After a much needed emotional hiatus at the close of 2011, I have returned to blogging. I’d taken time off to further develop my writing skills, research skills and complete natal/compatibility charts for you guys !

In my pursuit of a Master’s degree for Public Policy, I have decided to create a schedule to better manage my time and make sure I maintain my commitment to bring you all updated, fresh and informative posts. Last year, I appreciated ALL the support you guys provided by purchasing charts, asking questions and RTs of my links/posts/ et al. In 2013, you all can expect at least three new posts a week and links to articles I think you all may find interesting.

With all of these things out of the way, let’s get into January 2013 and the current positions of the planets ! Needless to say, January is the best month for Capricorns with Taurus and Virgo closely tying for second place. We currently have the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn. Factor in Saturn’s position in stable Scorpio and it is the ULTIMATE recipe for career success ! Below are a few (well a lot) of facts about the planets, their positions and what things to look out for in the month of January.

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Here is what an astrological chart looks like before I analyze all the glymphs & give you guys the juice !

Here is what an astrological chart looks like before I analyze all the glymphs & give you guys the juice !

Sun: We entered the New Year with the Sun in productive Capricorn. Capricorn, like its Earth cousins Taurus and Virgo, is an efficient machine. Capricorn plans, they get in, they get out and they move on. Naturally, this makes Capricorn the most appropriate representation of the professional realm. Unlike its polar opposite Cancer, who rules over domestics and the home life, Capricorn focuses its attention heavily on career. In fact, Capricorn will sacrifice love, sleep, food and maybe even air in the pursuit of a professional goal ! Think about any Caps that you know personally? Aren’t they hard working? These creatures have tunnel vision and are relentless in climbing the social ladder. Now don’t be confused, Capricorn does not ride the coat tails of anyhow. They understand the necessity of hard work and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Negatively, unbalanced or emotionally immature Caps may attach their self-worth to the accomplishments, forgetting that the life lessons of the journey are just as important.

Because the Sun is in Capricorn, we can expect all of these traits to manifest in one way or another during January 2013. We can all look forward to career changes, boosts, promotions, etc. Especially at the beginning of January, anticipate an influx of calls, emails and messages related to your job. If you’re looking for a change or sent out a million and one resumes in November or December, you’ll probably be scheduling interviews throughout this month. Capricorn forces us to put our noses to the ground and make things happen for ourselves. We may be invited to several gigs that encourage us to network, pass out business cards or promote ourselves in some other fashion. If you’re working on a big project or presentation at the moment, Sun in Capricorn will present us with the drive to go above and beyond what is expected. I suspect it is better to get all important matter taken care of under this cycle. Once The Sun passes into progressive-thinking Aquarius, we will be less inclined to actually do things. We’ll want to spend our time daydreaming and pondering life’s biggest quandaries.

Negatively, Capricorn can be a bit icy when dealing with matters of the heart. Also factor in Venus’s position in light-hearted Sagittarius (which I’ll discuss later), the beginning of January may not be the best month to initiate, solidify, or end a partnership. Decisions made during this time may not stick as our primary focus will be on ways to improve our financial and professional status.


Mercury: The planet of communication, learning, studying, interacting with others and deductive reason is also currently in calculating Capricorn. This is GREAT news for Capricorns (for obvious reasons), Taureans and Virgos. Water signs may also benefit but Fire and Air signs may have a bit of difficulty communicating with others during this period. During this cycle, we will be less interested in unproductive or chatty gossip. Emails, phone calls and all points of contact are directed, precise and brief. Don’t be surprised if your phone floods with calls, but you only return the ones directly related to increasing your pockets or portfolio. Or you forget to return phone calls/respond to text messages because you are swamped at work. For example, if Mercury was positioned in warm, generous Leo, we’d be inclined to chit chat with friends and catch up on the latest happenings. Capricorn, however, doesn’t roll like that. Capricorn is a very absolute sign so we can rest assured that this trait will also spill over into our lives—whether we are Capricorns (or have Mercury in Capricorn in our natal charts).

