March 12, 2013: Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries (Image Courtesy of Google)

Mars in Aries (Image Courtesy of Google)

WELCOME HOME ! On Tuesday March 12th, Mars will complete its solar return and find itself in its home constellation of Aries. With these last few weeks of Mars transiting free-spirited Aquarius (Dec 25th-Feb 1st) and then passive-aggressive Pisces (Feb 1st-Mar 12th), it has taken additional effort for us to make a goal and stick with it. Both Aquarius and Pisces favor tasks that require flexibility to “come and go” as we please. When Mars was positioned in Aquarius, we were motivated by mental energy to float from one task to the other. Mars in Aquarius was favorable to Fire and Air signs. Conversely, when Mars was positioned in Pisces, emotional energy guided us as motivation. We preferred activities in which we could showcase our creativity. Mars in Pisces greatly benefited those from the Earth and Water family.

With Mars home in Aries, there will be a distinct need to get up and get moving—even if you aren’t wholly aware of what exactly you are moving to do. Aries operates by the “grow as you go” doctrine : If Aries sits still for too long, they may just drive themselves crazy. Mars in Aries is also not one to spend too much time on one particular project or conversation or engage in repetitive tasks. Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, selfish tendencies occur more frequently than with any other sign. Positively, this independent nature also manifests as“self-motivation” at times; and since Mars is the planet that governs ambition and drive, this marriage is perfect. Mars in Aries will bring out the trailblazer in all of us: Aries accepts challenges and rarely retreats from obstacles. During this cycle, we must be careful not to forge new paths that take us straight off a cliff.

Like all Fire signs, Aries is enthusiastic and optimistic. With Mars in Aries, we’ll be less likely to mope and complain about things and just move around them entirely (YES, even us grumpy Earth folk). Negatively, competitive Mars in Aries can become so excited by the prospect of a new assignment/engagement that they completely forget about the ones they’ve already started—–and haven’t finished. In the natural sciences, it’s much easier to control Water compared with Fire ,so now that Mars has left a Water sign for a Fire sign, we may find our attention all over the place. Fire signs need space to expand and grow in as many different directions as possible. Subsequently, we’ll all be motivated in our personal lives to hunt for excitement, freedom and adventure !

If you’ve been looking for the best time to grow a backbone, well you’ve stumbled upon it. “Alpha male” Aries is not interested in compromise or submission: most of us, but particularly Fire and Air signs, will adopt the “conquer or be conquered” motto over the next four weeks. The setbacks of Mars in Aries that we should watch for in ourselves include: lack of tact, impatience, temper tantrums and unreliability.


Here is what each Sun and Ascendant sign can look forward to while Mars is in Aries:

Aries= Mars in its native sign is wonderful news for you ! You may have felt as if you were just kind of drifting through life the past eight weeks in some sort of a dream state, but now things will be kicked up several notches. You are essentially motivated to do things that appeal to you—which isn’t too hard for “me-first” Aries anyhow ! You are looking at the image you’re presenting to the world and the manner in which they are receiving this image. Mars in Aries is motivating you to change up your appearance and your temperament. If you’ve been toying with the idea of trying a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle, or purchasing something new—-Mars is giving you the green light. The next four weeks are all about you and what puts you on cloud nine! Additionally, you’ll be preoccupied with attracting good energy in your direction: people seem to be drawn to your fiery nature. Don’t be surprised if compliments are hurled your way left and right. Soon, the Sun, Mars and Venus will be in your sign. Take it all in while you can ! [Keywords for this transit: self; personality; temperament; physical].

Taurus= Mars in Aries is moving through a very private part of your chart. Right now, you’re experiencing some sort of rebirth or transformation as you warm yourself up for both the Sun and Mars to transition into Taurus by mid-April. You may find yourself passive-aggressive and desire to work alone. Unfortunately, at some point before the end of March, you may feel confined or stuck in motion. This is a perfect time to conceal yourself from the lime-light and engage in activities that don’t require much input or expectations from the external world. You may have revelations about certain things in your personal life that you’d like to fix (but most likely end) before they balloon out of control and Mars in Aries is providing you with the high energy to finally stop beating around the bush and get it done. [Keywords for this transit: consciousness; forgiveness; atonement; enlightenment]

