April 25th, 2013: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

(Image Courtesy of Paganspace.net)

(Image Courtesy of Paganspace.net)

On Thursday April 25th, the Moon will enter Scorpio and we will experience the first Lunar Eclipse of 2013. In astrology, a Lunar Eclipse is very similar to the Full Moon, but its effects are more potent—-and a bit more lasting. A Lunar Eclipse emboldens us to create balance between the traits associated with the current Sun and Moon sign. With the Sun presently positioned in Taurus and our Moon in Scorpio, we must explore equity between material possessions (thanks to Taurus) and the intangibles/mysteries of our lives (thanks to Scorpio). Topics of interest under this transit include sex, joint finances and the taboo.

Taurus can be hedonistic and materialistic: often attaching too much significance to material goods. Although resourceful, and pragmatic to an extent, Taurus rarely engages in any activity that won’t ensure material rewards. As a grounded Earth sign, Taurus needs to be able to see/touch/taste the results of their hard work, otherwise they may consider it all a waste of time. Contrarily, Scorpio is very much intrigued by the things they cannot see. This deeply moving Watersign believes there is always more than meets the eye. Scorpio is motivated by delving beneath the surface and getting to the root of a problem—by any means necessary. During this Lunar Eclipse, an emotional crisis will move to the forefront for all of us—but in different areas of our lives, to be explained shortly. Following this crisis of sorts will be an enlightenment related to the crisis. Lunar Eclipses herald the necessity of atonement and moving forward. You may have an epiphany regarding issues that have caused strife in recent months— resulting in an essential emotive release. 

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (Image Courtesy of Brittluneborg.com)

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (Image Courtesy of Brittluneborg.com)

When in Scorpio, the Moon dishes unprocessed emotions that we need to sort out. We must make the extra effort to connect with others as we are suspicious of their motives. Positively, our intuition heightens; we are not content with superficiality at this time and want the whole truth from others—at whatever cost. The investigative nature of Scorpio presses us to dig deeper to get to the root of our frustration in certain sectors of our lives.  As ambitious as Scorpio is, we are likely to conceal what is truly motivating us emotionally under this influence. Moon in Scorpio is secretive: we want others to reveal themselves to us, but we are unwilling to open up to them. The effects of this Lunar Eclipse will be felt for the next two weeks. So during this time, our reaction to unexpected news—good or bad— will elicit a strong emotional response. Oh, and with the Moon in seductive Scorpio, expect your sex drive to kick up several notches over the next two weeks.

Check both your Sun & Ascendant sign (if you know it) to see which areas of your life are spotlighted during the Eclipse.

Aries= The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio draws attention to your need for security and comfort versus the comforts and needs of those around you. The Sun in Taurus is highlighting your earned income and the money you generate based on your own talents; while the Moon in Scorpio is shining a light on the money you’ve acquired from external sources. You must strike a balance. Finances, particularly money that you’ve receive from others, have been a pressing issue for you in recent weeks. Any outstanding debts, financial chains or monetary setbacks in your life will come to a head under this transit. Positively, any recent financial planning/saving or projects you’ve worked on will come to fruition. This Eclipse will force you to make serious financial decisions that will impact you for the next several weeks. Perhaps you’ve been depending on others for alimony, child support, receiving financial support from a relative or even inheritance money. This sector of your chart encourages you to maximize the possessions/material goods and resources available to you by others and utilize them to your benefit. You’ll be spending some time reflecting on the influence that others have on you. The Eclipse in Scorpio will set in motion major changes in your personal life and triggers a period of“soul searching.”

Taurus= With the Lunar Eclipse occurring in your polar opposite of Scorpio, issues surrounding some of your closest partnerships move to the forefront. This could be a romantic or marital bond; a business partnership; or the tension between yourself and an adversary. You may find yourself focusing on how you can connect better with this individual. The Moon in Scorpio is passing through an area of your natal chart that governs “soul mates” and “others.” At this time, you need to take the emphasis off yourself and truly understand the role that this person plays in your life. This is a time to learn the skills of negotiation, compromise and understanding. In recent weeks, you may have been struggling with diplomacy and the best way to express intimacy (perhaps of both the sexual and emotional variety). Perhaps it is not what this person is doing to you, but maybe you haven’t been as open with this individual as you’d like to believe. Because the Moon is converging in your opposite sign, this transit could conjure very intense emotions. You may have a difficult time expressing how you truly feel—but it is still equally important to explore those moods in order to reset the pressure in your closest unions.

