Venus in Libra


Venus has moved again! On Oct 28th, Venus left fastidious Virgo and settled comfortably in her home constellation of Libra (shared with Taurus). When Venus is in Libra, relationships and partnerships take on a “bigger than life” persona. Much of our daily happenings will be driven by romance or the quest for it. For those individuals who are already taken under this transit, we become very compromising and appeasing with our mates. We do whatever we feel is necessary to satisfy them. Things that would normally bother us , may in fact still bother us, but we may be less inclined to comment upon it for fear of upsetting the equilibrium of things. We may now be very willing to sacrifice parts of ourselves, as Libra is symbolized by the Scales. Balance is everything to Libra and much of this will play out in our day to day interactions. Because Libra craves a tension free environment, making decisions and sticking with them is a bit difficult for this care-free Air sign. Libras are infamous “fence riders” and this trait may worm its way into your life over the next few weeks. Perhaps you are in a dead-end relationship and have been seriously contemplating severing ties over the past few weeks, but now all of sudden, you may hold off because you remember all the good times. Blame indecisive (and overly compliant) Libra. Additionally, Libra—like Gemini and Aquarius—is content with superficiality; however, not necessarily in a negative sense. Unlike Virgo who is the “fact checker” of the zodiac, Libra is content with taking things at face value. Virgo may leave no stone unturned when questioning a mate, or reviewing a romantic situation; where Libra will believe you until they no longer have a reason to. With nitpicky Virgo, a lover may be “guilty until proven innocent” and congenial Libra takes the approach of “innocent until proven guilty.”


Libra, like Taurus, is indulgent and hedonistic. Under this aspect, expect to be generous with many of your vices ! Libra wants to “feel good” at all times and can sometimes go overboard—-which is where those proverbial scales come in handy. Many Libras sometimes struggle with reigning in that checkbook, especially when they see desirable items. Libra wants to shower themselves (and their mates, if one exists) with the best of the best. Luxury is a necessity and can ultimately be a downfall if Libra has difficulty tending to that checking account. Watch your spending habits under this transit ! With Libra’s influence, you may find yourself financing a lot of things you cannot afford & will be terribly confused when the bill comes (probably under unyielding Venus in Scorpio in a few weeks).


Naturally, those individuals who have their Venus positioned in Libra [like myself], Aquarius, Gemini or any of the Fire signs will feel this transition more intensely.