May 9th, 2013: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Taurus Full Moon


Last month, we had a lovely full moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. When we experience a Lunar Eclipse, it signals the closing or ending of something. Astronomically, the Moon is at its brightest; and symbolically (or astrologically speaking), the Moon is “illuminating” something for us. We stumble upon epiphanies and are forced to make changes in certain areas of our lives. This new moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Thursday May 9th, compels us to take action. Astronomically, the Moon is at its darkest during a new moon; and astrologically speaking, it’s a time to plant seeds that will grow into fruition by our Solar Eclipse in Scorpio later this year.

The combination of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses motion toward a deep transformation that needs to transpire. Astrologers associate Taurus with “refinement”, while Scorpio is associated closely with “elimination.” Four days before and after this eclipse, we will need to take the time to analyze which things in our lives require redefinition or elimination altogether. Steady Taurus creates a strong desire for stability and reliability. With four planets resting in the Earth sign [Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars], there is a good chance that any opportunity to increase our income and cut down debt will be seized upon. All of the new goals established during this transit are connected to financial security and expansion. The balance to be struck between the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse (from April 25th) and the Taurus Solar Eclipse (May 9th) revolves around transforming mentalities, people, contracts, and other things no longer serving a purpose to us.

Let’s take a step back and compare. On April 10th, we had a New Moon in Aries. During that transit, it was advised to create goals that showcased our leadership traits. Many of those new goals established centered on our personal needs —inspiring us to take initiative to get everything we want out of life.  During our New Moon in Aries last month, a heavy emphasis was placed on self-promotion and generally looking out for “self” first. Our New Moon in Taurus this month, however, shifts away from “Self” and encourages us to pay more attention to our intimate relationships: figuring out ways to stabilize and expand them. The impatience of the New Moon in Aries has been washed over by the tenacity of Taurus. A New Moon in Aries describes all types of fresh and exciting “brain children” that we want to implement and explore—-sometimes not allocating enough resources to see them through. But this New Moon in Taurus emboldens us to look for tangible results and rewards in our personal/professional lives. We are bound to move away from abstract concepts and take concrete steps to make these dreams a reality.

Our physical needs seem pressing while the Sun and Moon transit Taurus on the 9th. We truly connect with our five senses, indulging in: good music, good food, good wine, good sex and the purchase of materials goods that provide emotional satisfaction. Our desire for comfort includes spoiling ourselves and others. And lastly, we are inclined to reevaluate the values we’ve attached to possessions and what we feel they say about our self-worth.


Read for both your Sun and Moon sign to see what areas you should focus on in the days prior and after the Solar Eclipse. If your Sun& Moon signs are the same (like mine), then reading for your Ascendant can also be helpful.


Aries: The New Moon in Taurus is shedding immense light on your income and earned money. This Solar Eclipse will show you several opportunities to make money and make your money stretch. Perhaps avenues that you’ve overlooked in recent weeks will reveal themselves: you are now ready to take steps to get to the next level. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio last month looked at money/resources or assistance you received not as a result of your own talents. Possibly you live(d) with a relative who is helping you; you could have received an annuity, inheritance, child support or alimony payment; or you may have stumbled upon a windfall or large amount of money. Now, however, funds from external sources have faded to the background. You are looking at money that YOU make and how to expand it. This eclipse can also reveal draw attention to material possessions. More so than any other sign during this New Moon in Taurus, Aries must review the value you’ve attached to certain tangibles. You want your wardrobe, vehicle, home, et al. to accurately reflect your social status (or the status you believe you should have right now). What things do you want that you don’t have? This is the best time to sit down and map out the most efficient way to acquire them. If you are considering making a major purchase or spending a large chunk of money, check everything twice. Be careful: buyer’s remorse is more likely under a Solar Eclipse than a Lunar Eclipse.

Taurus: With the Solar Eclipse occurring in your sign, this is a big deal for you Taurus! This is a time for new beginnings: there is a distinct refocus on “self” and creating goals that provide you some level of emotional satisfaction. During this period, you may want to reinvent yourself: both internally and externally. Looking your best, giving your best and feeling your best are common themes for you. You may change a few pieces in your wardrobe, switch up your hairstyle or even adjust some of your mannerisms. But with Taurus being one of the more stubborn signs, there won’t be too much “changing” going on. For Taurus, this is a high energy period—you feel brave and daring as you tackle new goals and projects in your personal life. All eyes are on your right now….and you don’t mind the attention at all. All of your self-confidence is push forward; it’s definitely time to maximize opportunities presented to you.