We may all be walking around with our noses in agenda books/planners or glued to our cell phones waiting on emails from clients, colleagues or our bosses. In fact, none of us may be particularly social in January. Invitations to truly social events (read: ones that don’t include taking the company’s biggest client out to dinner to sign contracts) will be few and sparing. And even at those events, you still may feel compelled to hand out a business card or two ! Capricorn is a mentally capable sign, BUT is not a mentally flexible sign. In other words, we may unveil traits of stubbornness, conservatism and judgment of others. In terms of astrological polarities, Capricorn’s opposite sign of Cancer is extraordinarily expressive regarding emotions. Conversely, Capricorn is extremely reserved in the expression of feelings. Therefore, during this transit, our communication style with others will be less exaggerated in the area of the heart. This doesn’t translate into Capricorn being heartless or insensitive. It’s better to think of their methodology in these terms: Caps prefer clear, level-headed decisions based on objective observations versus subjective ones. Occasionally rigid-minded (this theme of tunnel vision keeps repeating), Capricorn can positively keep us focused on bigger goals; negatively, Capricorn can prevent us from thinking broadly and looking at the bigger picture.


Venus:  A change from the stiff nature of Capricorn, Venus is positioned in fun loving Sagittarius until Tuesday January 8th. Fire and Air signs should rejoice ! When Venus , the planet that governs romance and finance, is in an explosive Fire sign, we can expect for our relationships to be nothing short of passionate. Sagittarius is expansive, broad and open to new experiences in matters of the heart. Now, as we know, any sign is capable of infidelity, but it doesn’t make it easier to believe that when Sagittarius is so darn charming ! Under this transit, the very “friendly” nature of the Sagittarian mind will be running rampant. Inviting gestures, flirty glances and steamy conversation make Venus’s position too hot to handle ! We can expect to loosen up a bit in our partnerships and “let our hair down.” For those currently committed—Sagittarian or not— we may become a bit more spontaneous. Sagittarius likes freedom to have fun and run wild. These zodiac creatures prefer atmospheres that offer leg room, otherwise boredom shall set in. Once a partnership becomes listless, you can be sure Sagittarius will stray. We may find that under this transit (when Sun/Mercury in Capricorn doesn’t have us busting our tails at work), that we are more willing to try new things with our partners. Perhaps not as extreme as bungee jumping or skydiving, but something as simple as having a few drinks at the new bar that just opened downtown. Or maybe Venus in Sagittarius may tempt us to do a bit of experimenting in the bedroom—while comfort zones allow it.

In addition to the romance sector, Venus also stands guard of our finances. This could be risky as Sagittarius is not a fan of detail and forethought. Sagittarians , in general, live their lives as one great big celebration or adventure: they recognize that everything isn’t perfect, but they may exaggerate the good parts to “keep the party moving.” This infectious attitude is GREAT for accomplishing goals; it’s poor for balancing budgets, however. We must be careful not to spend an unnecessary amount on dough on an unnecessary list of unnecessary items—or we’ll really feel the heat when Venus travels into organized Capricorn next week. The Sagittarian mindset is: “money comes and goes, I’ll get it back sooner or later.” This is true, however, saving is also important. The overly generous nature of Sagittarius could force all of us in a hole that may take a while to dig ourselves out of.

Mars: If Mercury helps us brainstorm and formulate goals, then it’s only fair that Mars serve as the executor of those goals. Mars governs ambition, drive, motivation and moving things forward: Mars is literally the manifestation of dynamic energy. It should be no surprise that Mars serves as the ruling or home planet for rambunctious Aries. We opened 2013 with Mars awkwardly in Aquarius. Like its Air siblings, Aquarius is not one for doing…and that’s what Mars is all about. Mars requires action and direction; this planet thrives on challenges and dares us to rise to the occasion. Aquarius, however, is philosophical in nature. It would not be unusual to find an Aquarian friend of yours in deep meditation, or penciling random thoughts in a handmade journal or engaged in conversation on abstract topics. All these things are lovely, just not for Mars ! As a result, we may have had a difficult time translating our goals into actions. Thanks to the Sun in Capricorn, we may receive a bit of help in that department but don’t be surprised if we absent mindedly leave the oven on as we daydream about personal matters. In fact, Aquarius should be crowned as the KING of forgetting to return calls, answer text messages and responding to emails. It’s not that they do not value the relationship they have with the individuals; their minds are literally in the clouds.