Gemini= Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio highlights issues connected to self-improvement, work ethic, health and service: both given and received. Over the next two weeks, a work project or health routine comes to culmination. One way to read this is: If you’ve been looking to make changes around the office, you may see the results at this time. In recent weeks, there has been a need to find balance between emotional health and comfort in your work environment. If you’ve been fighting to connect positively with an employer, employee, fellow co-worker or possibly a business client, disputes can come to a head. Persistent Moon in Scorpio can provide you with the patience to sort out the issues so you can move forward as soon as possible. Your work ethic may also be up for review at this time: have you been the team player that you want everyone else to be? In what ways could you improve? The second way to read this Eclipse is: a poor health habit can finally be kicked to the curb. Fitness matters also fall into this area of your life. You may find yourself looking up diets that fit your lifestyle or exercise routines that can seamlessly be added to your schedule. Right now, you are all about self-improvement.

Cancer= The area governing creativity, romance, children and leisure activities is activated thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. The Sun in Taurus is encouraging you to network with others in order to push forward with work projects and other important assignments. Moon in Scorpio is encouraging you to bring balance between the serious/mature side of you and the playful side. It is time for you to engage in activities that are fun and pleasurable. There may be an overwhelming desire for you to pour yourself romantically into something—or at least passionately. You may have a significant epiphany about a love matter or a relationship you are presently involved in. Possibly you want to officiate this union or you realize it is finally time to walk away altogether. You may also be inclined to take gambles regarding matters of the heart. But with the Moon in deliberate Scorpio, the risks are calculated and precise.  You want to indulge in your heart’s desires and receive as much adoration from others as possible. Relations with children (whether yours or not) are also favored.

Leo= The Lunar Eclipse directs attention to the domestic sphere and your home life. Relationships with women (such as a sister, mother, or grandmother) are favored under this aspect. With the Sun in Taurus, shining light on your career and professional sector and the Moon in Scorpio spotlighting your household, this is a time for you to find balance between your public and private life. It’s time to reprioritize a few things and get your home affairs in order. This may mean relocating, redecorating, moving someone in/out, repairing broken items, or processing an influx of expenses related to the household. A home issue comes to a climax or close at this time. Property related issues (due to the Lunar Eclipse) and issues connected to your career (due to the Sun in Taurus) will be the focus for you over the next two weeks. You may alter the beliefs you have related to your home environment.

Virgo= With the Sun in Taurus revamping your ideas about philosophy, religion, spirituality, ethics and higher education, the Lunar Eclipse will spotlight the manner in which you communicate with others. The intensity of Scorpio influences how we perceive facts and internalize information. Normally, this is a very social place in your chart. But with the area governing communication in reserved Scorpio, others may have a challenging time getting information out of you. Over the next two weeks especially, you will not be content with triviality: you’ll want to move beneath the surface and get to the core of some of your frustration. Expect an influx of phone calls, emails, text messages, and other “boring” errands that must be taken care of.  The Sun in Taurus is also journeying through a sector of your chart related to long distance journeys and all things foreign. In recent weeks, you may have been itching to get out and travel a bit. Your restlessness is countered by the mundane offered by Moon in Scorpio. The Lunar Eclipse forces you to strike a balance between your need for excitement (thanks to Sun in Taurus) and your need to handle monotonous tasks (thanks to Moon in Scorpio).

Libra= Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio encourages you to find a balance between give and take. In recent weeks, you’ve been struggling with control issues in an intimate relationship (with a partner, child or boss). With the Sun in Taurus touching the sector of your chart governing finances coming from external sources and the Moon in Scorpio journeying through the sector of your chart that manages income generated based on your own hard work, you’ve been dealing with sharing concerns. This is the time to figure out how to take care of your own personal needs without overshadowing the needs of those that you care about. You’ll need to take another look at how you acquire and manage your personal wealth; what values have you attached to material possessions, and are they serving your current purpose? With the Lunar Eclipse, you may also reevaluate your emotional stability and how you view yourself. This transit encourages you to reaffirm self-worth—all issues related to self-esteem move to the forefront at this time.

