February 18th 2013: Saturn Retrogrades in Scorpio

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

On February 18th, the planet Saturn will turn retrograde until July 8th 2013. Saturn governs areas of our lives that remind us of responsibility and obligations. The Rx cycle is a strong period for reassessment of our lives as this point. We’ll have a desire to address any issue in the recent past that has negatively impacted us and review our role in the mishap. Saturn Rx will force us to acknowledge the necessity of accepting accountability for our actions. This is a very serious and mature transit: we are more aware of restrictions, boundaries and limitations we face.We’ll be more inclined to travel the safe path instead of branching out erratically with no game plan.

Saturn moved into Scorpio on October 5th 2012, highlighting areas in our lives that include research and analysis. Scorpio may as well be the detective of the zodiac: if they want to find out something, they definitely have their ways. Ironically, Scorpio itself is a very secretive and mysterious sign: only revealing to you what they want you to know about them. Under the Rxperiod, hidden details about our personal lives will be exposed. Sources of pain will be closely scrutinized and we’ll be forced to come face to face with our darkest demons. The painful truths that will emerge in our personal lives will most likely revolve around financial situations, rocky relationships/partnerships, or matters related to our homes/real estate. All of the things in your life that you feel are out of order must be checked and controlled before July 8th. Additionally, permanent decisions will surface during this transit. Whatever it is you are considering [such as: ending a relationship; resigning from your job to start your own business or switch employers; relocating to another city; moving out of your home (or kicking a partner out of your home); severing ties from a toxic friend], you MUST be sure about it. There’s no turning back now without serious damage being done. This is not a time to start new projects, being new relationships or make hasty decisions: if you do, they are likely to become a strain eventually and you may end up scraping it altogether before July comes.

Although it may feel like a heavy burden has set up shop on your shoulders, we are ultimately reminded of the importance of patience thanks to Saturn in Scorpio. We must take care not to force things that just “aren’t”yet—otherwise, we may excessively frustrate ourselves unnecessarily. Saturn Rx will give us the space to truly analyze our sentiments toward certain arenas in our lives in an effort to develop emotional maturity. Earth & Watersigns (especially Capricorn and Scorpio) will feel this transit more than anyone. This is primarily because Saturn is the ruler planet for Capricorn, however, it is currently positioned in Scorpio. The Earth &Water family may experience frequent episodes of emotional ups &downs as they try to balance their inherent need to control and then relinquish control. The Fire & Airfamily will also be uncomfortable as Saturn weighs down your free-spirited nature. Sagittarius and Aries in particular may feel as if they’ve been cordoned off into a tiny box: with not enough room to move around or even breathe. Again, Saturn serves as a reminder to slow down and look at whether progress is genuinely being made in our lives. Bad habits, toxic people and unattainable goals will be trashed : we may endure what feels like serious losses. But in actuality, Saturn is preparing us for achievements in the second half of 2013.

**Check back on February 18th to read about specific transits between Saturn and other planets during the months of February and March 2013. **

Keywords to remember during this transit include: boundaries, responsibilities, obligations, truth, growth.


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