April 12th: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto Rx signals rebirth, regeneration and transformation. We are shedding the old to get to the new ! (Image Courtesy of artist Michael Mabale)

Pluto Rx signals rebirth, regeneration and transformation. We are shedding the old to get to the new ! (Image Courtesy of artist Elizabeth Sik)


On April 12th, the planet Pluto begins its retrograde cycle until September 20th, 2013. In astrology, Pluto governs death, destruction, rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. Pluto looks at all the things in our life that is outdated, outworn, unnecessary or burdensome and provides us with the opportunity to eliminate what isn’t beneficial in order for us to grow. As the last planet in the solar system, Pluto also symbolically represents the need to “end” and“wrap things up.” During this retrograde cycle (represented by “Rx”), we must figure out which chapters in our lives need revision or subsequent closure. Many of the changes Pluto Rx will bring are enduring. This is because Pluto orbits much slower around the Sun than any other planet: as a result, its effects are long-lasting. This is a wonderful time to engage in research, review personal goals, and analyze our attitudes. We want to get to the root of our emotional discomfort/poor relationships/financial distress/ailing health and find better ways to heal (and of course, improve).


The next five months highlight our struggle for dominance over specific areas in our lives (as Pluto Rx will affect each sign differently, described briefly below). There is an impulsive hankering to eliminate jobs/people/friends/colleagues/material possessions/attitudes that no longer serve a purpose to us and may actually be harmful if we continue to allow them to rent space in our hearts& minds. We seek greater control of our lives; once Pluto goes “direct”(meaning the retrograde period is over), professional and financial matters will appear to us in a different light and we can make significant gains in those departments. And with calculating Pluto operating in reserved Capricorn, we may not be willing to share these internal changes with others.

Read below for both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign (if you know it), to determine how Pluto Rx will impact you over the next five months


Aries: Professional and career changes are a priority for you now. If things have been stagnant in that department, your luck will turn around in 2013 ! Pluto Rx can help reveal why you haven’t been able to secure consistent or fulfilling employment. Pluto Rx can also produce realistic strategies to get you where you need to be. In recent months or years, if you’ve been anxious to attain a job, promotion, a raise or something similar, you are finally ready to look internally and brainstorm a game plan. Are you finally ready to accept responsibility for current career woes? Have you pushed for status and prestige without putting in the hard hours required to be considered truly successful ? Once September rolls around, I suspect that prizes, honors, awards, recognition and praise will be in order for you until December. Your focus now should be mastering your craft in order to leap forward with force! [Keywords during this transit: professional development; fame; achievements; public image; prestige and success]

Taurus: Pluto Rx will challenge your mental development over the next few months. It may cause you to question any beliefs you consider sacred. Over the next several months, you take serious interest in ethics, philosophy, law, politics, foreign cultures/languages, religion and higher education. Pluto may present several moral dilemmas in your path: triggering you to reconsider your positions on key issues. Pluto may also soften those stubborn tendencies of yours, as the planet forces you to break down beliefs, rebuilding them with waves of tolerance and openness (I mean, where do you think they got the term“bull-headed” from? A determined Taurus!). Traveling long distances (whether across the country or abroad) appeals to you in coming months. You’ll have a yearning to branch out, try new things and reshape your attitudes toward mental growth. [Keywords during this transit: travel; teaching; gurus/wisdom; media; philosophy]

Gemini: The Pluto Rx cycle shines a spotlight on the major overhauls that need to take place in your life right now. Lately, your life has been immensely unpredictable, stressful and a bit chaotic. Pluto will change this, forcing you to revise some of your goals and review some of the life choices you’ve made in recent months. You may have been feeling a sense of loss of control of some areas of your life. Conversely, Pluto reveals the role you’ve played in those control issues and how they’ve backfired against you. This part of your chart also highlights the necessity of revamping your ideals concerning intimacy. Now don’t think of this only in terms of something sexual. In fact, you’ve been struggling with getting close to someone (whether via a business deal, romantic relationships, platonic friendship, et al.) based on recent disappointments in those arenas. Pluto also draws attention to your finances that originate from sources outside of your own earning. Unlike Sagittarius (your polar opposite), who will be focusing on money earned through talents, your income will come from others. This may be in the form of child support payments, alimony, inheritances, insurance payouts, judicial settlements, a spouse or even from the lottery. Basically, revenue generated from no doing of your own. [Keywords during this transit: extreme/drastic conditions; power struggles; intimacy; major life changes]

