May 25th, 2013: Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Image Courtesy of HuffingtonPostUK)

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Image Courtesy of HuffingtonPostUK)

If you have a Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces) in your Sun or Moon sign, then our Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will greatly impact you more than anyone else! This Saturday May 25 around 12am EST(on the 24th for the West coast), we’ll have an eclipse in Sagittarius: which is the final in a Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse series that started in 2010(thank goodness!). This signals one last “hoorah” to stabilize ourselves in certain areas and push forward. We become immediately aware of what we need and how to move past these issues.

If in recent days you’ve been anxious, jittery, uneasy or more stressed out that usual, you can breathe a sigh of relief! Now you know why! Eclipses create a sense of urgency and anxiety, and are difficult to process initially. This nervous tension isn’t always bad though: we can use this energy to get us moving in the right direction in certain areas of our lives (which will be explained for each sign below).

Sagittarius is a seeker of truth, wisdom and higher knowledge. This Fire sign is always on a quest for adventure and journeys: whether these missions are literal/physical or spiritual in nature. Some of our values or beliefs will be challenged. During a Lunar Eclipse period, revelations occur. Things that were previously hidden are revealed; traumas from our past and present will emerge from the shadows; the truths we discover will assist us develop our skills of tolerance and subtlety. Consider it a period of enlightenment. The challenge for this eclipse is patience and accepting others as they are: this is not the time for pushing your belief(s)/value(s)/mentality(ies) upon others. There will be a release of old wounds and trauma, almost like the universe is saying “time to wake up from denial and receive the truth.”

Generally speaking, all Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) need space to grow and improve. This eclipse occurring in a Mutable sign is no different. Sagittarius, as a generalist (instead of being a “specialist”), looks at the bigger picture and not necessarily minor details.There is a distinct need to evolve and manipulate our physical environments to create some level of emotional satisfaction. Additionally, Gemini & Sagittarius represent the communication axis in astrology. As a result, we want to redefine and adjust our methods of interacting with those in our immediate environments (thanks to Gemini) and figure out the best ways to connect with others on a societal or broad level (thanks to Sagittarius). How will the epiphanies experienced in the next two weeks restructure your belief systems? By the end of June (marking the close of Gemini season), you may find yourself asking internally, “ I can’t believe I used to do ____” or “I can’t believe I used to think ____.”

The curiosities of Gemini are refined by the wisdom of Sagittarius: this will also be a common theme for each sign as we move forward over the next two weeks. Again, those of you with your Sun or Moon positioned in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces will feel the effects of this eclipse a bit closer to home than anyone else although all will be impacted. Conclusively, you should read information related to both your Sun and Moon (if you know it), below.


Aries: This Sagittarian eclipse spotlights the area of your birth chart connected to intellectual pursuits, travel and exploration. Over the coming weeks, you may have shifts in your beliefs concerning politics/ ethics/morals/philosophy/law; or you may become suddenly interested in these topics, desiring to study them intensely. This can also point to a great shift in perspectives related to beliefs of a spiritual nature. This lunar transit encourages Aries to revamp how you express your belief system to others. You may feel it necessary to evolve spiritually as a result of some realization in this part of your life. The eclipse encourages you to prepare yourself for a question of truth and wisdom, philosophically speaking. What does Aries believe? Why? Can this change? And how? Your greatest challenge is to develop patience for those whom you encounter over the next couple weeks who do not share the same political/spiritual/ethical/social ideology that you do. Figure out the best ways to interact with them diplomatically. All your ideas about social norms and the direction you want to move your life in are shaken up by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Your journeynow is to push beyond immediate boundaries, finding balance between the mundane and adventurous in your life. A leap of faith of some sort is required from you, Aries.

Taurus: Either strongly productive or strongly destructive energy is brought to Taurus resulting from the lunar eclipse. This lunar transit in Sagittarius will transform your beliefs concerning how you acquire and handle the resources given to you by others (this is connected to perhaps alimony checks; child support payments; borrowing money from a bank/friend/relative; or any external sources of revenue that you did not create). It may also mean that you could come in contact with estate issues, inheritance issues or other debt you have. Matters concerning other people’s money, time, and resources escape from the shadows and move into the forefront for you at this time. Remember, Sagittarius rules “journeys”, so your journey during this period is connected to finding balance between your security and comfort of others. It is also likely that epiphanies will occur related to debt/loans you’ve acquired recently. Could they have been avoided? How can you get rid of them for good? The optimism of Sagittarius manifests as idealism in your affairs. Legal problems could also crop up. Moreover, the need to connect with others sexually is heightened over the next two weeks. You may also experience changes to your belief system/tolerance level related to sexuality (namely how you express your sexuality to others).

