April 20th, 2013: Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus (Image Courtesy of Google)

Mars in Taurus (Image Courtesy of Google)

On April 20th, Mars will leave Aries and transitEarth sign Taurus. Astrologers consider Mars the planet of passion and drive. Mars looks at what motivates us in life and how we express those ambitions to others around us. The constellation (sign) that Mars is positioned in can reveal our methods of overcoming obstacles in our lives. Aries serves as the “home constellation” for Mars, which simply means that the qualities of the planet (Mars) match almost perfectly with the qualities of the sign (Aries). In Aries, Mars is upbeat, optimistic and energetic. Mars in Aries is motivated by taking leadership roles, charting new projects and exploring new interests. As a Firesign, Aries fancies the usage of physical energy: clearing paths to reach their goals and to make connections to their environment. Mars in Aries possesses a relentless longing to get up and get going: in recent weeks, the need for action may have been overwhelming—even if the action taken may have adversely impacted us. Aries is easily bored with repetitive tasks; therefore, brainstorming new projects and attaching ourselves to cutting-edge assignments serve as motivation for us while Mars is stationed “at home.”

With Mars leaving competitive Aries and gliding into tenacious Taurus, we now have the opportunity to build upon those ideas we dreamed up during the Mars in Aries transit. Taurus, as an Earth sign, prefers practical steps in order to reach goals. Taurus, as a Fixed sign, seizes determination in an effort to stay focused on tasks. Mars in Taurus is not motivated by taking charge and displaying leadership skills—like Mars in Aries; instead, incentive originates from pragmatic undertakings that offer concrete results and tangible rewards. Taurus, like all Earth signs, finds comfort in luxury goods. The acquisition of possessions that link our self-worth to our social status endures as a trait of Taurus. Naturally, with Mars in Taurus, this characteristic will ease its way into our lives over the next seven weeks. Mars in Taurus influences us to work at a much slower and steady pace, helping us to actualize goals. When at its best potential, Mars in Taurus is reliable, generous and determined. Unfortunately, when Mars in Taurus makes a hard aspect to another planet, Taurus can be arrogant, possessive (jealous) and selfish.

Like all Fixed signs, Taurus needs to feel in control of their environment in order to feel emotionally secure—over the next several weeks, we may have difficulty adjusting to changes around us. If that control (whether real or perceived) is compromised, we may feel unsettled. Mars in Taurus will prompt us to regain domination over parts of our lives that may have journeyed in different directions under the unstructured Mars in Aries transit. Positively, the persistence of Taurus can assist us as we attack challenges. Unlike Mars in Aries who usually blows through obstacles, sometimes leaving dust and chaos in its path, Mars in Taurus resolves challenges by chipping away at the problem piece by piece until the result is up to Taurean standard. During this transit, our finances and social status will become a top priority. What Mars in Taurus lacks in flexibility, it more than makes up for in patience and perseverance. From April 20th-May 31st, all signs are influenced to hop off the fast track and choose the scenic route. This is a perfect time to steady ourselves and employ sensible means to reach our target. Resourceful Taurus encourages us to take advantage of all the reserves available to us.

Mars also serves as the masculine counterpart to the planet Venus. In addition to managing the manner in which we chase our ambitions, Mars also governs raw, sexual energy. Venus, the planet ruling romantic feelings, links with Mars to combine the expression of both our amorous and erotic dynamism. When in Taurus, Mars is extraordinarily indulgent ! Taurus prefers the sensual approach to love making. The art of seduction is very real to Taurus, and thisEarth sign may just be the teacher of the class. Ultimately, the desire to endlessly pleasure our partners from head-to-toe is key. Mental and physical foreplay, romance, teasing and showering our loved ones with affection is a byproduct of Mars in this position. This transit over the next six weeks is very favorable to those with their Sun and/or Mars sign in the Earth and/or Water family.