The Piscean Triad


Image Courtesy of Google

Image Courtesy of Google

As of Tuesday February 5th, we will have threemajor astrological bodies in Pisces! Bring on the waterworks ! Whew ! Until we all get used to the energy adjustment, this first week may be emotionally chaotic if we don’t watch ourselves. Positively, however, this week may force many of us to slow down and evaluate the direction our lives are moving in.

*Firstly, we have Mercury transitioning into Pisces. Mercury in Pisces will call for us to employ those tools of compassion our parents gave us as children. Mercury, the planet of communication and deductive reasoning, is said to govern the manner in which we interact with others and interpret information. Those of you who know where Mercury was positioned on the day of your birth may want to grab your chart and follow along. If your Sun/Mercury sign is positioned in the Earth or Water family, this transit for the next three weeks will be great news for you ! Pisces symbolizes all things spiritual: recognizing how our individual lives are connected to something much greater than what we realize (No wonder they say Pisces is a sign of service). Pisces wants everyone to be happy so we may find ourselves side-stepping conversations and issues that really need to be sorted out. Although, this is not as bad as it could be. In actuality, Mercury in Pisces does not respond to confrontation as, say, a Mercury in Leo would. So we may be disinclined to argue with people during this transit, instead opting to forgive them and move forward. Again, those with Earth and Water signs will be more influenced than the other zodiac family members.

(Image Courtesy of Google)

(Image Courtesy of Google)

*Next, we have Mars currently positioned in Pisces. Mars, the planet of ambition, motivation and sexual energy, is the ruler planet of Aries. Naturally, one can assume that Mars carries a very brash and aggressive energy. Mars is the planet that helps us get things done. And so whatever constellation Mars is positioned in will reveal exactly what it is that motivates us and how we act upon the aforementioned motivation. Mars performs much better in Fire signs (naturally), as well as Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio. Why? The last three are orderly, tenacious and can at times operate on a “one track mind.” Pisces may just be the worst place for Mars to inhabit. Pisces is far from confrontational and Mars is very confrontational. The result? Bouts of passive-aggressiveness from all of us ! We may be very antsy to move forward with certain projects, renovations, relocations, job transfers, major purchases, etc. but there are things outside of our control that hinder our ability to act at the pace we’d prefer. This is the time when we should hold our horses and wait for the clouds of uncertainty to pass. I fear that if you act without having all of your ducks in a row, you may end up regretting the decision once Mars returns home to Aries next month. Don’t drive yourself in circles under this Mars in Pisces transit. You may end up burning a lot of energy and get nowhere.

Neptune in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google)

Neptune in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google)

*Finally, Neptune has been positioned in Pisces for the past couple of years and has a few more before it heads over to feisty Aries. While we have Neptune in its home constellation of Pisces, the effects of the planet are amplified (isn’t that wonderful?). Neptune governs the spiritual aspect of our lives. The planet, personified by the Greek God Neptune, guards our ideas, illusions and reveals how we express our dreams and goals. With Neptune in Pisces, things can sometimes get a bit fuzzy in our lives as lines blur and black &white suddenly become grey. Positively, this encourages us to drop our guard and look at life/a situation from another individual’s POV. Negatively, if we become too indulgent into our emotions, we may find ourselves dipping into the pool of depression. Pisceans can sometimes become too emotional and engage in escapist activities to avoid responding to reality (drinking, drug usage, hyper sexuality, overeating, not wanting to leave bed, etc.). As a result, these traits may rub off on us while Neptune is in this position.


Let’s look briefly at how these planets may affect each sign. I’d suggest you read for both your Sun and Ascendant sign (if you know it):

Aries= These three planets signal a rest for you ! Soon, all three will be transitioning into your domain and we will all be forced to act [remember, Mars in Aries is not one for sitting around and twiddling thumbs]. During the next couple of weeks, I’d recommend that you take some time to rest your mind and body. Perhaps engage in activities that don’t require much energy and keep your distance from those with emotional baggage. Right now, you are not really in a position to entertain drama. Pisces is very much incompatible with Aries on a superficial level so you may actually have a difficult time connecting with people over the coming weeks. [Keywords: forgiveness, endings; preparation for a new beginning; consciousness]

Taurus= This is a perfect opportunity to make express your compassionate side through group associations, extracurricular clubs, committees or other organizations that you may either be a part of or interested in joining. The combination of these three planets highlights your need to connect and establish close bonds with friends and colleagues. Perhaps the lady in the cubicle next to you needs a few words of encouragement after losing a relative; or maybe you may find yourself leaning on a work-out buddy to burn off a little steam. Whatever the scenario, groups will play a major role in your life in the coming weeks. [Keywords: friendship; colleagueship; ideas; inventions; progressive]

Gemini= The direction of your career has been on your mind heavily the past few weeks and now you have three planets in Pisces which can affect your professional l life in a variety of ways. Perhaps during this transit, you may want to pocket the objective feature of your personality and allow the compassionate nature of Pisces shine through. You’ll make great strides either through a promotion, an increase in pay, or an influx of clients if you appeal to the emotions of those you’d like to win over. Additionally, because of the positions of these planets, you may find yourself employing more creativity in your professional life in an effort to gain recognition for all the hard work that you’ve been putting in over the last few weeks. [Keywords: responsibility; public image; professional growth; reputation; honors]

Cancer= With three planets in your Water sibling of Pisces, you may feel right at home in your interactions with others. Maybe a bit tooat home ! This alignment highlights the area of your life that concerns mental growth and development. In other words, you’ll find yourself perusing information or engage in research topics that appeals to you emotionally. But because this piece of your life also manages philosophy, higher education and travel, you may want to be sure that you employ tact when relaying some of that information. The docile nature of Pisces may amplify the passive-aggressive nature you already possess and your condescending tone may not be well received by your peers. [Keywords: higher education/learning; travel; foreign experiences; philosophy; values]