Negatively, for the past two weeks, it may have been a struggle for us to adhere to schedules, maintain order in our personal lives, rearrange our homes or something similar. This is because the chaotic energy of Aquarius does not recognize time/space limitations. These folks work when they feel its “right” and expect for others to fall in line. Naturally, some of this energy may have spilled over into our lives. Think about the past two weeks, have you had frequent car, electronic or appliance malfunctions? Have you misplaced important items that you usually NEVER lose? Have you missed an appointment or deadline because you forgot about it? Have you found yourself mulling over abstract concepts instead of focusing on practical matters? All of these are signs that Aquarius has touched you in one way or another. Positively, I always tell people, when a planet has found its way into Aquarius, it marks a period of reflection—not action! Aquarius can help us dream big and make us feel as if anything is possible. Once Mars moves into an Earth or Fire sign, it’s time to put those dreams to work! Use this energy to recharge your batteries, jot down notes (when you can remember to), and expect the rest to take care of itself later.


Jupiter: The happy-go-lucky planet of good fortune and good will is snuggled wonderfully in optimistic and idealistic Gemini! You can’t beat this combination and will work to the advantage of all signs (whether you identify with the Air family or not). Jupiter governs our attraction to luck, gratitude and good ethics. This planet possesses a very generous energy (no wonder it’s the ruling planet of Sagittarius!). Jupiter reminds us of the big picture and forces us to be tolerant of things we don’t understand. The planet is the manifestation of material wealth. When seated in Gemini, these two make sure that we get the best out of life. Under this transit, we are more willing to take risks (especially in matters of the heart). We are interested in breaking out of our shell, “going out on a limb” and trying something new.

In chatty Gemini, we are drawn to good luck and good fortune by making conversation with benevolent strangers. These people may play a key in linking us with an important figure, passing our name through the grapevine or helping us redefine our personalities. I cannot say whether these people will remain in your life for eternity, but perhaps the role they fill for just one season could be more than enough. Think back to June of 2012, have you encountered someone very unexpectedly who seemingly dropped from the sky and helped you in an unexpected way ? —I’ll wait while you reflect.  Jupiter will frolic around a bit more in conversational Gemini before shifting gears into tenderhearted Cancer in June 2013. Before that happens, we should take this opportunity to make rounds in new and exciting social circles, visit new places around the city that play home to a few of your interests and try new things. All of these activities will work together in generating positive energy that’ll work in your favor later in the year. Once Jupiter rolls into Cancer for several months, we’ll be less inclined to branch out and spread our wings. Instead, we will attract good fortune by “staying the course” and engaging in activities that are familiar and comforting to us. We may be more interested in volunteering for a good cause instead of heading to parties simply for the sake of striking conversations and socializing. Because Cancer rules domestics, we may also attract good energy by taking dinner plates to family members who are struggling or allowing a good friend to crash on the couch while their home is being renovated. I’ll speak more about that this summer when the actual transition occurs.


Saturn: As many of my Twitter followers already know, I like to call Saturn the “Debbie Downer” of the zodiac. If Jupiter gives us the courage to take risks and think big, then Saturn is the planet that reminds of us constraints and restrictions. Naturally, Saturn acts as the ruling planet for firm Capricorn. Saturn governs structure and order in the universe, giving us the ability to accept what we cannot change. Fret not, this isn’t all bad news ! Saturn can positively organize our lives, feeding off the ambitious energy of Mars. Currently, Saturn is positioned perfectly in Scorpio—where it will transit until 2015. During this time, we have a wonderful opportunity to stabilize our lives with precision. The tenacity of Scorpio is more like Capricorn than any other sign: Scorpio is determined, perceptive and doesn’t back down from a challenge. We need all of those things when attempting to realistically shape our lives. When Saturn was positioned in harmonious Libra, we may have had difficulties making decisions stick in our personal lives. True to the scales that represent it, indecisive Libra struggles to make choices as it usually wants the best of both worlds. Dreamy Libra can sometimes see what it wants to see instead of what is real. Think back to your personal life, particularly your relationships and bonds with family members, between 2009-October 2012. See what I mean? Uncharacteristically rocky or complete chaos, right? There may have been boundary issues because we were too compromising with our standards. With Saturn in Scorpio, we now have the willpower to relinquish our attachment to control.

