Astrology Axis: Polarity in the Signs


I’ve noticed recently, for whatever reason, a lot of “astrological feuding” going on. On Twitter and Facebook, “Teams” have popped up…and I’m realizing my surmounting disdain for these separations can no longer be closeted. What most people don’t realize is the interconnectedness of astrology ! We all work individually to maintain&support the whole. Each sign has its own role in the system—and subsequently, the system cannot work if one sign is removed. I’ve decided to take some time to write a brief article outlining the actual role each sign plays in the sky. Perhaps you can pass this article on to a nonbeliever.

The idea of astrology is literally the balance between the individual and the group. I’d like to think the first six zodiac signs are manifestations of the “personal” in a variety of arenas; while the remaining six signs serve as expansions of the “impersonal.”

o  Aries: sign of the “physical”; Aries represents “self”[I mean it is the first sign]

o  Taurus: sign of material goods and personal possessions; Taurus represents “my wealth”

o  Gemini: sign of intellect; Gemini represents “my knowledge, my mind, my thoughts”

o  Cancer: sign of the domestics; Cancer represents“my home life, my family”

o  Leo: sign of the ego; Leo represents “my individuality, my creativity”

o  Virgo: sign of duty; Virgo represents “my work, my service”



o  Libra: sign of balance; Libra represents “our cooperation, our partnership”

o  Scorpio: sign of intimacy; Scorpio represents “our ownership, our investments [financial and sexual]

o  Sagittarius: sign of the higher mind; Sagittarius represents “our laws, our ethics, our philosophy”

o  Capricorn: sign of success; Capricorn represents how  “our careers benefit our families”

o  Aquarius: sign of progress; Aquarius represents how “our individuality serves the collective”

o  Pisces: sign of enlightenment/higher consciousness; Pisces represents how what “I do for YOU actually benefits all of us.”



1st sign/7th sign Aries/Libra Fire/ Air Cardinal Signs

The Aries/ Libra axis focuses primarily on relationships. There is a tug of war between independence and cooperation. Remember, Aries is the first of the zodiac and that can sometimes surface when Aries is interacting with others. Aries can be impulsive, “me oriented” and unconcerned with that is going on around them. Conversely, Libra is represented by the scales. This is no mistake ! Libra craves balance and fairness. If Libra’s scales are leaning too far in one direction, they may open themselves up to someone coming into their sphere and taking advantage of them—and aggressive Aries would have no problem swooping in for the kill. At times, Libra has the ability to be too willing to please; and Aries can be too willing to take. The Aries/Libra axis looks at the struggle between “self” and “us”…and needs to maintain equilibrium between self-assertion and compromise. Libra is the evolved version of Aries. Cardinal signs are the trailblazers of the zodiac, looking for new projects to begin.

2nd sign/ 8th sign Taurus/Scorpio Earth/Water Fixed Signs

The Taurus/Scorpio axis focuses primarily on exchange. Both signs are ridiculously stubborn and are constantly experiencing power struggles with one another. Taurus examines incorporation, while Scorpio concentrates on elimination. Taurus is very protective over its possessions (see above); and Scorpio is concerned with the sharing of those possessions. In essence, it is a tussle between “mine” and “ours.” Taurus needs security but Scorpio needs transformation. Taurus is indulgent and readily adaptable to social norms. Taurus doesn’t mind the status quo and strongly supports societal constraints. Scorpio, on the other hand, can restrain itself from pleasure seeking activities…especially in an effort to shake things up. Both signs are sexual in nature and that may be the source of the tension if heads are bumping. Scorpio is the evolved version of Taurus. Fixed signs are stubborn (or “stable”) and make sure the projects that Cardinal signs started stay on track.

3rd sign/ 9th sign Gemini/Sagittarius Air/Fire Mutable Signs

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis focuses primarily on exploration and mental growth. Gemini controls the dissemination and processing of information; afterwards, Sagittarius attributes meaning to the information gathered [see how they work together?] If Gemini is the sign of learning and acquiring knowledge, then Sagittarius must be the sign of teaching and dispensing the aforementioned knowledge. Intellect (Gemini) versus beliefs (Sagittarius) give this axis its strength. Gemini is a very communicative sign; Sagittarius is an encompassing sign. They could possibly work in this fashion: Gemini may use the gift of gab to bring new customers to the business, but Sagittarius works hard to make sure they stay and become repeat customers. Both signs are mutable= they are flexible and unimposing. Mutable signs are adaptable and look for ways to improve problems in the projects started by Cardinal signs and maintained by Fixed signs [see the system? Everyone plays a role].

4th sign/ 10th sign Cancer/ Capricorn Water/Earth Cardinal Signs

The Cancer/Capricorn axis focuses on structure. Cancer governs the domestic or private life. Cancer spends an extraordinarily large amount of time adhering to family needs, spousal concerns, tending to the children, decorations etc. Their primary motivation is security in the home. Capricorn, on the other hand, rules the thumb of success. Capricorn controls the professional life, spending an extraordinarily large amount of time worrying about their careers and whether they have moved further enough on the ladder of achievements. Cancer represents the personal while Capricorn represents the professional. This axis works best when a balance is struck between dependence (Cancer) and independence (Capricorn); between home (Cancer) and world (Capricorn).

5th sign/ 11th sign Leo/Aquarius Fire/Air Fixed Signs

The Leo/Aquarius axis focuses primarily on identity and the expression of identity. Leo rules all things ego and all things creative. Leo thrives on self (almost in a toned down version of Aries). At times, Leo can feel misunderstood if they believe the people in their immediate environment are not contributing enough to their self-centeredness. An emotionally secure Leo doesn’t necessarily believe they are better than anyone else, they just want you to acknowledge the awesomeness they possess ! Aquarius, on the other hand, does not require the acknowledgement of the outside world. Where Leo thrives on social support, Aquarius can survive in an emotionally independent fashion. While Leo seeks the importance of the individual, Aquarius understands the importance of the collective. A balance must be struck between romance (Leo) and friendship (Aquarius); self (Leo) and society (Aquarius); egocentricism (Leo) and altruism (Aquarius).

6th sign/ 12th sign Virgo/Pisces Earth/Water Mutable Signs

The Virgo/Pisces axis focuses on devotion. Both are the ultimate signs for service and giving back. Virgo, prefers to give back on a local level, looking for tangible evidence of community service. Pisces, on the other hand, looks at life on a much grander (spiritual level). For example, Virgo may be very content with taking part in the neighborhood food drive: they are able to see the results of the hard work they put in for the day. Pisces may ask, “how can we end child poverty?” As altruistic as it sounds, it’s a huge task ! The major balance to be struck between Virgo and Pisces would be control and trust; order (Virgo) and chaos (Pisces); helping because it is our duty (Virgo) and helping because we feel compassion (Pisces).

**The first 6 signs give the last 6 reason to exist; while the last 6 give the first six meaning and purpose. The spectrum begins at a very personal level (Aries) and ends at an absolutely impersonal level (Pisces) WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! **