Gemini: The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus is driving you to do some “soul searching.” The area in your chart that the eclipse is lighting up is associated with endings or closure. Over the next two weeks, you’ll feel an innate urge to withdraw and retreat from certain people and situations that have caused emotional strain in your personal life. Hidden secrets (whether they are ones you’ve been keeping or ones others have been keeping from you) emerge under this transit; the eclipse offers the opportunity for you to launch a new plan based on the information that’s uncovered . Think of it as a“spiritual cleansing” as you sort through personal issues. Our Solar Eclipse in Taurus brings urgency to Gemini to find emotional calm and peace. Much of the “work” you need to do right now is both psychological and spiritual. With the Moon hovering in the sign before yours, this period is best used to recharge your batteries until Gemini season is upon us. Remember, major lunar events call for balance in some area; the balance you need to create is between emotional baggage that needs to be sorted through and emotional baggage that needs to be discarded altogether. Next month, there will be a New Moon in your sign: so take the next few days to clear up drama that may smudge your shine in a few weeks.

Cancer: Friendships, organizations, and other platonic associations move to the forefront for you during this Solar Eclipse transit. Your“networking nerve” is activated and you are ready to reach out to others. Group activities are favored: you aren’t interested in solo arrangements right now.With attention given to the sector of your chart connected to social circles, you may be struggling with maintaining certain friendships/associations or eliminate them altogether. Conversely, major lunar events call for some sort of balance. With the Moon in Taurus, essentially, you’ll need to form (or reform) boundaries in your friendships. If a friend has been leaning too heavily on your shoulder, and their weight is becoming a bit much, you may see the dissolution of this bond within the next two weeks. Since a Solar Eclipse indicates the start of something, you may actually lay the roots to a new friendship—that may blossom into a relationship for you single Crabs. Under this transit, you may also join a new club/committee/group that appeals to your personal interests.

Leo: With Mars—the planet influencing our motivation and how we pursue our ambitions—currently in Taurus and now a Solar Eclipse in Taurus, your career is bound to take off in an exciting direction! This eclipse is highlighting your professional sector of your chart and much of your attention over the next several days is related to this area of your life. Professional goals are renewed and you are focused on expanding your business ventures. With this eclipse in practical Taurus, you are ready to take pragmatic steps to get to the next level in your field of work. Additionally, you are more in sync with responsibilities related to your job—you’ll be extremely busy over the next two weeks. If you’ve been taking care of your responsibilities consistently, the fruits of your hard labor will manifest and reveal themselves during another eclipse this November. If you are not presently working, use this period to seriously map/redefine the path you need to take to grow professionally. Over the next few days, you’ll need to figure out which of your behaviors are hindering or helping you in your career. This major lunar event is calling for balance between maintenance and elimination in your professional space. What do you need to get rid of to be better?

Virgo: Your focus over the next few weeks thanks to this Solar Eclipse will revolve around the development of your “higher mind.” Higher education, spiritual exploration, foreign culture and travel all peak your interest. Restlessness and anxiety are triggered when a New Moon touches this sector of your chart, Virgo. You are ready to get out, explore and move beyond your daily activities. Last month, during our Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, getting mundane tasks taken care of was your motivation. Now, your curiosities are getting the better of you. You are ready to break free from tradition and fall into an adventure; and positively, the eclipse in Taurus will give you the perseverance to follow through on some of those plans. Scheduling a long distance journey/vacation or studying philosophical matters is favored now. The Solar Eclipse can jolt you to pursue educational or spiritual themes.