Gemini: With the Moon transiting your astronomical polar opposite, this is activating the sector of your chart connected to soul mates/ marital relationships/ business partnerships/adversaries. This is a time to grow and expand in your intimate relationships: are you interacting with your partner (business/romantic) in the best manner possible? What role have you played in the tension generated between yourself and an adversary? Under this influence, you want to evolve in your manner of communication; your skills of negotiation and diplomacy are needed now. Gemini must make sure they are tolerant of differences in their relationships. What ideals do you want to expand with your business partners? What values are most important to you that need to evolve in your personal relationships? If you are single (or hovering between that “single-dating” space) perhaps you need to consider which private ideals you need to change in order for you to establish a healthy partnership? This lunar eclipse is less about you and more about the “others” in your life. Now is the time to compromise and move forward.

Cancer: Sagittarius is a Fire sign, while Cancer is a Water sign; Sagittarius belongs to the Mutable family while Cancer resides with the Cardinals. With both different elements and qualities, you’d think they two have absolutely nothing in common! Although this may be true, this Sagittarian eclipse is drawing attention to the sector of Cancer’s chart related to work ethic, self-improvement, health and service. You may find that your belief system connected to your work ethic will evolve and expand during the next two weeks: this lunar transit is forcing you to make a decision about the direction your work ethic is taking you in. What do you need to change in order to evolve into a more efficient person? This is a time to tighten up! This eclipse may also signal the culmination of a work project/assignment or the conclusion of a problem at work. This section of your chart similarly rules health, hygiene, diet and exercise. Cancer‘s journeynow includes integrating new routines into their schedule. A sudden realization may force you to fit some sort of new health routine into your daily happenings. A health concern may reach culmination now. There may be a focus on chores, household work, and other service/duty related issues. There’s a need to kick any bad habits you have at this time.

Leo: The Moon in fellow sign Sagittarius is sparking the sector of your chart connected to creativity, romance, children and leisure activity. All of these topics step out from the shadows and into the limelight for you. Your belief system concerning how you express your creativity to others will shift. This is the time to take your imagination and creativity to the next level. Insights at this time force you to make some serious changes! You feel idealistic about this journeyin your personal life. Entertainment, recreational activities, hobbies and interacting with children are important to you now. Romance is favored: Leo is willing to take gambles with the heart (there is an “all or nothing” energy introduced by Sagittarius). Interacting with children (whether they belong to you or not) or individuals who are younger than you is encouraged. Any point of view or values connected to leisure activities will be shifted; your challenge at this time is to be tolerant of creative/romantic differences in your personal lives. If you are unhappy in your relationship, it may possibly mark the culmination or end of a romantic venture.

Virgo: Sagittarius is a fellow Mutable sign, Virgo. Mutable signs are considered flexible, adaptable and changeable. The Sagittarian eclipse on the 24th/25th shines attention to the area of your chart connected to domestics, the household, family and relationships with women. How you communicate with those in your home is challenged. This is a time to broaden your horizons and evolve household dynamics. Sentimental memories connected to your past (specifically with women) resurface and reveal things about what’s presently happening in your life. As a seeker of truth and wisdom, Sagittarius looks to the bigger picture. What things do you need to come to terms with (regarding the domestic sphere) in order to grow? Generally speaking, living arrangements, issues with bills and relationships with women are challenged right now. How can you be more tolerant, patient and understanding from that angle? There’s a definite need for stability and security. Family drama may reach a culmination under this transit. You may relocate or redecorate your home. It is possible that you may have others moving in/out of the home. The end of something in the home (either a problem or relationship) occurs now. All belief systems related to the home are significant now.

Libra: The fiery archer is very compatible with the Scales of balance. This Sagittarian eclipse highlights siblings, coworkers, neighbors and short trips around town. This lunar transit marks an increase in errands/commutes and communication with others. Don’t be surprised if there is an influx of text messages, phone calls, emails, and increased interaction on social media. This sector of your chart also governs transportation, electronics and technology. You may find either an electronic or transportation issues reaches a culmination climax. You may buy a car/sell a car or make another big ticket purchase. It is also likely that you are more inclined to experience some sort of technological breakthrough. A sudden epiphany may challenge the manner in which you’ve previously connected with others: there is a shift in your mind to the bigger picture instead of the minor details you’ve been focusing on in recent weeks. Unfortunately, you may feel slightly overwhelmed with your mind/attention seemingly moving in one thousand different directions. Many people are depending on you right now, and Libra’s biggest challenge is figuring out how to meet those demands with ease.

