Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn (Image Courtesy of

Venus in Capricorn (Image Courtesy of

On January 8th, Venus left the freely loving space of Sagittarius into the constellation of dedicated Capricorn. The way we handle our love life and finances over the next few weeks will calm tremendously. The blind optimism of Sagittarius will transform in the sobering reality of Capricorn. Relationships under this cycle will drive us to ask, “Is he/she a good investment? Am I making fair returns for the time, money and energy I’m investing in this person? Is there a way that I can maximize benefits?” This is an opportune moment to either stabilize those iffy bonds or end them altogether —if you want to break bad romantic or financial patterns, do it now! Saturn in Scorpio in conjunction with Venus now in Capricorn (two very determined and practical signs) can provide us with that extra boost to make a decision and actually follow through with it.

Negatively, Capricorn is cool as a cucumber. PDA, open gestures of affection, outlandish gifts, et al are not a part of their M.O. Caps are cautious, stiff and conservative in that department. So the overt display of love (in the form of roses, jewelry, or a different box of chocolate for each day of the week for your hunny) prominent during Venus in Sagittarius shall cool considerably. How will all this influence you? Read below to find out the effects of Venus in Capricorn for you. I strongly suggest that you read for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign (if you know it). For example, I am a Solar Virgo but my Ascendant is I would read both to get a more accurate depiction.



—highlights business deals, professional development, and issues related to your career. Others are drawn to your ambitious nature during this period. Social reputation is important to you at this particular time.This is a very calm period for impulsive Aries. Try to “mind your manners” and “Stick to the straight and narrow” until Venus glides in Aquarius on Feb 1st. Venus is currently in a position to control your public image. You make utilize this energy to make yourself appear more important to others than you really are; or perhaps you’ll agree to do something that you are not really in a position to actually handle. You’ll be more willing to assert your authority over others and are less interested in taking orders from anyone.


—highlights focus on social activities that attract a new love interest or possibly enhance an existing one. During this transit, superficiality is a recurring theme, and not necessarily in a bad way ! Your sign places heavy significance on “looking the part”: you value a sharp image and expect the same in a partner. You are also impressed with formality. Individuals well versed in art, fine dining etiquette, or even a wine connoisseur is quite alright in your book right now.Because both Taurus and Capricorn desire stability (and resist change until absolutely forced to do so), expect this trait to be amplified during the transit. You may also find a resurging interest in cultural acclimation: trips to museums, art galleries, jazz events, theatre productions, etc. At times, you may also find yourself battling with the self-indulgent nature of Taurus clashing with the ultra-conservative nature of Capricorn.


—highlights romantic secrets, harmonizing with mysterious (hidden) passions and the exploration of physical pleasures. When in this position, Venus is activating a “shared” area of your horoscope. This merely means that much of your income during this transit may be unearned or received as a joint venture of shared resources (i.e. spousal support, alimony, legacy/trust funds, or simply being supported by a relative/mate/spouse/friend etc.). During this transit, money (which is another area that Venus manages) will come easily to you. You’ll have the luxury to spend as you please. In love matters, for the next few weeks, an attraction to the taboo, hidden, or forbidden will serve you great satisfaction. Capricorn calls for a union much deeper than the superficial bonds the Gemini normally goes for and some Geminis may have a difficult time adjusting to the abrupt change. Secrets will feel “sexy”and “spine-tingling” to you: perhaps you initiate or amplify an affair where either one or both parties are married; perhaps you’ve decide to indulge in an inner-office affair that you’ve been considering for a while; or maybe you’ve made a point to dress up every time you grocery shop because you’ve been eying the manager for months now. Whatever the scenario, secret lusty affairs act as an aphrodisiac for you at this time.


—highlights material and emotional comfort in romantic partnerships. Outside of the three Earth signs, Cancer will also feel shifts during this transit as Capricorn is its “polar opposite.” Generally speaking, you crave cooperation with others—this will enrich your appeal to members of the opposite sex. As always, the erotic appeal you give to others works along the lines of your uncanny capability to tap into the deeply intimate needs of your partner (think of this *ahem* literallyand metaphorically). During this period, it’s best to step back and support your partner instead of stealing the spotlight. Single? Consider lending a sensitive ear to a love interest and watch the sparks fly.


—highlights the desire to restore order to romantic partnerships. Playful and “reluctant to commit” Sagittarius may have thrown things off a bit in our love bonds. Although Venus in a fellow Fire sign in GREAT for you, Leo (more so than the other two) values discipline and structure. Returning to processes and procedures is what’s really important to you right now.  During this transit, Leo may want to recommit to personal and romantic goals that may have fallen to the wayside in the previous weeks. When Venus moves into Capricorn, you’ll be extremely nitpicky and fussing over your lover. At times, it may reveal itself as competitiveness or bossiness (two things you rarely shy away from anyhow!). This over-analysis of every detail of your love life may eventually drive you insane—leading you to become unnecessarily over-demanding. Expect “heated discussions” with your love interest for the next few weeks. You’ll be immensely sensitive; during this transit, however, one nighters/fleeting flings/booty calls just aren’t cutting it for you right now. You crave substance.


—highlights romance, heightened sexuality and a simple desire to have more fun with your mate. Virgo isn’t much of a gambler, but theVenus in Cap influence may compel you to throw caution to the wind and take [calculated] romantic risks. New restaurants, venues, night spots, et al. will offer opportunities for you to develop emotionally and connect with a love interest. This is a prime time for Virgo to weigh the pros&cons of a partnership before the final leap inside the murky waters of love. Capricorn is a commitment friendly sign—similar to Virgo — and feelings of security will be brought to the forefront of your attention. The current position of Venus also highlights balancing budgets for Virgo, who may have made a series of emotional purchases during Venus’s transit in Splurging Sagittarius in recent weeks. A heavy emphasis is placed on finding new ways to drum up money.


