Full Moon in Virgo: Monday Feb 25th

Full Moon in Virgo (Image Courtesy of Google).

Full Moon in Virgo (Image Courtesy of Google).

On Monday February 25th , a Full Moon in Virgo will occur. In astronomy, when the Moon is full, it is literally at its brightest. Symbolically, the Full Moon denotes clarity and transparency. Naturally, in astrology, the “light” of the Moon reveals things to us about certain arenas in our lives. Full Moons are mature transits, signifying an important opportunity to make decisions and heal ourselves. This transit will underscore the necessity of accepting the outcome of certain situations in our lives. With the Moon positioned in the Virgo and the Sun in Pisces, the “Virgin-Fish”axis, forces us to balance the need to be practical (Virgo) and impractical (Pisces); realistic (Virgo) and idealistic (Pisces); control (Virgo) and trust (Pisces). Although all of us will experience these battles, they’ll occur in different areas of our lives based on our Sun signs.

**Read for both your Sun and Ascendant sign to get a more accurate view of what to expect on Monday**

Aries= The Full Moon in Virgo will highlight your desire to reestablish life priorities and duties. The Moon will kick a renewed sense of responsibility into your spirit. All things “Self-improvement” will jump to the forefront of your mind. The balance you’ll need to strike will occur between realistic (Virgo) and unrealistic (Pisces) goals in your life. You’ll be asking yourself, “What works for me? What am I doing to make myself a better person?”Aries, this is a prime opportunity to look at the role you play in your immediate environment and whether or not you are happy with your current position in society. Caretaking of your physical body is also emphasized: you are fascinated by ways to better your wellbeing and body. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: diets, exercise, health, personal development.]

Taurus= The Full Moon in Virgo falls in your recreational/leisure/entertainment sector. This period will highlight your desire to find balance in your creative (Pisces) and compulsive (Virgo) side. You are apt to feel optimistic and energetic: feeling a need to reach out to loved ones, especially your children (if you have some). This best way to maximize the energy of this Full Moon in Virgo is to explore all hobbies that provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. If you’ve been considering pandering in some artwork, literature or music that you’ve been working on, this is the perfect time to do it ! Taurus, you are also inclined to take romantic gambles at this time. The yearning to love and be loved is overwhelming at various points throughout the day. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: self-expression, recreation, creativity, hobbies].

Gemini= The Full Moon in Virgo travels through your domestic sphere. Issues related to your home life and immediate family are pressing. Thanks to the Moon in Virgo, you’ll be committed to organizing home affairs and property concerns. This transit highlights the necessity for you to reassert home/family values. Bills related to the house, repairing things around the house, decorating the house, entertaining company in the house, or even relocating are recurring things in your mind at this time. This is a great opportunity to reestablish ties with family members and bonding with women is especially highlighted for you. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: real estate, family domain, emotional stability, property concerns].

Cancer= The Full Moon in Virgo will bring an increase in communication in your life. The Full Moon will influence how you disseminate information and process information you acquire on Sunday the 24th and Monday the 25th. For you Cancer, it’s necessary to balance interacting with others (Pisces), but primarily from a detached/objective perspective (thanks to Virgo). The Moon in Virgo will help you process information more efficiently (as that’s exactly what Virgo does). You may be required to take a short trip somewhere in your local community that provides some sort of intellectual stimulation. You are less inclined to daydream and more likely to focus on practical conversations with others. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period : transportation, electronics, communication, interaction].

Leo= The Full Moon in Virgo brings focus to your material possessions and self-worth. This is a favorable time to figure out effective ways to acquire more wealth or possessions via your talents/capabilities. This Full Moon forces you to focus on financial matters; you’ll also be reviewing the internal feelings related to self-worth and emotional growth. The Moon will force you to strike a balance between pragmatic (Virgo) and improbable (Pisces) attempts at making money, restructuring your budget or putting some of your talents to work for you. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period:personal development, self-esteem, material goods, wealth, debts, earned money].