Cancer: Personal relationships and intimate partnerships are pressing to you right now. If you’ve had relationship struggles in recent months/years, Pluto will urge you to review those choices you’ve made and determine whether or not you are moving in the direction of your romantic goals. The Rx cycle can help explain certain bonds soured in the first place or prompt you to reassert your commitment to a present relationship. What attitudes (or people) must you rid yourself of in order to solidify what you want romantically? Pluto will ask,” are you allowing yourself to trust your spouse completely?” or “have you been trustworthy and loyal to your partner?” Conversely, if you’ve been hovering around in a relationship that isn’t providing you with the emotional/sexual/financial satisfaction you feel you deserve, Pluto Rx will bring this concern to the forefront and you two may not make it until Dec 2013. Remember, Pluto eliminates what is outworn. If you’ve been dating/living with someone who you’ve been dealing with solely out of coziness,  not because you can see yourself marrying them, merely because you are in a comfort zone, then this partnership will likely end. This is also a time to review legal agreements, lease/mortgage options, and contracts signed with someone you are close to. You may choose to change some of these agreements if they no longer fit what you are looking for. [Keywords during this transit: lawsuits; legal obligations; contracts; partnerships]

Leo: The next five months present an opportunity to employ health goals and revitalize your work ethic. This period spotlights self-improvement, health, and volunteership in the community. Pluto is giving you the opportunity to implement a new diet/exercise regime. You may take some time to analyze your health habits in recent months, revamping ways to get yourself in optimum shape: both physically and mentally. This is also a time where activism in your local neighborhood takes precedence in your daily activities. Perhaps you’ve joined a charity, rec center or a church committee that provides you with the chance to get out and give back. There is a renewed effort to help yourself so that you can better help others. [Keywords during this transit: daily chores/routines; diets; self-improvement; stress]

Virgo: Has your creativity been stifled or misunderstood in recent months? All of this is getting ready to change for the better ! You are very expressive under this influence and no longer feel hemmed in by those around you. Virgo will want to enjoy life and realize our “heart’s desires.” Pluto Rx emphasizes the necessity of recreational activities and exploring hobbies that provide emotional (and even financial) satisfaction. If you’ve been toying with the idea of a new sideline interest, like: scrapbooking, learning to cook/knit/sew; perhaps picking up intro painting classes at the YMCA or maybe exploring new bars/restaurants around the city, then do it !  At this time, risk-taking appeals greatly to you: and this is far from the deliberate nature of Virgo. With Pluto in Capricorn, a fellow Earth sign, it is time to analyze why you’ve been unsettled lately and find ways to ease stress. Pluto Rx emboldens you to find new ways to throw your worrying ways out the door and RELAX more. Romantic gambles are likely at this time. This portion of your chart also governs children and younger peers. This could manifest in the form of an unexpected pregnancy; mentoring youth in the community; or perhaps a sister or brother may require you to step up your “Auntie”/”Uncle” duties. [Keywords during this transit: romance; leisure; play/recreation; entertainment; youth; creativity]

Libra: Right now, your domestic sphere is at the forefront of your mind. The past few weeks have been tumultuous for you (to say the least) and you are looking for a bit of stability and sanity. No worries, Pluto Rx will deliver it to your doorstep free of charge. “Domestic partnerships” does not necessarily denote romanticbonds, but bonds with those who reside in the home with you. You are determined to repair those relationships, subsequently reaffirming some level of peace for yourself. There have been some serious upheavals in your home: someone either moved in/out; you are currently unsatisfied with your living arrangements; you’ve relocated or are attempting to renovate/redecorate; influxes/increases in bills for the home; et al. At this time, you may feel as if your family/home life is falling apart and this causes distress for harmonious Libra. In order to reestablish the balance that Libra thrives on, Pluto Rx will reveal the waysyou are creating frustration for yourself. Perhaps you’ve been holding on to something (or someone) in your home generating unnecessary stress. You’ll need to repair/strengthen links with women (particularly your mother, aunt or grandmother). Pluto will force you to let it go, and move on. [Keywords during this transit: karma; property/real estate concerns; domestic/personal issues; emotional stability]

