May 15, 2013: Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini influences us to follow whichever topic/project tickles our fancy at that moment. Where will your whims lead you ? [Image Courtesy of]

Mercury in Gemini influences us to follow whichever topic/project tickles our fancy at that moment. Where will your whims lead you ? [Image Courtesy of]

On Wednesday May 15, Mercury zips into one of its two homes (Gemini/Virgo). When Mercury transits Gemini, our mental processes speed up: the persistence of Mercury in Taurus breaks into mental restlessness of the first Air sign. We now have the planet of commerce, commutes (short trips) and communication[Mercury] in the most social sign of the zodiac[why Gemini, of course]. Our conversations/interactions with others heightens and the need to connect increases. Mercury in Gemini welcomes mental challenges and intellectual stimulation over the next two weeks: our ability to articulate our thoughts becomes clearer and easier. Gemini has a unique gift of persuasion—this is a great transit to network and self-promote. Negatively, we may get too excited and talk too much that we promise way more than what we can actually deliver.

Our attention span travels into a thousand different directions: gathering as much information as possible is significant. When in Taurus, Mercury supports the status quo and maintaining the peace; while Mercury in Gemini enjoys shaking things up. As a Mutable (changeable) sign, the fluidity of Gemini means we may have sudden ideas and whims we want to act upon. Our ability to concentrate and channel all of our energies into one task is trademark of Mercury of Taurus. As a willful Fixed sign and a practical Earth sign, Taurus prides itself on eyeing a goal and staying the course. With Mercury’s transition into the flexible Twins, multiple projects hold our attention simultaneously. We’ll have our finger in every pie, looking for tasks that keep us moving.

Mercury in Gemini is busy, witty, and adaptable. We may become relatively charming and opinionated in our interactions with others. More importantly, Gemini is energetic! It’ll be difficult for us to sit still and this restlessness keeps us alert. Negatively, we may be easily frustrated by those who aren’t able to grasp facts as quickly as we can. Our expressions of self shift from a “subjective” to an “objective” perspective. To Gemini, knowledge is power and communication is key under this transit. One thing to watch for over the next two weeks is overstimulation. Sometimes Mercury in Gemini can move so quickly that information is not always internalized—instead of focusing on one topic and studying it deeply (as with Mercury in Taurus), we scratch the surface of several different topics.

Those of us with a Sun and/or Mercury in the Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) family may feel the impact of this transition more than others.

The BEST May days for open communication, brainstorming ideas and overall pleasant exchanges: 15th, 24th, 27th

May days that may bring missed signals/miscommunication, difficulty concentrating, and mental blocks: 18th, 25th, 26th