Virgo= This Full Moon is your sign highlights all things Virgo ! Everyone around you is working in the quiet, efficient manner you are used to and it seems the world is speaking your emotional language. This Full Moon will compel you to change your appearance, your mannerisms, or engage in activities that focus on things that bring you emotional pleasure. If you have been waiting on the perfect time to change your hair, your wardrobe or anything related to “self”, this is a favorable time to make it happen. This is also a time for initiatives and beginnings related to your personal life. You may want to redefine how you interact with others or you may finally accept your true potential and want to exert it. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: inner/outer body, self, personality, self-realization, first].

Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Libra= The Full Moon in Virgo will bring immediate attention to situations that require your forgiveness and the desire for you to move forward. With the Moon in the sign behind yours, metaphorically, something in your life will come to a close or ending. Hidden things that you may have been agonizing over or that have been hidden from you will finally come to light. This illumination will compel you to balance controlling your emotions regarding the situation/relationship that is bothering you (Virgo) and experiencing emotional turmoil as you attempt to process your feelings (Pisces). Ultimately, you’ll need to forgive and release. The Full Moon in Virgo will intensify your feelings, be careful not to overreact. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: finality, closings, endings, forgiveness, consciousness].

Scorpio= The Full Moon in Virgo calls for you to redirect your attention to friends, organizations, extracurricular activities or committees that you may have neglected in recent weeks. Under this transit, you’ll be feeling a bit rebellious and must strike a balance between exploring concrete ideas (Virgo) and abstract fantasies (Pisces) related to organizations/groups you’re a part of. Scorpio, in order to maximize this Moon in Virgo, this is a great time to share ideas/inventions with friends. Use them as a sounding board and see the ways they can add on to your designs and evolve the project. This is a wonderful time to share thoughts with those who are like-minded. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: acquaintances, innovation, progression, revolutions].

Sagittarius= The Full Moon in Virgo highlights your career. Promotions, praises, recognition and increases in responsibility at work are likely during this time. In order to make the best of this Full Moon, pay close attention to your professional life and ways to improve your image. You may find that more people are depending on you for certain tasks, but this can also lead to more money (or more hours) for you. If you are looking for employment or better employment, this is a prime time to schedule an interview, hear a call back, or send out resumes that can lead to something better by the next New Moon in Aries. Regardless, you feel ambitious and motivated under this Full Moon. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: reputation, public image, professional growth, achievements, honors].

Capricorn= The Full Moon in Virgo will emphasize mental development. Unlike your Cancer opposite whose intellectual development during this transit will take place on a very concrete/immediate level, your mental development occurs on a philosophical level. You’ll be calling into question some of your religious concepts and the belief system you ascribe to. You may have experienced some sort of serious crisis in your life (most likely related to changes in your home life or financial life) that will call for the reaffirmation of your faith. The best way to maximize this Moon in Virgo is to organize your thoughts about your place in the universe. You’ll need to strike a balance between control (Virgo) and chaos (Pisces). Capricorn, you’ll want to feel connected to something much bigger than yourself right now; don’t be surprised if you find yourself analyzing social and religious issues in society. Education through experience is important to you right now. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: philosophy, travel, media, ethics/morals, guru].

Aquarius= The Full Moon in Virgo draws your normally detached nature into a more intimate setting. This Moon will compel you to share with others (a relative, a spouse, or close friend) and prioritize business matters. You desire to bond with others on a soulful level and establish deep connections (thanks to the Sun in compassionate Pisces). Secrets, taboos and hidden things appeal to you at this time (thanks to the Moon in tight-lipped Virgo). This pulling back and forth will be the struggle for you at this time. Beware of power tussles and control issues (internally, with yourself—-as well as externally, with loved ones). This transit underlines major life changes. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: extreme/drastic changes, regeneration, finances connected with others, power disputes]

Pisces= With the Full Moon in your polar opposite (Virgo), you are more focused on secure partnerships—whether romantic or professional—that affect you on a personal level. Contracts, legal commitments, and legal obligations are highlighted for you. This is a prime time for you to reestablish diplomatic ties and heal wounds between you and a loved one. Use this Full Moon to come to agreements with those you’ve had rocky relations with or employers you may have had minor disagreements with. [Keywords to remember during this Full Moon period: partnerships, enemies, diplomacy, business relations].