Scorpio: Communication is key for you at this time. As secretive and observant as you are, dear Scorpio, Pluto Rx will revamp your interpersonal skills and provide you with new (and possibly better) ways to interact with those in your immediate environment. You’ve realized in recent months that keeping mum, or silent, about certain situations that bother you has gotten you NOWHERE, and you are now ready to convey your point of view and move forward with your life. During this period, you may actually encounter new individuals (thanks to your refined communication abilities) who could emerge as lifelong friends. This may also be a period in which you rekindle a friendship with someone who may have rubbed you the wrong way in the past. Right now, you are dedicated to strengthening your ties with siblings, close (old) friends, neighbors and coworkers.  You’ll receive a great deal of (most likely unexpected, but appreciated) emotional support and feedback. You may also find yourself taking short road trips between now and September to visit relatives and friends—not necessarily for relaxation purposes. [Keywords during this transit: communication; electronics; transportation; neighbors; local environments]

Sagittarius: Money has been tight, flighty or just plain nonexistent in recent months. Pluto Rx will push you to honestly review your financial situation and accept the role you’ve played in positioning yourself in the dire straits you’re in. This is not the time to mud-sling or cast blame: it’s time to accept responsibility and make changes. You’ll also want to review material possessions you’ve acquired lately: was it an emotional buy or does it hold real value? This is a good time to brainstorm ways to generate additional revenue based on your talents and capabilities. If you are a mechanic, you may research the best ways to open your own repair shop; if you are a advertising rep, you may consider launching your own marketing agency. Right now, your goal is to capitalize on what you can do, to bring more bacon to the table. This area of your chart also handles feelings of self-worth and self-determination. Between now and September, you may ask, “am I being paid what I deserve?” or “is this a company that I can see myself retiring for?”This is a time to transform and reign in outrageous spending habits. Rx is a serious humbling period and if you make it through, you’ll surface with a renewed sense of self. [Keywords during this transit: earned debts/earned income; personal feelings of self-worth; emotional attachments; talents; abilities; material possessions]

Capricorn: With Pluto in your sign, you feel right at home. During this retrograde period, this is a wonderful time to review the perception that others have formulated around you. This is a great time to revive your image and present yourself to the world. In recent months, you may have experienced struggles related to relating well with others and getting others to understand who you are at the core of your being. If you’ve been toying with the idea of changing your physical appearance (whether surgically or through your wardrobe) and modifying your temperament in order to further future professional and personal goals. This is your time to shine and it seems you are drawing attention everywhere you go. Take all of this energy in, and use it as motivation to grow internally.

Aquarius: Pluto Rx is highlighting the necessity for atonement/forgiveness and spiritual fulfillment. This retrograde cycle is emphasizing revelations that’ll come to pass for you: hidden truths will be exposed and you’ll be forced to accept the finality (and reality) of your current life path. Right now, you must exercise your “understanding” gene and trust that what will be, will be. Over the next five months, you’ll be seeking oneness with the Divine and looking at the bigger picture: we are all little dots connected to one another at some point in this “life puzzle.” Altruism and idealism is dancing at the forefront of your mind; Rx will stimulate your desire to heal yourself, heal others and employ compassion in your daily activities. [Keywords during this transit: peace; duty; compassion; enlightenment; epiphanies; trust; revelations; spiritual growth]

Pisces: When Pluto was positioned in Sagittarius, you focused primarily on climbing the social ladder and attaining some level of success in your professional sector. Right now, Pluto is drawing attention to your friendships/colleagueships/groups/organizations and associations. Are you spending enough time with the people you call friends? Have you been a good friend to someone who has been a great friend to you? Right now is the time to put your platonic bonds center stage. Over the next five months, you may be itching to join a new club or group (cooking class, maybe? Or perhaps you’ll join a yoga-tea time group?) You are definitely interested in bonding with others….and doing it in the rebellious fashion you are so used to. This is also a time to use your friends as sounding boards for some of those visionary ideas and progressive concepts that you’ve been bouncing around in your brain lately. Whatever the reason, this is an opportune time to connect, reach other and link up with people from all walks of life. [Keywords during this transit: innovation; progress; revolution; associations; charities; extracurricular clubs]

Image Courtesy of artist Michael Mabale

Image Courtesy of artist Michael Mabale


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