Love Matters: Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius


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As noted in a previous post, Venus has left Sagittarius and eased its way into Capricorn until February 1st. Currently, we have Mars positioned in Aquarius until it transits Pisces, also on February 1st. Many astrologers and new age spiritual guides look at Venus and Mars simultaneously when attempting to predict possible love connections over the next few days/weeks/months. Venus should be synonymous with all that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to us. Venus, personified by Aphrodite, governs our romances and finances. Venus can tell us what we value, how we value it and how we express the aforementioned value. Mars, personified by the Greek god Ares, rules our ambition and sexual energy jointly. Mars can tell us what motivates us, how we are motivated by it and how we expressthat motivation [sexual motivation included]. Sounds a bit complicated? Let me help you out…

With Venus in steady and predictable Capricorn, we will valueconsistency and stability in our love partnerships. How so? Well Capricorn, like Taurus and Virgo, is a practical individual and a creature of habit. We may convey our desire for dependability by maintaining appointments with our mates and arrive on time ! —Caps don’t like tardiness and we may not necessarily be feeling it ourselves for the next few weeks. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on lavish gifts that depreciated the moment they left the factory, finance-savvy Capricorn may suggest that dinner & a show that is intellectually stimulating. Earth signs, generally speaking, are the most “grounded”of the zodiac—yes, pun intended. This trio, with the most “evolved” being Capricorn, seeks ways to make themselves useful in partnerships. Capricorns aren’t afraid to go the extra-mile for a loved one, if they feel the investment is worth the effort. Naturally, this selflessness will make appearances in all of our partnerships in one form or another.

With Mars in spur-of-the-moment Aquarius, Venus is thrown off a bit—well really, a lot . Unfortunately, Air and Earth signs don’t do as well as Earth and Water signs or Air and Fire signs. We can expect some tension to surface throughout the next three weeks. Mars in Aquarius dismantles any type of order or structure created while Mars was in Capricorn. Right now, we are less likely to act on our motivations, as we are more inclined to dream about them. Aquarius, the most “evolved” of the Air family, spend much of their time pondering the answers to life’s most challenging questions. They prefer to think abstractly, don’t’ rely on schedules to manage their day and usually follow whatever is interesting to them at that exact moment. Because of this, we may be all muddled up in matters of the heart: we will crave stability in love (Venus in Capricorn) but may look for sexual freedom (Mars in Aquarius). We may flip flop between wanting to settle and be faithful (Venus in Capricorn) and wanting to flirt and be desired (Mars in Aquarius). Mars and Aquarius both possess fiery dispositions, never backing down from voicing an opinion. Conversely, Venus and Capricorn both possess energies that are “refined” or reserved: preferring to smirk in place of a proper smack across the face for being out of line with them. This week, these two don’t battle it out as much as they will next week. As the time gets closer, I’ll also explain what to check for between Jan 13th-Jan 19th.



Tuesday January 8th –Venus transitions into Capricorn (click here if you missed my article on that —> )

Thursday January 10th

                Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces)= AWESOMENESS! Enter a world of imagination and magic. Love feels inspiring, overwhelming and exciting under this transit. Venus’s position in steady Capricorn interacts smoothly with Neptune positioned in its home constellation of Pisces [Again, Water &Earth are always favorable together]. Thursday’s energy will give us both the desire and ability to seek the silver lining in everything. We are willing to excuse uncouth/unconventional habits from those around us because we’ll be in too good of a mood to even care ! Take advantage of this transit by tapping into your artistic and inventive reserves. Our brains don’t want to think critically right now; instead, our hearts want to think creatively.

                Moon (in Capricorn) conjuncts Venus (in Capricorn) = more AWESOMENESS. Under this transit between the Moon and Venus, we are relatively easy to approach. We are responsive, giving and sympathetic with others. Again, because Venus rules finance…and Venus is making a favorable angle to the Moon, our thoughts will quickly turn to our bank accounts. We are looking for innovative ways to increase our worth and improve our financial situations. Any personal relationships that have been damaged recently can be discussed and sorted over with little to no effort.

Saturday January 12thVenus (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries)= tension. You didn’t think those fairy tale feelings could last forever did you? Nah, of course not ! On Saturday, Venus makes an awful angle to Uranus, the planet that governs abrupt changes/shocks/disruptions/discovery. For settled Capricorn, rambunctious Aries is not welcomed in the mix at all. Capricorn may view Aries as being disorderly and essentially dysfunctional! On the other side of that coin, Aries views Capricorn as uptight and a stick in the mud. On late Saturday and early Sunday, love matters will boil over in an unpleasant fashion. Remember, Air+Fire make awesome bedfellows. Just think, whenever a Fire breaks out anywhere on the planet, oxygen (Air) can sometimes help it spread or intensify. They work well together and feed each other’s energies in appropriate ways. But what happens when you place Fire on Earth? Exactly, someone is getting burned. You can bet your last dollar that Earth will not come out victoriously from that battle. Venus and Uranus are bumping heads and steady relationships may be rattled a bit this weekend. We will bounce back and forth between wanting the comforts of a relationship (Venus in Capricorn) and wanting the freedom to come and go as we please (Uranus in Aries). Be glad this transit is short lived and things will calm by Sunday evening !
authored by: kortnie favors