorpio leaves no stone unturned: any talent that you have that you are looking to hone and develop will be improved between now and 2014. Your most prominent natural proclivities will soon turn into ways to sustain your livelihood; you may have been wanting to branch out for years, but did not have the funding, “know how”, or even the courage. Expect that to change today. You will finally say, “enough is enough, I am ready to move forward.”
Also under the Saturn in Scorpio transit, we are inclined to undergo huge transformations, with relocating[residences AND/OR employment] as the most common. Perhaps you have been considering buying or selling your home, but have been trying to hold out until the market improves. Over the next two years, you will more than likely make up your mind and take the plunge. Saturn in Scorpio is also closely associated with “merging” and “money.” We can all expect to see improvements in our financial situations over the next few years as Scorpio forces us to make mental adjustments to the ways we manage money and attract money. Additionally, many marriages take place when a heavy astrological player (like Saturn) moves into Scorpio. Water and Earth Sun/Ascendant signs will most likely be affected more than anyone else. [For more information on Saturn in Scorpio, click here—-> ]
Mercury also transitions in serious Scorpio today bringing a very mature undertone to our conversations over the next three weeks. Whenever Mercury is in Scorpio, our communication style switches from carefree (as with Mercury in Libra) to “deep moving.” This is a wonderful time to engage in research, study, and travel as our minds are sharp and alert. Today, with Mercury in Scorpio, we are very clear in our expectations of others and have no problem expressing our disdain with a situation/person. Any type of activitiy that requires you to present information, give commands, book appointments, make sales or express yourself orally are highly favored under this influence. Today, we may be ready to finally speak on things that have been bothering our spirits, but we’ve been either too afraid or not welcoming of a future headache to delve into. Be careful that you do not become to enthralled in what YOU have to say that you aren’t listening to what THEY have to say JPositively, most of us [especially those with prominent Earth and Water signs in their natal chart] will be articluate, concise and assured in conversations with others. Negatively, we may be so introspective that we merely don’t feel like talking anyway. Feel free to click here to see how Mercury in Scorpio may influence you—->[ ] .
Finally, with Mars also positioned in Scorpio [with today being its last day in this constellation before it moves into fiery Sagittarius tomorrow], we are apt to mull over ways to rid ourselves of perceived enemies and release a grudge we’ve been holding onto. Remember , Mars controls our expression of aggression, ambition and sexual energy. In regards to the first two, whenever Mars is in Scorpio, we are inclined to overreact  and dabble in our “vindictive sides” in order to right a wrong. Very rarely will we try to reconnect unless WE can gain something that benefits us. Scorpio is constantly looking to push the limits of life and we may have been feeling this way since August 23rd: what ways have you been willing to move outside of the status quo to acheive what you wanted? Did it backfire? Additionally, because Mars is the “sex planet” of the solar system and Scorpio is the “sex sign” of the zodiacs, some of us may have been manipulating our sexual power to control others. Or perhaps we have been careless with someone emotionally and sexually, with no regard to the impact it may have on them. Have you been withholding sex from a partner to teach them a lesson? Or have you been “enjoying rounds on the town” with guys/girls just to prove you’ve “still got it?” Scorpio rules sexual extremes: perhaps you’ve been extremely pious or extremely promiscious since the end of August. [Feel free to click here and see how Mars in Sagittarius will shake things up for you tomorrow—> ]
**Later this evening (around 6pm EST), Mercury (in Scorpio) trines Neptune (in Pisces) giving us a much needed creative boost ! Our intuition and imaginations are heightened as the energies of the two Water signs play and interact with one another. We are perceptive and feel compassionate. Under this influence, our “love” feelings increase and our need for beauty (Pisces) and stability (Scorpio) jumps to an all-day high. We need to love and be loved. Communication between ourselves and loved ones improve immensely. The serious, sober, and maybe sad (for some of us) energy of earlier today is transforming and will do so for the remainder of the night.