Disciplined Scorpio enjoys rules (as long as they’re the ones making them), and this is what Saturn is all about. This is a perfect time to start a health regime, commit ourselves to traveling endeavors, begin a second career or become more serious about a hobby, and even build the foundations for a relationship. It is guaranteed that any partnership/friendship/colleagueship initiated while Saturn is positioned in the constellation of Scorpio will have longevity. Scorpio is all about moving forward and removing dead weight: we can no longer pretend our relationship is perfect; we can no longer pretend our low paying job is satisfying; we can no longer pretend we don’t need to lose a few pounds; we can no longer pretend that we don’t need to be in better control of our finances because they aren’t that bad. Saturn wants us to make the necessary changes and gritty Scorpio is going to see that it happens. During January 2013, Saturn in Scorpio will work closely with the Sun/Mercury in Capricorn by giving us not only the motivation but making  a path for us to achieve our personal and professional goals.


Uranus: If Saturn wants us to heed the restrictions surrounding accomplishing our goals, then Uranus will make sure to shake things up along the way ! Uranus symbolizes our rebellion from the status quo and offers society an innovative way of taking care of business. Uranus requires that we liberate ourselves from the constraints of Saturn and compels us to “live a little.” Now, when Uranus is at a difficult angle with another heavy hitter planet, expect delays, freak accidents and a little bit of madness. Sudden shocks, changes, excitement and even revelations are all products of Uranus being Uranus. Because of these traits, it’s no wonder Uranus is the home planet for unconventional Aquarius.

Currently, Uranus is positioned in the constellation of Aries. It feels very comfortable here as Aries is spontaneous, energetic and fast moving—-just like Uranus ! During this transit, the independent streak of Aries will force us to roll with the punches in life. Aries doesn’t like to dwell so the chaos caused by Uranus during this period won’t be anything we can’t handle. Positively, Aries prides itself on taking initiative to get things done, without complaining about it. Negatively, Aries is unorganized, and impulsive which is a poor combination when making decisions. This month, we will need Aries in Uranus to maintain a tolerable approach to all of the little distractions that life will surely throw our way. Aries, like its Fire siblings, can let almost anything roll of its shoulder: the proverbial, “let bygones be bygones” should be the motto for this sign.


Neptune: Neptune controls our reactions to dreams, ideas and illusions. This planet speaks to our inner child and creative being. As the home planet of imaginative Pisces and being currently positioned in the constellation of Pisces is a win-win for all Water and Earth folk ! Thoughtful Neptune transiting in intuitive Pisces can only mean that we will have a burst of creative energy during this period. With Neptune on the scene this month, we can expect the inspiration from unexpected sources. Pisces asks us to see the beauty and share the joy of all the little things in life. During January but also the entire transit, Neptune in Pisces will provide us with an opportunity to grow artistically. Neptune will help us open ourselves up to [romantic] possibilities and learn to trust even when we have no reason to.

Pluto: Pluto revolves around destruction and rebirth. This planet thrives on regeneration and renewal. Pluto believes that in order to continually grow, we must continually change. In short, Pluto brings an end to things only to forge a new path in the clearance. When Pluto is at a funny angle with certain planets, you can expect a job, relationship, friendship, contract et al. to end. That’s what Pluto does! Naturally, this makes Pluto the governing planet for transformative Scorpio.

Currently, however, Pluto is positioned in the constellation of Capricorn (again , another score for Earth and Water signs !). Pluto in Capricorn gives our demolition process some type of order and guidance. While we tear down the old foundation to make room for the new [and assumingly better] system, Capricorn prompts us to stick with the program. Coincidentally at this time, Saturn (the planet that governs Capricorn) is in Scorpio while Pluto (the planet that governs Scorpio) is in Capricorn. During the month of January and leading into the Spring of 2013, we can expect there to be mutual receptive between these two planets. Both will work hard to ensure professional development and success this month.