March 27th: Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra (Image Courtesy of Google)

Full Moon in Libra (Image Courtesy of Google)

We have the final major lunar event for the month of March: a Full Moon in Libra. Full Moons’ always work along polarities. Because the Sun is in Aries, naturally, the Full Moon will be in its opposite of Libra. The balance that must be struck between Aries and Libra is the battle of “self” vs. “other.” As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries (more than any other sign) can be self-centered; conversely Libra, represents partnerships and relationships. Libra, at times, can be spineless and entirely too benevolent—leaving them open for heartache. Libra teaches Aries how to give and receive; Aries teaches Libra how to be assertive and independent. Refined Libra counteracts abrasive Aries; and honest Aries can draw the truth from manipulative Libra.

All of these themes will be present throughout the day. The Full Moon highlights some sort of crisis in the form of relationships: whether romantic or not. We must ask, “are we really getting what we need from our partnerships/friendships?” Sometimes Libra does not understand the necessity of letting go, and Aries can often let go too easily. We have to strike a balance between holding onto something that is no longer serving its purpose : whether internal or external. Are we relating our needs to others in the best way , so that they can give them to us? Perhaps it is not them, and maybe it is us. The Libra Full Moon will force us to ask ourselves, “are we who we need to be at this moment? how can we grow?”


While the Moon is in Libra, we also have other aspects that we must pay careful attention to:


1. Moon (in Libra) opposes Uranus (Aries) @ 8:05a EST

Uranus, governing rebellion and freedom, desires to break up the status quo so that we can do our own thing. In the solar system, the planet before Uranus (Saturn) handles restrictions/obligations/limitations/responsibilities; and Uranus throws ALL of that to the wayside to break free from the traditional. In astrology, eccentric Uranus encourages progression, innovation and research. And again, the Moon governs emotions and the subsequent expression of our emotions. So, when you combine these two, you get unpredictable (Uranus) mood swings(Moon). We may be aggressive (Aries) with others and then sweet and loving the next moment (Libra). And because the Full Moon is already shining light on our personal relationships, we may experience some level of anxiety about a close partnership—whether with a sibling, parent, employer, or lover.


2. Moon (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) @ 1:30p EST

As the last planet in the solar system, Pluto presides over endings, transformations, rebirths, and regeneration. Pluto destroys everything Uranus put together in order to make way for a new path (cycle)….and essentially for the entire process to start over again. With this Moon-Pluto tussle today, we are revisiting emotional wounds that need to be completely healed before we move forward. Anything that confines or restricts you will serve as a source of discomfort and you are finally ready to shake the chains and get on with your life. Make no mistake, this is not a calm, easy or friendly transit. Its purpose is to reveal to you what’s no longer of value to you (emotionally, romantically, physically, financially, spiritually) so that you get get rid of it and be “reborn.”



3. Moon (in Libra) opposes Mars (Aries) @ 2:18pm EST

I believe this will be the worst one yet of the day. You will not be willing to compromise on many things at the moment. Aggressive Mars in fiery Aries is clashing heavily with the emotional Moon in diplomatic Libra. The result is not pretty. The power pull of Mars today will lead you to be somewhat intolerant, overbearing and extraordinarily dominant. You are not interested in being submissive. You may find yourself running into a brick wall known as “authority” and that will upset you even more. Petty issues with coworkers, neighbors, roommates and parental figures trigger serious arguments: and impulsive Aries may have you saying things you’ll regret before the day is over. If possible, I’d recommend you stay far away from people–for their sake, and your sanity.


Those of you with your Sun or Ascendant placed in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are more affected by this Full Moon than any other. Fret not, once the lunar event has passed, the rest of March will be blissful and smooth sailing.