—highlights home life. Your mind, body and soul are wrapped up indefinitely in your domestic sphere. With Venus in Capricorn, your priorities are centered around making sure your abode is a comforting space. This is a prime time for Libra to decorate, organize and dejunk rooms that are falling out of sync with the direction your life is moving in. Kicking an ex out? Moving a relative in? Buying new furniture for the kids? All of these may be recurring themes: revamping your house for YOU. You’ll spend endless hours over the next few weeks daydreaming about ways to improve your partnerships, creative a relaxing environment for yourself and possibly starting(or adding to an existing) family. The “nice” scales are out to play right now: you’re sympathetic, willing to listen and dying to help out where you can. If you are on a mission to repair damaged family/friend bonds, Venus in Capricorn will transform you into the healer of the zodiac until Feb 1st.


—highlights communication and finding new (or better) ways to say what you mean and mean what you say. Charm will definitely be your best friend for the next few weeks and needless to say, it’s gonna move you to some pretty exciting places. The naturally reclusive and observant Scorpio will suddenly become chatty—surprising even the stoniest Scorpio. Socializing with others will improve your romantic and financial spheres. Perhaps the presentation at work that you nailed will come with added occupational duties, a promotion or something similar that will increase your income (and reputation) overnight. We all know that sultry Scorpio sulks when scorned (see what I did there? J) …so maybe under this influence of Venus in Capricorn, you’ll definitely be more willing to open up to your partner when it comes to expressing your feelings. This may initially shock them—in a good way—and ultimately bring you both closer together. Regardless of the scenario, Scorpio, you are definitely rubbing people the right way right now and things will pay off sooner than you realize.


—highlights the need for securing possessions. Right now, it’s an ideal time for you to assure people of your reliability. Sometimes (well, really, most times) Sagittarius is all over the place ! Under firm Capricorn, you’ll be whipped back into shape—if only temporarily. You’ll rediscover the importance of consistency. When Venus was in your sign, you may have spent irrationally. Under the current transit, you’ll want to regain control of your money and reign in your wandering eye (eye”s” for all you extra-flirtatious Archers). You  may have the desire to prove to your lover that you CAN handle business and your carefree nature shouldn’t be the only book used to judge you. Capricorn will also help you solidify the things you desire in a partnership: emotionally and materially. This very serious side of you will turn out to be a beautiful surprise ( especially if your lover is of the Earth or Water variety).


—highlights everything about YOU ! This is indeed your time to shine ! All things Capricorn are bursting from the seams and you aren’t angry about it at all. You’ll take especially great pride in your appearance until Venus transitions into Aquarius on Feb 1st. Until then, your no-nonsense fashion sense will definitely have tongues wagging for the next few weeks. This is not surprise to you, however. Capricorn’s wardrobe will always scream “luxury” and “wealth”, even if your bank account or occupational title are far from it. Capricorn always seems to find classy items on a college kid budget. Naturally, you’ll draw others into your romantic web with your ultra-calculating mannerisms….which we are all attempting to emulate in our romantic lives in one essence or another.

Even if your love life doesn’t improve slightly (although I have no doubt that stagnation is NOT in your near future), you can definitely look for tangible evidence that the steps you take over the next three weeks can solidify pending business deals—that are bound to drop some dough in your pocket. Promotions/a raise, receiving an influx of clients, landing a dream job or turning a long-time hobby into a gravy train are all recurring themes for you right now. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn this is definitely YOUR time to shine !! You really can’t lose right now. Soak in this transformative energy and watch your life quickly move to the next level.


—highlights seclusion and privacy. With Venus in this position, things that dwell beneath the surface appeal greatly to you right now. Although you are generally attracted to the eclectic, unconventional and untraditional, this trend will be magnified. Your attractions during this period are very likely to give into hot, sweaty (lusty), passionate affairs. We have intense Mars currently making its round through Aquarius: this can only mean that you are roaring & ready ! Conservative Capricorn, however, reels things in a bit for you: shifting all that passion you’re overwhelmed with, to life outside of the public eye. Sweet whispers, gestures of physical affection and indulgent cuddling play a huge role in your romantic partnerships right now. You can’t seem to keep your hands off your mate ! And with Lusty Mars in your sign, your mate will definitely return the feeling. Until Venus moves into Aquarius on Feb 1st, this is a good time to lie low and stay in the shadows. If you were thinking of announcing an engagement, pregnancy, relocation or any type of news that affects you and your spouse, hold off until February.  Right now, you are finding immense satisfaction in the simple (and sometimes dirty J) pleasures of love. Enjoy.


—highlighting friendships. Pisces can attract love and money through the existing friendships that you have. You may strengthen your relationship or courtship by opening up a bit more. See, as friendly and social as they appear, Pisces is tremendously introverted. Their emotions run like deep currents out to sea: no direction, no organization and very much unexplored. Because of this, Pisces has a very difficult time expressing those emotions. Venus in Capricorn can help change that ! Capricorn will assist Pisces in verbalizing [effectively, might I add], those feelings and bringing Pisces closer together with loved ones. For those single Piscean folk, you may find that a current friend is appealing to you in ways that you never noticed before and you may begin to view them in a completely different light! Casual conversations, camaraderie and fellowship all provide Pisces with opportunities to open up and find love before Feb 1st.


authored by: kortnie favors