Mercury in Aquarius


Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.


On January 19th, Mercury, planet of communication and deductive reasoning, will leave Capricorn and transition into the constellation of Aquarius. When in Capricorn, Mercury is decided and precise: we know what we want to say, we know how we want to say it and we know when it needs to be said. Mercury in Capricorn relies on formality and tradition in order to convey thoughts. And just like Mercury in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn also prefers the expression of thoughts and not feelings.


During this new transit, however, our thoughts take us in all different directions. Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, is very fitting for its symbol. It is very difficult to catch water ! When you try to grab it with your hands, it slips through your fingers. Just when you think you’ve secured it, by scooping it up in a cup, you may find yourself outdone once again ! Depending on the atmosphere, that water may turn into ice or vapor and you are back to square one. Aquarians operate on the same premise: their minds rarely work along one track consistently. They have no problem adapting to their environment when they deem it necessary and can maneuver mentally to get what they need. Instead of focusing on one major task, these folks prefer to maintain several little projects simultaneously. Negatively, they tend to start one thing without finishing the mission before it. Scatterbrain is an understatement for Air signs, but Aquarians in particular have it the worst.


Positively, whenever Mercury is in Aquarius, we find ourselves stepping outside the box and trying innovative approaches to puzzling concerns in our lives. Also, we may find ourselves conversing with individuals we may have previously thought we had little in common with, or reading material that we may not have previously considered appealing to us. Because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of progression (shaking up the status quo at every chance), don’t be surprised if you are moving out of your element/ comfort zone. Mercury in Capricorn is not very social—unless it relates to business or figuring out ways to move ahead in our careers. Mercury in Aquarius, however, will force us to talk to any and every one ! We may speak with individuals from all different walks of life: as Aquarius doesn’t mind rubbing elbows with the elite and then turning around to listen to the plight of the homeless.


Because the thought process of Aquarius runs along a large spectrum, it may be difficult for us to ground our ideas so that they translate themselves in a practical fashion. Unlike Virgos, who humanitarian efforts lie on the local level where tangible results are readily available; the humanitarianism of Aquarius is broad and sweeping: ending racism, child hunger around the world, illiteracy rates around the country. All of these are noble causes, but where does one start? This may be the question that Aquarius poses—never really coming up with any answers, but very willing to analyze theories.


During this period, we may find ourselves tearing down old structures in the ways we communicate with others (and even ourselves). This is not a time for attempting to set plans in motions. While Aquarius is intellectual, they work along the lines of the abstract and not the concrete. It is best for us to brainstorm pet projects or ideas we want to implement in 2013, set aside time to do research and lay in wait until Mercury shoots into forward-moving Aries.