March 20th, 2013: Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries (Image Courtesy of

Sun in Aries (Image Courtesy of

By Wednesday March 20th, the Sun would have made it back to Aries: the zodiac cycle begins again ! Now that the Sun has left intuitive Pisces, we can expect our emotions to hang a left and reside on the backburner until June. Aries values logic, objectivity and reason. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is an independent thinker and a phenomenal problem solver ! Unfortunately, this confidence can sometimes manifest into arrogance or selfishness. Like all Fire and Air signs, Aries is optimistic and forward thinking. These folk fancy the “sunny side up” approach and we can expect this infectious energy to permeate in all areas of our lives (regardless of our Sun sign—naturally Fire and Air signs will feel this momentum a bit more).

As friendly as they may be, Aries actually prefers to work alone: the “my way or the highway” motto was probably coined by an Aries. Over the next four weeks, we may look at unconventional solutions to problems or circumstances that impact us. When the Sun is in Aries, we are welcoming to spontaneity and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Aries has to be burned multiple times before they realize that the stove is hot. They’re usually thinking,“well maybe if I approach the stove this way, it won’t be hot” or “perhaps the stove is only hot at this degree.” Whatever the reason, the point is, Aries doesn’t back down from a challenge: they keep moving until they get where they need to go. This is great news if you’re looking for momentum to start a new project.

The spontaneity of the Sun in Aries can shake up our boring routines and bring excitement in our personal and professional lives.  It’s hard for Aries to keep still for too long so we’ll find ourselves over the next four weeks moving and shaking 24/7. We may feel an incessant need to explore, expand and grow. Our brains and bodies will be busy, busy , busy until mid-April. Negatively, because Aries is so fiery, we must watch for ill temperedness and bouts of anger when things don’t go our way. When the Sun was positioned in emotionally-guided Pisces, we indulged in escapist activities when frustrated. With the Sun in Aries, we are more likely to address (confront) our issues head on—but sometimes the Ram doesn’t recognize its strength.


Image Courtesy of Google.

Image Courtesy of Google.

Here are some important dates to note regarding Sun in Aries aspects for the remainder of March


Sunday March 24th

Sun (Aries) semi-sextile Neptune (Pisces)

Under this transit, the fervor of Aries combined with the creativity of Pisces ensures a good mood for the majority of the day. Neptune governs the imagination, forgiveness, healing and spirituality—and with it positioned in its home constellation of Pisces, these traits are merely amplified. As a result, we are approachable and very easy to interact with.


Thursday March 28th

Sun (Aries) conjunct Mercury (Aries)

Your individual needs come to the forefront and you have no problem expressing those needs to those in your immediate environment. At this time, you feel satisfied with personal goals established for yourself—-even if you haven’t reached them just yet, you feel that you’ve set the standard to your liking. Negatively, we are all likely to push our agenda at the expense of others. If you have to make changes in your personal or professional life, you’re only willing to do it if you believe it will benefit you in the short term. Otherwise, you’re not interested and the advice of others will go in one ear and out the other. Aries and Aries Ascendant are more influenced by this particular transit than any other sign.

Sun (Aries) conjunct Uranus (Aries)

Later today, the Sun will conjunct Uranus. This is an extremely positive transit. We are independent and optimistic about life right now. Thanks to the influence of innovative Uranus, we are attracted to the unusual, eccentric and unconventional. Passionate Aries teams up with liberal Uranus and brings an unprecedented level of excitement to our lives. We seek comfort in activities that are non-restricting and offer freedom from the mundane. Individualism is extremely important under this power.

Saturday March 30th

Sun (Aries) inconjunct Saturn (Scorpio)

Aries and Scorpio have absolutely nothing in common so this aspect is filled with tension and anxiety. Saturn governs responsibility and limitations: Saturn’s ultimate purpose is to serve as a reminder of the “business before bull” motto. When allowed, Saturn can help us mature and grow. Unfortunately the care-free nature of Aries clashes heavily with the serious energy thrown by Saturn in Scorpio. As a result, we are prone to feel trapped and confined today by personal problems. Concerns with finances, relationships and ideals about self-worth are highlighted as the Sun manages how we view our ego and how we express our ego to others. We must be careful not to project our personal demons onto others.