(Image Courtesy of cosmicpsychic.com)

(Image Courtesy of cosmicpsychic.com)


Scorpio= Unlike during a Solar Eclipse where you are focused on personal goals due to the opportunistic energy offered, this Lunar Eclipse in your sign has the opposite effect. You aren’t completely focused on yourself, but you surely want others to be ! Self-development isn’t necessarily a priority, but attention is. This transit directs you to work on self-assertion and expressing your personal needs to others without rubbing them the wrong way. With the Moon positioned in your sign, you may be more emotional than most if you feel as though others aren’t giving you the consideration or praise you feel you deserve. You are very concerned with the perception others internalize of you under this transit and over the next two weeks, you work to find ways to be received positively. Your external presentation of self is a priority even if your internal development of self isn’t.

Sagittarius= Over the next two weeks, you need to retreat and withdraw. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is journeying through the sector of your chart associated with conclusions, finality and forgiveness. You may experience an overwhelming desire to pull away from others and focus your energy on activities that require little to no assistance from anyone outside of yourself. Because this area includes “endings”, rest assured that you will have an epiphany regarding both a romantic and work matter. Something secret will be revealed. A work project may reach culmination or revelations about a partnership will enter the limelight. Altruism and inspiration are also traits of this sector of your chart. You may retreat inward in order to reconsider ideas about how you want to move forward in a personal matter. In a few weeks, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius which will require you to move from behind closed doors and step into the glare of publicity. For now, this is a period of rest, tranquility and holding steadfast.

Capricorn= The Lunar Eclipse will create a crisis within your social circle: either you’ll need a shoulder to lean on over the next two weeks or you may find that other friends are depending on you heavily for emotional support. Your validation of self emerges from harmonious relationships between yourself and groups of people you are associated with. This could be in the form of a church committee, a yoga class, a community club or an organization you are a part of. You are very interested in strengthening the platonic bonds you presently have and are open to establishing new ones under this transit. Now is the time to focus on the greater needs of those outside of self. And with the Eclipse cruising through Scorpio (the sign closely associated with sex, transformation, death and rebirth), you might encounter a revelation concerning a particular friendship—and perhaps decide it’s time to move on. It is also possible that you may be interested in deepening a partnership you currently have. You may also find yourself sexually or emotionally attracted to a friend whom you may have never given a second glance to six months ago. Secrets may be revealed that have been hidden for quite some time. Remember, Lunar Eclipses can bring transformation in our lives and your sector governing friendships/ fellowships /social circles will be more affected than any other area of your life.

Aquarius= Self -promotion is great for you now ! The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will preside over the sector of your life connected to professional goals and achievements. Over the next two weeks, your career becomes a top priority. With all things work related moving in the fast lane, this is your time to shine and stand out in your profession. Praises, prizes, honors and fame come easily to you know. This is a great time to put your best foot forward. A sudden job opportunity may pop up; you may finally be able to negotiate a raise; the opportunity to expand your business could appear .At this time, you are very much concerned with your public image. It’s also possible that the Moon in Scorpio will transform some of the beliefs you hold connected to how you present yourself publicly; you may experience a “rebirth”of sorts regarding a particular career or field of interest. This is a wonderful transit to reveal your mature and responsible side. Also, anything related to obligations, limitations and restrictions in your life is brought to the forefront as you navigate through the next two weeks.

Pisces= Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse is drawing attention to all things philosophical, religious/spiritual, ethical and complex. Over the next two weeks, you may undergo a critical transformation concerning concepts connected to those “more complex” things in life. A situation may occur that requires you to take a huge leap of faith—and may even change some tenets you have about your belief system. Questions surrounding justice, social issues, and higher education move to the forefront for you at this time. You may consider going back to school or simply taking courses that can expand your mind on certain subjects of interest. The Moon in Scorpio is also connected to the division of your life related to foreign cultures, long distance travels/journeys, and the media. You may take a renewed interest in linking with others online whom may not be in your proximity. You may also itch for a vacation —and may begin planning one that can take you outside of the city you live in. There is a distinct desire to push beyond immediate boundaries and grow both spiritually and emotionally. The Lunar Eclipse can provide you with the momentum to do just that.