May 1st 2013: Mercury into Taurus

mercury in taurus


Mercury leaves quick thinking Aries to settle into Taurus on Wednesday May 1st and will stay there until May 15th. In this position, Mercury encourages practicality and realism when intermingling with others. Aries enjoys tackling challenges and taking on leadership roles: any position we can take that provides us some level of control worked best for us during that passage. Whatever ideas/concepts concocted while Mercury moved through Aries will have staying power during the Mercury in Taurus journey. As a tenacious Fixed sign, Taurus has the ability to refine and expand those ideas we began under the trailblazing Cardinal sign of Aries. In terms of communication, information gathering and transportation, a measure of reliability will manifest in our daily happenings. Mercury in Taurus also supports research, investigative studies and knowledge processing. Our concentration steadies and improves. Any topic of interest closely associated with pragmatic application will be delved into duly. Mental activities taken up under this transit will be backed by steadfastness and thoroughness. We are dedicated to pursuing matters to the bitter (or happy) end.

Like all Earth signs, Taurus depends on tangible goods and earned income to provide emotional confidence and secure their social status.As a result, while Mercury travels in Taurus, the vast majority of our conversations are motivated by the acquisition of materials in our personal lives. This is a great placement for business and professionalism. We may just talk our way into a bit of extra money (whether it’s picking up a few hours at work, securing a business deal, negotiating a raise, or something similar).This is also a time to come up with innovative methods to acquire goods we’ve been lusting after in recent months. Just as taking charge and operating in a leadership capacity influences Mercury in Aries, financial security influences Mercury in Taurus. Abstract figures and philosophies hold little sway over Taurus: the Bull needs something concrete and definite, otherwise you’re wasting your time. Subsequently, conversations with others laced with small talk will be cut short. Under this Mercury influence, we are less likely to engage in exchanges that don’t lead us on a path to increase our social and financial wealth.

In addition to the dependence on materialism for social comfort, Earth signs also prefer conservatism—more so than any other sign. Earthsigns (unless their Mercury is positioned in a Fire sign) prefer not to argue and avoid conflict like the plague. With Mercury in Taurus, social conservatism marks our dialogues with others. Unlike Mutable signs, who are open to individuals of different backgrounds, Fixed signs are less tolerant and need to surround themselves with others that think like them. Consequently, with Mercury in stubborn Taurus, discussions follow a traditional path. Taurus is much more patient than Aries; conversely, we are all willing to slow down and give others an opportunity to state their case. Decisions are made slowly by Taurus, but once made, they stick. Again, this is a trait of all Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Conclusively, this Mercury in Taurus journey seeks ways to simplify our conversations/interactions with others. We are inclined to avoid confrontation [where Mercury in Aries would have happily obliged]. Anything related to beauty, art and finances is worth studying and exploring. Negatively, Taurus is inclined to narrow-mindedness & inflexibility. We hold onto values and opinions for dear life.


The best “May days” that promote good verbal exchanges, open communication and easy flowing communication while Mercury is in Taurus: 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th

“May days” that will be fraught with possible miscommunications, clouded judgments and heightened sensitivity while Mercury transits Taurus: 5th, 13th, 14th