Sun in Aquarius (Jan19th-Feb 18th)

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

The Sun’s return to Capricorn has indeed been fun (for me, anyhow) ! When in the constellation of Capricorn, the solar energy we reflect is one of determination. Capricorn is the self-motivator of the Earth signs and the driver of success among all signs. As we enter the constellation of Aquarius (January 19th– February 18th), we must take time to shift gears. Aquarius is intellectual, innovative and inventive. Under this influence, we’ll desire to think outside of the box to solve all of life’s greatest puzzles. Aquarians are the daydreamers of the zodiac: feet planted firmly on the ground, but head swaying gently in the clouds. < — expect this…and lots of it ! Don’t be flabbergasted if you become a bit absent-minded, forgetful or dreamy during this transit. Aquarians are abstract thinkers, grand “schemers”, and “big picture painters”—getting wrapped up in small details won’t be too much of a concern at this time.

Like all Air signs, Aquarians need FREEDOM and SPACE. They want room to grow and be optimistic about life. It’s difficult to wear an Aquarius down emotionally [ think mental energy over emotional energy]. If an Aquarius considers you to be emotionally draining, then you may need to reevaluate your life ! We can anticipate all of these things (in one form or another), invading our lives. This passage can provide us with the gusto to think big and brainstorm ideas. Aquarians, as abstract and detached as they are, rarely get much accomplished in an organized fashion. Not because they are lazy, or unintelligent—-in actuality, their brains are constantly processing information, they can never agree to settle on one idea at a time.

Conversely, this is the time to reflect, plan, and strategize (when the Sun floats back into independently fierce Aries, we can throw those plans into motion).  Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself emotionally withdrawn or reserved. As unconventional as they are, Aquarians are very quick to tell you what they THINK, but never how they FEEL. The Sun may slide some of that aloof energy our way. For all you Earth & Water folk, don’t fret ! Think of it as a time of preservation until the Sun rotates into romantic Pisces in February.