Gemini= Mars in Aries will affect the portion of your chart that deals with progression, liberation and rebellion. For the next four weeks, you’ll desire to break away from the status quo to forge forward in your personal life: Mars in Aries will bring sudden shocks, shifts and changes your way. Activities highlighted for you include spending more time with friends and acquaintances whom may serve as a sounding board for new ideas. You may seek out or inquire about membership to certain organizations or committees. I suspect feelings revolving around “belonging” will be important to you at this time. When Mars was positioned in Pisces, your professional life was impacted greatly: you may have had an influx of interaction with clients; received a raise; nailed a presentation; garnered praise or honor from your boss; or even picked up a few more hours for extra cash. But now that Mars has moved into Aries (which is favorable to your Air sign), this is the perfect time to shift your attention to your friendships and social life. [Keywords for this transit: networking; social activities; aspirations; collaborations; philanthropy]

Cancer= Mars in Aries is shining the light on your professional life. If you’ve been looking for a career change or perhaps a way to evolve professionally, fiery Aries is giving you the gusto to go for what you want. Mars in Aries is motivating you to take initiative and step outside of the box (or is it “shell” for you Crab folk?). Right now, you are not interested in being a follower or meek: Mars is pushing you to take the reins and lead yourself into a new position, a raise, or big assignment. At this time, your mind is predominantly fixated on social status and thoughts about success. Mars in Aries may force you to redefine what you consider “successful”and the best way to apply this new definition in your daily doings. Negatively, because Aries is an aggressive and primarily “self-oriented” sign, you may find yourself coming into conflict with authority figures (or individuals who are not in a position of authority butare treating you as if you are “less than”). You’ll be more concerned with how others perceive you and this could positively motivate you to achieve the goals you’ve established for yourself. [Keywords for this transit: honors; prizes; public image; recognition; career; achievements/promotions; authority]

Leo= With Mars in a fellow Fire sign, a jolt of energy has permeated in your personal life, waking you from the daze produced by Mars in Pisces. Mars in Aries will bring a nagging desire to move outside of your immediate environment (literally and metaphorically). Perhaps you’ve planned to take a vacation over the next few weeks. If not, you may catch the travel bug thanks to this influence. Right now, you are free thinking and very experimental: exploration and expansion are important to you. You’ll find philosophy, foreign cultures/languages, law, ethics, religion and social issues particularly appealing. Mars in Aries will motivate you to understand the world around you: knowing what’s “just over the horizon” will play a significant role in the way you interact with the people around you. [Keywords for this transit: long distance journeys; beliefs; fortune; luck; tolerance]

Virgo= Feisty Mars has settled into a position that impacts your sexuality, ideas about intimacy, and shared finances. Mars in Aries will increase your yearning to be intimate with one particular person: the longing to explore every inch of that person’s mind and body may be overwhelming for you at times during the next four weeks. Right now, you are willing to tap into your subconscious and examine taboos that intrigue you. Hidden issues from the past are likely to resurface as you attempt the difficult task of “oneness”with this individual. Possessiveness, power struggles and jealousy can emerge should you not connect the way you’d like. You are fascinated by the paranormal, spiritual, and mysterious— over the next few weeks, others may deem you to be secretive and reserved. Mars in Aries will also affect joint resources, shared finances, inheritances, and legacies. Until mid-April, Virgo may share or depend on money provided by someone in their immediate circle (spouse/parent/relative/close friend). Unfortunately, Virgo may also experience loss (whether it’s a person, job or mentality) as Mars in Aries is positioned in an area of your life that also governs death. [Keywords for this transit: major changes; power struggles; hypersexuality; bonding; sacrifice]

Libra= With Mars in your polar sign, this transition will impact you heavily. Your primary focus will revolve around partnerships. If your romantic relationships have been out of control lately, Mars in Aries will either force you to end things or compel you to fight one last time. The polarity between Libra-Aries is one of “other” and “self”, respectively. At times, Libra can be a little too accommodating to mates and forget that they too need support. Conversely, Aries can be selfish in love matters and forget that they should be considerate of others. Now, you may be able to use the“selfish” nature of Aries to finally get what YOU want out of your matches. Aries will motivate you to stop being indecisive and move forward. If you don’t seem to be getting your way, you must be careful not to be argumentative and combative as the unpredictable outcome could be one you are unprepared to deal with permanently. [Keywords for this transit: marriage/divorce; relationships; partners; commitments; contracts]