Scorpio: Over the next two weeks, Scorpio will be seeking ways to expand and grow your finances based on your talents & capabilities. Our lunar eclipse in Sagittarius signals the culmination of a financial project or source of steady income. The values you hold connected to money and how you generate income are challenged by this eclipse. A revelation concerning the beliefs you’ve attached to material goods and the acquisition of them will occur. You seek possessions that reveal your social status so this eclipse will shift or shake up how you view yourself. Think of it as a “journey of self-esteem.” The lunar eclipse confronts you about the connection between what you buy and how it makes you feel about yourself. Although protective, this is a time to evolve your belief system. Are others your hearing your communication of self-worth effectively? How can you improve it? Your challenge at this time, Scorpio, is to self-promote without goading or sounding arrogant.


The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius brings a sense of urgency and heat to our affairs (Image Courtesy of Google)

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius brings a sense of urgency and heat to our affairs (Image Courtesy of Google)


Sagittarius: With a Lunar Eclipse in your own sign, Sagittarius, this is the time to shine! Beliefs connected to how you present yourself to others will be adjusted under this lunar transit. All issues related to your personal life move to the forefront: those concerns that are immediately pressing must be handled now while the odds are in your favor. You may find that it’s time to review your presentation of self to others: via physical appearance, wardrobe or even your mannerisms. Your transformation or “journey” at this time revolves figuring out what makes Sagittarius happiest (not others) and going after that goal. Self-development takes a backseat to self-assertion over the next two weeks: you are less concerned about how you present yourself and are more concerned with how others receive you. This eclipse may bring out the emotional side of you; the nonchalance of the Archer is hidden behind a wave of passion. The challenge for you now is to strike a balance between dependence on others for attention and independence for self.

Capricorn: A period of atonement and enlightenment blanket your life under this period. Now, Capricorn is a time to get in touch with your subconscious. There is a distinct need to retreat and withdraw from the limelight. This is highly recommended in order for you to focus on internal issues. Remember, astrologers connect Sagittarius to “journeys” so your journey at this time is one of an internal nature. The pessimism normally experienced by Capricorn is balanced by the optimism of Sagittarius. Reflecting, digging deep and analyzing introspectively are significant to you now. Values connected to how you heal, emotionally, are challenged under this aspect. Over the next two weeks, you feel you are knee-deep in some sort of spiritual journey and wisdom from people older than you, Capricorn, is important. Your belief system connected to spiritual and psychological evaluation is shaken and stirred by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. A string of big changes could occur within the next 6 weeks for you.

Aquarius: This Sagittarian eclipse will indicate the climax or culmination of a project that you’ve created with a friend or acquaintance. This assignment may be for business or pleasure. This project can also introduce the realization that you need to cut ties with a friend or acquaintance. More than likely, positive and enthusiastic Sagittarius encourages you to expand your social circle and branch outside of your comfort zone. Are you tolerant of friends who don’t think like you? A situation with a friend may challenge your beliefs regarding friends in general which could force you to rethink how you interact with others. Others may depend heavily on you for emotional support in this position: brace for a crisis of sorts. Right now, your validation of self derives externally as you seek harmonious relations between yourself and groups you’re associated with. Later in the month, we’ll have a New Moon in Gemini that removes attention from friends and places it on leisure and recreational activities.

Pisces: Self-promotion is very important to you, Pisces ! This Lunar Eclipse in fellow Mutable sign, Sagittarius, highlights your professional sector. Your public image is significant and you may experience changes in the values you attach on how others view you (specifically at work). Prizes, honors, achievements, praise and promotions will likely be thrown your way left and right. This lunar transit is providing hidden opportunities for you to further your career a direction that is emotionally satisfying: don’t let it pass you by! Responsibilities, limitations and obligations in your life right now appear more pressing and you are looking for a way to stabilize then expand. This is a great time to put your best foot forward: sending out applications, scheduling interviews and networking is favored now. A sudden job opportunity, an unexpected pay raise, or recognition from a superior is likely. This is a great time to showcase your responsible side to the world.