February 18th 2013: Sun in Pisces

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Happy birthday Pisces !

On February 18th, The Sun will exit free spirited Aquarius to slip into imaginative Pisces. This is a wonderful time to find ways to express ourselves creatively and honestly to others. While Aquarius [governed by eclectic Uranus] thrives on camaraderie and establishing solid platonic ties, Pisces [governed by Neptune], is driven by spiritual connectedness. Remember, in astrology, the Sun manages the expression of our ego & individuality. So while the Sun is in this position, we may pick up a few Piscean traits here and there—even if we aren’t a Solar Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before the Sun restarts its journey in Aries, thus symbolizing “the end.” As an indirect result, Pisces also represents healing. Just think, in your personal life, when you have come to the “end” of something, one can assume that you are ready to mend and move forward [even if you haven’t gotten around to it just yet]. With the Sun in this position, we are finally ready to address old wounds and find ways to repair the damage; and with Saturn Rx in Scorpio, we’ll be receiving a lot of support in endeavors that require closing chapters and breaking free of emotional discomforts. As the most evolved of the Water signs, Pisces is very much in touch with their emotional and spiritual nature. We may find ourselves connecting the dots to look at a wider picture, longing to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Forgiveness and graciousness are two keywords to remember during the Sun’s travel in Pisces.

Positively, this is an opportune time to display your creative talents & show off a side of you that people rarely see. Painters, drawers, dancers, singers, actors, writers, photographers, marketing agents, entrepreneurs, et al are all favored by the Sun in Pisces. And with Mercury & Mars also in Pisces, you may have so many great ideas that you won’t know how to [or have time to] implement them all. Pisces will also call attention to our intuitive nature. Relying on gut feelings to guide our social interactions will occur frequently: and for those of you with your Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign in the Earth or Water family, you’ll be experiencing these effects more than anyone [especially Virgo and Pisces]. This is because Pisces is the polar opposite of Virgo and rules the area of Virgo’s chart that includes true love and partnerships. In my personal opinion, I believe those with their Sun, Moon and/or Ascendant in Virgo will find themselves engulfed in romantic matters while the Sun sits in Pisces. This is a period that favors rekindling old ties, or building a stronger foundation for current relationships. For Fire and Airsigns, Pisces [in conjunction with Saturn Rx] will force you to SLOW DOWN. The Sun’s position will soften the abrasive nature of Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius while refining the gently detached nature of Gemini, Libra and Leo. Because Air and Fire signs rely on mental and physical interactions, respectively, to make sense of their environment, the Pisces transit will allow them to open up emotionally as well.

Negatively, the truth may be difficult to come by in the next few weeks as Neptune (the planet that governs Pisces) often blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Our intuition may kick in—and work itself in overdrive now that the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune are all in Pisces. We may be inclined to act upon our nagging suspicions only to realize we’ve read too much into a situation, misinterpreted a gesture or blown things way out of proportion. Because Pisces is deeply attuned with its sentimental nature, we are apt to experience periods of melancholy. Pisces has the tendency to harp on things that discomfort them, versus a Solar Sagittarius who may get upset but cool down almost immediately. If the no-nonsense aura of Saturn Rx is leading us in the direction of a serious romantic breakup, then the Sun in Pisces may lead us to replay that last conversation with our former spouse over and over again—which merely exacerbates the problem. Passionate Pisces can sometimes create problems in their minds that may not correlate entirely with what is happening in real life [they say that perception is reality, though]. Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid, you thought it had actually occurred? Well, the Sun in Pisces can do that occasionally, and it sometimes causes confusion. We must also watch for disillusionment during this period.

Overall, this is a wonderful time to find positive ways to express ourselves; turn a hobby into a money making plan; heal old wounds and establish a cease-fire for drama that’s weighing you down. Pisces is forgiving and the world may be just a bit kinder to one another before the Sun steps into“me oriented” Aries.