Scorpio= Work ethic, service to others and your health will be major themes in your life over the next few weeks thanks to Mars in Aries. You are focused on becoming a better person inside and out: changes in your diet, a new workout regime, exploring organic/vegetarian options et al. are important to you at this time. Mars is also influencing the area of your life that governs service to others: you may be interested in enrolling in a mentor program, volunteering at a recreational center or just finding other ways to give back to the community. Scorpios are naturally tenacious creatures, but Mars in Aries will provide you with the tunnel vision and enthusiasm needed to put some action behind your ideas. Expect for your compassionate side to make a debut until mid-April (yes, you’ll be wearing your heart—or at least your thoughts—on your sleeve). [Keywords for this transit: volunteering; community; service to others; health; exercise]

Sagittarius= Mars in Aries is heating up your love life and passion (or at least sex) is on the brain. Leisure activities, hobbies, entertainment and taking time to enjoy life will be influenced heavily by Mars in a fellowFire sign. When Mars was positioned in Pisces, you were focused primarily on your domestic sphere: fixing things around the house; settling into a new house; redecorating; researching new properties to move to; et al. All things related to the home were of importance to you. With Mars back home, you can relax a bit and enjoy the roses. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be interested in connecting with others (particularly spouses children). Until mid-April, you are willing to take romantic gambles. Passionate Aries can motivate you to open up more. Although Sagittarius is a relatively friendly sign, many people don’t know who you are underneath the surface—-all of this will change now ! You are ready to explore different hobbies and interests. If these new hobbies open the door to more money for you, then that’s even better for you. Unfortunately, rash Aries can indeed lead to the infamous “foot-in-mouth” syndrome that is so characteristic of Fire signs. Until Mars moves into Taurus, it’d be best to enjoy life as much as possible, but watch your mouth : once it leaves, you can never take it back ! [Keywords for this transit: romance; hobbies; entertainment; recreation; creativity]

Capricorn= Fire and Earth never mix well and with Mars traveling into spontaneous Aries, you may be a bit alarmed. The cautious nature of Capricorn clashes with “go-with-the-flow” Aries. BUT there are positives to this transit ! Right now, fiery Aries is moving through the sector of your life that governs home & domestics. Your primary focus for the next four weeks will revolve around the people in and around your house. Redecorating; refurnishing; getting settled into a home; getting reacquainted with neighbors; visiting relatives/friends in the immediate area; or even looking for a new place to reside. Mars in Aries will motivate you to move forward on domestic projects : if you’ve been waiting on the perfect time to rearrange or fix things around the house, this is the time to do it. Negatively, enthusiastic Aries may push you into squabbles with an in-home relative, friend or roommate if you feel you aren’t being understood as well as you’d like. [Keywords for this transit: domestics; maternal figures; relatives; personal values; real estate/property concerns; emotional stability]

Aquarius= Mars in Aries is lighting up the communicative area of your chart. Opinionated Aries can help you eloquently express some of those ideas/points that you may think but never know how to formulate verbally. You may take several short distance trips over the next few weeks as you spend more time with siblings and close friends. Reserved Aquarius may also be influenced by ardent Aries to spend a bit more time on social media interacting with others on a consistent basis. Yes, we know Aquarius likes to observe others, but Mars in Aries is motivating you to observe and chat. How’s that for progress ? You may find yourself drifting from one topic of conversation to the next very easily in order to keep boredom from renting space in your brain. Enthusiasm for debates and discussions is very likely ! Right now, Mars in Aries is encouraging quick thinking, research gathering and knowledge dispersion until mid-April. [Keywords for this transit: short journeys; transportation; communication; siblings; legal agreements; social media; electronics; neighbors]

Pisces= With Mars exiting your sign and moving into Aries, you may finally sigh with relief ! Now it’s time for you to get a few things done. Although Mars in Pisces signaled creativity and encouraged activities that appealed to us emotionally, Aries is getting ready to shake all of that up. Mars in Aries is influencing the financial sector of your life right now. How you acquire, manage and save money will be of the upmost importance for the next four weeks. Determined Aries will force you to look at what exactly you spend your money on (and whether or not those purchases were worth it).  Naturally, the impulsive nature of Aries may lead you to purchase things emotionally—-that will be of very little value once the feelings have passed. Your primary goal at the moment is looking at ways you can become financially independent while employing skills and talents you’ve picked up over the years. The next four weeks are shining a light on increasing your income until mid-April. Get to work !! [Keywords for this transit: earned money; debt; feelings of self-worth; emotional attachments to material goods]

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