May 9th: Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini (Image Courtesy of Kacey M of

Venus in Gemini (Image Courtesy of Kacey M of


On Thursday, May 9th, Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. In astrology, Venus describes what we value in romantic relationships and how we express that value to our partners (or potential partners !).  When in Taurus, Venus is seeking that “all-consuming” love: we want partners who are reliable and ready to commit. Love matters transition into something much lighter and relaxed under Venus in Gemini until June 2nd . Our interests (both romantically and socially) diverge into several different directions. Gemini is curious and inquisitive; and as a Mutable sign, Gemini can adapt to any environment. The predictable nature of Venus in Taurus gives way to the spontaneity and flexibility of Venus in Gemini. Just getting out and having fun is a priority for all of us now. Thai restaurants; hole-in-the-wall bars, funky music concerts or even traveling are all examples and fall into the realm of Gemini. Trying new things (and sometimes new people) is what Venus in Gemini is all about.

As an Air sign, Gemini is turned on by intelligence and good conversation. This is THE most social sign of the zodiac—-so chatting with our mates (yes, more than one) becomes significant. You may find that unanswered text messages, phone calls, emails from your lover don’t bother you too much—-you have interests elsewhere. Restlessness, unfortunately, is also a trait of Venus in Gemini and boredom could lead to infidelity (yikes). Positively, Gemini encourages us to be charming, witty and ultra-friendly. We are attracted to free spirits and our relationships resemble a fun and flirty affair. If your partnership has been tested recently, this is a great time to take a load off and get back to the basics: fulfilling conversation! Feeling trapped and confined in a relationship is a HUGE turnoff to Gemini, and this may also manifest in our personal dealings. Gemini prides itself on fluidity.

For those not fully committed (or those a bit unhappy in your current commitment), Venus in Gemini may compel you to keep your options open. If you didn’t settle down during the Venus in Taurus transit…or at least create some sort of foundation…a union formed at this time may fizzle out before Summer even has to a chance to make an appearance. Remember, Gemini is represented by the Twins: what may be said, is not what’s truly felt; what may be felt may not be expressed; and what may be expressed may not be carried out [<<<< you see what I just did there?]

Those of you with your Sun or Venus sign positioned in a Fire [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] or Air [Gemini, Libra, Aquarius] sign will experience the effects of this Venus more than others because those 6 signs are complementary to Gemini. For example, my Sun is positioned in Virgo (not compatible with Gemini), but my Venus is positioned in Libra. So this transit will inject intellectualism and fun back into my relationship.


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