Leo= As a Firesign, you are woefully incompatible with anything Pisces brings to the table. And with three major planets in Pisces, February may end up being a long month for you. Positively, Pisces can offer you a chance to truly understand the importance of looking through the glasses of those in your immediate environment. Leo is an individualistic sign and can sometimes overlook the needs of others. The place these planets rest in highlight the arena of your life that controls intimacy and signal the necessity of a major overhaul in your current relationships . Compassionate Pisces is leading you to create or strengthen your deep bonds with others: maybe a relative or a partner. You are much more aware of romantic matters and they become very pressing for you. Although the communication style of Pisces is far different from your M.O. you can still make the best of what these planets have to offer you. [Keywords: power struggles; control issues; joint finances; soul mate]

Virgo= In astrological polarities, Virgo and Pisces operate at opposite ends of the“service” axis [Click here if you missed it—>  ]. The position of Mars, Neptune and Mercury highlight partnerships: mainly business and romantic. Right now, Pisces is providing you with the opportunity to seal a business deal via a contract or other legal paperwork; as well as solidify a relationship. Don’t be surprised if a crush reveals themselves to you or you finally reveal yourself to them and they are totally open to dating. I expect many Virgos will be getting married, talking babies and making things official in their personal lives. [Keywords: contracts; legal obligations; partnerships; commitments]

Libra= Although Libra and Pisces are passive-aggressive signs, Libra’s indecisiveness stems from wanting to sit on the fence until they are forced to take a side. Meanwhile, Pisces’s indecisiveness stems from their inability to be objective. They want to help everyone but usually throw their hands up in frustration if the outcome is undesirable. In this regard it may be difficult to Libra to maintain momentum on certain projects as Mars in Pisces is encouraging Libra to take it easy. The area these planets occupy for your sign underline the necessity of sticking to duties and responsibilities that aren’t glamorous enough to sustain your attention. At this time, you’ll feel compelled to organize things, review goals you’ve made when Mars was in Aquarius and establish exercise/diet goals you want to achieve. It would be wise to note that you may end up starting many little projects with the best of intentions—but may not finish them all. [Keywords: service; self-improvement; diet; hygiene; community; stress; chores]

Scorpio= Right now, this is the time for you to let your hair down and enjoy life. Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Pluto is highlighting the section of your life that favors recreational activities. “Love feelings” are accentuated and you are inclined let your guard down in order to find your heart’s desire. Pisces is asking you to take a romantic gamble and you are very much willing to accept the challenge. Also during this time, you may seek comfort in hobbies that you currently have (or explore ones you’ve been curious about). This is a perfect time for leisure activities and getting out for some local entertainment. [Keywords: attention; leisure; recreation; play; romance]

Sagittarius= By definition, Fire signs aren’t exactly compatible with Pisces [just think of what happens when you throw Water on a Fire?]. In that essence, these three planets in Pisces may dampen your ambitions and drop a bit of fuzziness into your personal life. Right now, Mars, Mercury and Neptune are drawing attention to your home sphere. During this transit, Pisces will force you to slow down and review domestic concerns: perhaps your home life is out of order in some fashion and it’s causing you distress. You may either be residing in a place you aren’t too fond, living with a partner who you may want to end things with, or having problems related to the children in the household. Positively, Pisces will soften you and lead you to express your more compassionate side to family members and spouses. [Keywords: family; culture; karma; home base; property concerns/real estate issues]

Capricorn= Waterand Earth mesh together and can produce/sustain life ! This combination, however, may precariously take off before ripples are smoothed over. Capricorn conceals emotions behind their conservative shell, while Pisces (as hard as they try) cannot. Over the next few weeks, Pisces will make you understand the importance of discussing how you feel as the position of these three planets are resting in the area that governs your communication. Whether you want to or not, you’ll find yourself dissecting information & studying issues that tug at your heartstrings. People in your immediate environment may also notice you are willing to open up and converse about issues/people dear to you. [Keywords: socializing; neighbors; short trips; increased communication via emails, text messages, phones calls; local environments]

Aquarius= With Mars and Mercury recently leaving your sign, you may feel inclined to “wind down” and take a breather. The area those two planets, in conjunction with Neptune, occupy in your life is related to finances. During this time, you’ll really need to get a grip on your money as it seems to be flying out of your wallet much faster than you can replace it. Emergency bills or hidden fees in previous purchases could damper your ability to enjoy life the way you’d prefer. I suggest looking over your income with a magnifying glass and refrain from making major purchases until Mars transitions into Aries. The section of your life that’s highlighted right now deals with possessions and money. Conversely, you may be looking to increase income opportunities. While Mars was in Aquarius, did you sign up for some sort of certification class? Attend employee training sessions? Hone a hobby that can make you money? If so, I suspect that you may use those skills in the coming weeks to balance what your job doesn’t cover. [Keywords: earned money; debt; material goods; wealth; talents]

Pisces= Right now, you feel like the world is speaking your language and you are more than ready to talk back ! Neptune, Mars and Mercury are all positioned in your sign and you may be attracting more attention from those around you. The position these planets are in highlights your individuality. If you’ve been toying with the idea of changing your appearance or buying a few new pieces for your wardrobe, now is the perfect time to make it happen. People will respond less negatively to your emotional expressions and finally seems like others understand where you’re coming from. Although normally self-sacrificing, you now have a pass to be as selfish as you’d like. This is your time to shine; and since it only happens once a year, you’d be wise to soak it all in while you can!


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