Libra: Our Solar Eclipse in Taurus draws your attention to self-mastery skills, Libra. Over the next two weeks, power struggles (within yourself, as well as struggles you have with those closest to you) can erupt if you cannot create balance between what you need and what you want. This lunar cycle activates the sector of your chart connected to joint finances and resources[the resources you have that others depend on, as well as resources that others have that you depend on]. During the Lunar Eclipse last month, finding new ways to increase your income was a priority. Now, you are reviewing sources of external income (whether that’s an inheritance you’ve come across, child support/alimony payments, or some other resource that you do not personally generate). If you are also paying child support/alimony monthly then this can also apply to you. Expect major upheavals in your intimate relationships: this is the time to reflect on what makes you tick…and whether or not you are receiving support from those closest to you. The “give-and-take” balance needs to be struck while both the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. Plans (especially those of a financial nature) can be helpful and if you set a sturdy foundation this week and next, the fruits of your labor will reveal themselves during the November 2013 eclipse season.

Scorpio: With the Solar Eclipse occurring in your opposite sign, you must establish new goals related to what you seek in a partner (both marital and business-related) or perhaps how you treat existing partners. The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th was all about you; now, it’s time to refocus your attention on others. Firm Taurus is giving you the gusto to take concrete steps to revamp your most cherished relationships; Scorpio, this is a good time to decide the personal role you want to play in those partnerships. A personal objective you may want to examine is how companionableyou are to others—instead of how they fit into your world. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus may also bring legal concerns and contractual agreements that need to be drawn up and signed. Negotiations with others are favored. Anything etched in stone now will manifest during another eclipse we’ll have in November 2013.

Sagittarius: Your work ethic, health and other issues of self-improvement come into focus under this Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Sagittarius, you are likely to commit (or recommit) to health goals: perhaps a new diet or exercise regime. Additionally, you’ve probably been concerned about your level of efficiency at work in recent days. Any activity that increases productivity is favored for you now. This eclipse is bringing attention to the sector of your chart related to self- development, work ethic and service. The idea is, “getting to your best self, so you can give the best of you to others.” For you, this is a period of sorting out small details and taking care of business. If things have not been rosy at work, you may find things come to a head within coming days. This can reveal itself in conflicts with your employer or other colleagues; hours that are no longer meeting your schedule needs; looking for ways to branch out and become an entrepreneur.The Solar Eclipse is influencing you to take concrete steps to get yourself together internally first and then create the life you want externally.

Capricorn: You are entering a very creative phase in your life, Capricorn ! This is a period of indulgence and leisure. Romance has been on your mind in recent days and will continue as a theme over the next week.All of those little seeds you plant under this Solar Eclipse will produce wonderful results in November (just wait!). Any risks (especially in the romance department) taken now are bound to be realistic and etched in some essence of rationality—thanks to the Moon passing through a fellow Earth sibling. Entertainment, relaxation and happenings related to children (whether they belong to your or not) are all significant to you now. The New Year may have opened on a rough note for you, but now you feel as if you are truly enjoying life, Capricorn. This eclipse can help you reassert confidence (that may have been tarnished during the rough patch earlier in the year). You are definitely in a playful and celebratory mood.

Aquarius: The Solar Eclipse in Taurus directs attention to domestics and your home life. Over the next few days, you may find yourself reaching out to those in your support system. There’s a desire to reorganize, restructure and rearrange things around your house (including people who are no longer serving a positive purpose in your life). Security is important to you right now, Aquarius, and you are very much interested in establishing long-term goals for your household. With the eclipse in Taurus, you are seeking balance between maintaining and eliminating things in your home: what needs to stay? What things need to go? Happenings connected to family move to the forefront of your mind; relations with women (particularly those you are related to) are favored right now. Discussions about a new pet or baby in the household may also play a role in your life.

Pisces: Expect heightened communication with this Solar Eclipse passing through Taurus. You become very aware of your immediate environment and establishing a mental rapport with those around you is important. There may be an influx of calls, text messages, emails and voicemails your way. This eclipse is drawing attention to the sector of your chart that influences short distance trips (perhaps several errands around town), transportation concerns, electronics and general communication with others. Over the next few days, Pisces, you’ll be compelled to learn something new and focus on those little details related to daily activities. And with the Moon in practical Taurus, all of the information you come across must be of some use—otherwise you’ll be discarding it just as quickly as you acquired it. Communication with neighbors, siblings, cousins and colleagues are favored. Exchange and sharing are common themes for you under this transit.