March 21st, 2013: Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries (Image Courtesy of Google)

Venus in Aries (Image Courtesy of Google)

On Thursday March 21st, the planet Venus will leave romantic Pisces to fall headfirst into confident Aries. Venus governs both our romantic and financial sectors. Venus reveals not only what we value in love matches, but how we express that value. Both Pisces and Aries are passionate signs. When Venus was in Pisces, we were influenced to behave passionately on an emotional/spirituallevel with our mates. Now with Venus in Aries, we are influenced to engage our partners passionately but on a physicallevel. Whenever Venus transitions into a Fire sign, we are dramatic, optimistic and positive in love matters. Naturally this passage of Venus through Aries is favorable to Fire and Air signs. For those of us Earth and Water folk, this Venus in Aries serves as a spark of confidence, drawing us out of our comfort zones.

Venus in Pisces highlighted co-dependency on our love interests. Pisces needs to be intertwined and joined at the hip with their mate in order to feel loved and cared for. Certainly, this trait was experienced by most of us for the past four weeks. Now, Aries will push for freedom. If we feel confined, trapped or smothered in relationships, we may bolt. Spontaneity will become very important, again, more so Fire and Air Sun signs. Venus in Aries drives us to get what we want when we want it and not a second later. If you’ve been eyeing someone in recent weeks, you’ll finally have the guts to flirt and play coy. But if you’ve been considering a break-up with your partner, the straight-forward Aries energy will definitely make it happen: they don’t appreciate fancy footwork and excess baggage.

The phrase “love at first sight” was probably crafted by a Venusian Aries.  When Venus is in Aries, we can fall in lust (very deeply at that); the attraction can be intoxicating and addictive—especially to those of you who are beginning partnerships at this time or perhaps enjoying the freedom of a fling. The downside to this intense loving is that once the interest and enthusiasm of an Aries fades, the relationship is pretty much over. Unlike a Venusian Pisces, whose loyalty is unmatched by any other sign, a Venusian Aries is not interested in staying somewhere once their heart has hit the door. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself moving on to the next piece of eye candy once the love is gone. If you are looking to perhaps salvage a relationship at this time, Venus in Aries can supply you with blazing confidence to seduce your partner and make them remember why they fell for you in the first place !

We shall all become very physical with our mates: Venus in Aries will produce a surplus of superficial bonds (as Aries likes to hide its feelings) but with explosive sex (as Aries is a physical sign). Negatively, flaming tempers flare when our needs aren’t met to our satisfaction.


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Here are some dates to note for the remainder of March while Venus transits Aries

Monday March 25th

Venus (Aries) semi-sextile Neptune (Pisces)

We want to love deeply, wholly and purely under this influence. The desire to attach ourselves to our significant others at this time is strong. We are creative, romantic, intuitive and generally compassionate: even to those we are not intimate with. We not only want to give love, but also receive it. The gentle nature of Neptune in Pisces combined with the adoring nature of Venus in Aries is guaranteed to increase the yearning for connectedness with others. This is not a transit to move solo through. If you are currently single, mingling with family and loved ones will prove equally satisfying.


Thursday March 28th

Venus (Aries) conjunct Uranus (Aries)

We crave something fresh and exciting in our intimate relationships at this time. If you’ve been stuck in a rut or needing something new, Uranus will definitely bring it your way. We are experimental, adventurous and unconventional. We may receive a pleasantly shocking surprise or the complete opposite: absolute disgust towards someone/something that is related to our romantic interests (thanks to Uranus, the planet that encourages rebellion from the status quo, always expect the unexpected). Unfortunately, Uranus doesn’t “do” small, it is a planet of extremes.


Saturday March 30th

Venus (Aries) inconjunct Saturn (Scorpio)

This particular transit signals some level of discomfort and requires patience from each of us. Serious adjustments must be made in our love lives if we are to find happiness. Aries and Scorpio have difficulty connecting so emotional frustration is the anticipated outcome. There is blockage in either giving or accepting love from our mates. We are reserved with displays of affection and will more than likely deal with feelings of rejection to a certain degree. This doesn’t mean that a relationship will end under this transit : perhaps you feel as if your partner is not hearing your opinion about something related to the partnership.


Sunday March 31st

Venus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)

I always call this transit the “return of lovers/issues from the dead.” Pluto governs rebirth, transformation and is the planet that encourages us to shed outdated things that are no longer an asset in our lives. Because Pluto is the last planet in the solar system, symbolically, Pluto signals “completions and endings.” Don’t be surprised if a former lover resurfaces “just to chat” or if you find yourself wondering what a second chance may produce (or twentieth for some of you). Or perhaps you may find yourself rehashing that same tired argument with your mate after you thought it had been settled ages ago. Apparently someone wasn’t ready to let go. Conversely, the jealous quality of Pluto in Capricorn and the “live and let live” temperament of Venus in Aries will produce nothing but power struggles.  Tension drives the desire to act and make changes romantically. You can expect emotional turbulence if what you get isn’t what you actually want.


Venus (Aries) sextile Jupiter (Gemini)

Later today after the Venus-Pluto duo, the clouds will break ! The Venus-Jupiter combination will produce idealism in its purest form. Jupiter in Gemini is bringing good fortune to the table and Venus in Aries is offering optimism. The negative energy from earlier in the day has subsided as we become more open to our lovers and genuinely interested in quelling any form of confusion or tension. Beware of the “gift of gab” under this influence: we may promise more than what we can actually deliver. Both Fire and Air signs tend to embellish when in a good mood. And Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is a planet of indulgence; if we aren’t careful, we may exaggerate our capabilities, no matter how good our intentions are. If what your mate is telling you sounds too good to be true, it probably is ! Overall, this is a friendly transit: we are social, generous and extroverted. Fire and Air signs benefit greatly from this transit.