February 5th, 2013: Mercury In Pisces

Mercury in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google)

Mercury in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Tuesday February 5th, the planet of communication will shift gears and transition into the constellation of Pisces. During its stay in inquisitive Aquarius, we may have been curious about a variety of subjects but preferred to study them from a distance. Aquarius is a reserved and slightly detached sign (more so than its Air siblings, Gemini& Libra—both of which are very personable signs). As a result, we cooled our subjective side for a more objective approach to problems in our lives. All of this will change dramatically once Pisces comes into play. As the most evolved of the Water signs, Pisceans are very much in touch with their feelings, at times it can seem like they are waging an internal battle against themselves ! The decision of whether or not it’s a good idea to wear their heart on a sleeve can create much turmoil for them. When there is proper balance, Mercury in Pisces can allow us to express our feelings in a safe and controlled manner—naturally, Mercury in Aquarius would never even consider it ! When there is no balance, Mercury in Pisces may cause us to overreact unnecessarily. In addition to overreacting, we may be subjected to bouts of real paranoia: suspicious of the motives of others or even reading too deeply into trivial matters. See, Pisces also rules secrets revealed. Why ? Pisces is the last constellation before the zodiac begins its yearly cycle again. As a result, Pisces symbolizes the “end” of things hidden and calls for the embrace of a higher consciousness. If you’ve been hiding things (whether good or bad) or concealing information (whether good or bad), you can be assured that it will come out while Mercury is in Pisces or while the Sun is in Pisces. This is exactly why I like to call Pisces the“Illuminator”—Pisces calls for revelation and subsequent restoration. 

Water signs rule the realm of intuition for the zodiac. Those who have Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces as either a Sun/Moon/Ascendant sign usually rely heavily on this internal sensitivity as guidance. The more planets you have in those constellations strengthens your ability to read between lines to get the whole picture. Naturally, as Mercury begins its transit in Pisces this week, we can expect for our intuition to kick in more often than we’d care to admit. This instinct can be applied positively to those individuals who have been searching for creative outlets. The upcoming transit will finally provide you with an opportunity to indulge into your creative side to express yourself. Activities such as drawing, painting, designing, building, marketing, dancing, singing, yoga, cooking and even writing (for those of you who’ve had writer’s block lately) are highlighted. In individualistic Aquarius, we may have engaged in these activities as solo projects. But now, compassionate Pisces will force us to bring these mini-projects out in the open and share them with everyone we know and love. Perhaps you’ve been working on something really important in recent weeks that you’ve been keeping a secret until you felt ready to reveal things. Now is the time to announce your good news ! Mercury in Pisces favors consistent support and genuine encouragement from friends and family members.

Whenever Mercury travels through a Fire sign, our preferred method of communication almost always includes enthusiasm and passion of the fiery variety. In Earth signs, Mercury is somewhat aloof: they may appear unmoved, but underneath the surface, hot lava may be boiling over (especially with Capricorn and Virgo). When Mercury rests in the Air family, communication is objective and occasionally superficial: a whole bunch of conversing with others, but nothing said is lasting. But in Water signs, Mercury conveys ideas and expressions through body language (again, it goes back to that intuition& picking up on messages not verbally expressed). As a result, our body language, facial expressions, or even conversational tone during this period may betray us before we even have the chance to realize it. Additionally, the sensitive nature of this transit may cause us to look further into body language and make assumptions with very little evidence. For example, in Capricorn, Mercury prefers pointed conversations with minimal footwork and fancy talk. Mercury in Capricorn gives us the drive to ask questions bluntly—even if the response is undesirable. But Pisces may misinterpret a gesture, a statement, a facial expression and internalize the incident. If too emotionally wounded, Pisces may opt NOT to talk it out, and instead sulk. Pisceans can live in their brains and remain there for extended periods of time. All of us may experience this at one point or another this month: yes, even you hard-nosed Fire folk. Pisces likes to argue from the heart. Over the last three weeks, Aquarius gave us the inclination to keep our mouths closed about things that bothered us: Aquarius does not handle emotional expressions in the best manner. Pisces, however, doesn’t know when to keep quiet about their sentiments at times. The compassionate nature of Pisces drives us to fight for the underdog and make sure everyone gets a fair shot. We are eager to reconcile with others who may have hurt us in the past; we are also more inclined to hand out apologies to those that we have hurt in the recent past. This is the perfect time to allow our sentimental nature to take over and smooth over any communication ripples with the ones we care about.


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