Venus in Pisces: February 25th

Venus in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google).

Venus in Pisces (Image Courtesy of Google).

On Monday February 25th, Venus will leave reserved Aquarius to enter dreamy Pisces. As the planet governing matters of the heart, Venus in Pisces will influence drastic changes in the way we approach love over the next few weeks. Now, when Venus transited Capricorn and soon after Aquarius, we were very reserved with the expression of our feelings. Overly dramatic romantic declarations and fooling ourselves with illusionary perceptions of love are not characteristics of Capricorn or Aquarius—so it’s not surprising that those traits laid dormant in our relationships over the past two months. But now that Pisces has fallen into the mix, Venus compels us to love freely, openly and honestly.

If you’ve been cold or distant with a lover in recent weeks, you may find yourself shaking those chills and desiring closeness with that individual. Finding the beauty in all aspects of your relationship dominate your daily routines. Pisces, whose home planet is Neptune, embodies divine love; as a result, during this transit, we will all be looking to connect to something much bigger than ourselves. We want to grow and intertwine spiritually with a mate, almost to the point of obsession. Creativity and compassion are two words attached to Pisces—and we can expect these terms to be recurring themes while Venus is in this position. We are more persuaded to exercise forgiveness and empathy in love matters. We must balance between being kindhearted and not being made fools of. Pisces tends to pardon easily, usually opening themselves for emotional turmoil at a later date. Earth and Water Sun& Moon signs benefit best from Venus’s journey through Pisces as the Earth and Water family work favorably together. Venus in Pisces will force Air and Fire signs to slowdown and acknowledge that they dohave feelings and providing a safe space to express them. Venus in this constellation supports bonding activities that revolve around the arts and service: volunteering, writing, drawing, painting, dancing, et al.

Unfortunately, because Pisces is deeply attuned with its emotions, we may experience a wide variety of complex emotions that are bound to confuse others as much as they confuse ourselves. And with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune ALSO in Pisces, Venus can lead us to be hypersensitive when interacting with a spouse. Emotional overload is extremely possible in the next four weeks. I like to attribute “rose-colored” glasses to the sign of Pisces: these folk, more so than any other, tend to see what they want to see….instead of what is actuallytaking place. Again, because Pisceans are so open and compassionate, they want to see the best of everything in everyone—ignoring red flags and warning signs. Self-deception and dishonesty with others is increased with idealistic Pisces. Yearning for a relationship that just isn’t there is also likely. [Some of you may be in imaginary relationships with others who don’t know they’re dating you]—beware of mind games and manipulations.

In conjunction with love, Venus also influences our finances. With Venus transitioning into Pisces, we may become emotional spenders. Maintaining budgets and schedules will be extremely difficult ! When Pisces sees something they want, saving and planning is not an option: Pisces will purchase the item if it makes them feel good. This is a time to watch your checkbook : pay extra attention to bills coming in and the money you’re sending out. This is also a time to control the impulse of buying things you don’t need merely because they provide temporary emotional satisfaction—you will experience a serious case of buyer’s remorse once Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries next month.