February 23rd: Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have entered the shadow realm forMercury Rx with the actual retrograde period beginning on February 23rd. In astrology, Mercury rules reasoning, communication and social interactions with others. Mercury in our natal chart reveals the preferred method of communication for each individual; but Mercury’s position in our daily charts reveals, more than likely, how we’ll end up communicating with others. Naturally, should Mercury’s position in your natal chart match with Mercury’s position in the daily chart, then consider yourself lucky ! Currently, we have Mercury perched in intuitive Pisces [click here if you missed my article on Mercury in Pisces—> https://holistictruth.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/february-5th-2013-mercury-in-pisces/  ]. As previously noted, with Mercury in Pisces, our communication style transforms from detached &objective (as with Mercury in Aquarius) to involved and subjective. Now, we rely on our emotions to make decisions for us: understanding that we have feelings for a reason and we must use them ! If something isn’t sitting right in our spirit, or we have a bad inkling about a person/situation, we are more inclined to shut the shop down immediately. Conversely, Mercury in Pisces prompts us to judge conversations with others based on how we feel—instead of being strictly content with the substance being discussed. We’ll be watching every eye and hand movement, facial expression, and body stance to determine what lies underneath the information being presented to us. Of course, this is a great thing if it turns out your inclinations are correct; but it could also be disastrous if you’re wrong and merely took things out of context ! How embarrassing.

Unfortunately, with Mercury entering a retrograde phase, the already fuzzy nature of Pisces becomes even more so. Discerning between fact and fiction will be seriously challenging as we become unsure if our intuition is working or whether paranoia has commandeered our minds. Unlike Saturn Rx[click here if you missed that article —> https://holistictruth.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/february-18th-2013-the-saturn-turns-retrograde/  ] , where we can move full steam ahead on restructuring our responsibilities, Mercury Rx acts a bit differently. This is NOT the time to sign a new contract or lease; begin a new relationship; or make major purchases. You are liable to find out the contract you signed wasn’t that great of a deal, the relationship you started turned into a complete dud and the item you bought only brought you buyer’s remorse. This is, however, an ideal time for research and reflection on goals to implement in March once the Rx period has passed.



Because Mercury serves as the ruler planet for Gemini and Virgo, these two Solar signs (along with those of you who have Gemini and/or Virgo as your Moon or Ascendant sign) will feel the heat more intensely. In addition Pisces and Sagittarius [the polar opposites of Virgo and Gemini, respectively] will find it tough communicating with others. This is because all four signs are the Mutable signs of the zodiac. These guys are bonded together by their level of flexibility: placing strong emphasis on renewal and adjusting to their environment. Mutable signs in particular, but all signs in general, will have an arduous time processing information, or articulating information to others. I believe the carefully controlled nature of Libra and Aquarius will clash with Mercury in Pisces. Instead of being in command of how you express yourself (as you usually are), you may find yourself bouncing from one emotional extreme to the other. Those of you with Aries or Leo in your personal planets may also have an equally difficult time maneuvering through sentimental matters. You are usually relaxed but Mercury in Pisces could distort things for you—acting as a source of uneasiness. When Mercury retrogrades, miscommunications are more frequent or we may fail to fully understand things being told to us. Setbacks will be frustrating but common. Expect electronic mishaps, misinterpretations of gestures, and feeling as if folks “just don’t understand you.” The motto for this transit should be: what you said to someone may not be what they actually heard—and vice versa.

During this time, we may grapple with sending “that” text or leaving it in our message drafts; reflect on ways we could have said things differently during an argument with a spouse or loved one; or harp on situations we mishandled in the past. Astrologers consider Mercury’s Rx period as a time when old issues in relationships reemerge to the surface or former flames find their way back into the picture [if, for but, a brief moment]. Again, when a planet is retrograde, it appears to astronomers as if it is moving backwards in the solar system. Although this is physically impossible, symbolically, Mercury Rx represents us “moving backwards” over things that need to be redone or situations that require an ending—which is perfect as Pisces also represents a period of endings since it is the final stop in the zodiac before the Sun begins in Aries. [don’t you love how everything just ties together so perfectly?]