May 31st, 2013: Mercury into Cancer

mercury in cancer
On Friday, Mercury leaves chatty Gemini (its home constellation) to soar into nurturing Cancer. With Mercury governing communication, commerce and commutes (short trips/errands in a local area), we can expect our interactions with others to shift gears. While Mercury in Gemini prided rationale, superficial attachments and an overall playfulness in conversation; Mercury in Cancer values intuition, deeper attachments and overall compassion in conversation. For Cancer, nonverbal cues and body language hold just as much weight as what’s being said. It is immensely difficult for Cancer to absorb knowledge objectively. Information gathering and processing takes on an instinctive nature.
Any presentation, interview,meeting or debate held under this influence will carry an air of sentiment and kindness. We want to make sure our thoughts and hearts are moving along the same pathway. Conversations regarding domestics, the household, family relations and interactions with women are favored during this transit. This is a time when connecting wth those nearest and dearest to us reigns supreme. Repairing and strengthening relationships in those spheres is important. Mercury in Cancer will urge us all—no matter what our Sun sign— to invert and reflect. Introspection to memories, both good and bad, is also likely while Mercury is in this position. Cancer doesn’t believe in “forgiving and forgetting”—the Crab will leave that to its Pisces brethen. And so naturally, any grudges established now may last for quite longer than one would imagine.
Astrologers associate nostalgia with Cancer: karmic energy from our previous lives could possibly reemerge to present some sort of emotional challenge/barrier to communicating effectively with ourselves AND with others. We are extraordinarily defensive when criticized and seek territory/environments that are familar and offer comfort. Positively, Mercury in Cancer knudges us to open up a bit more and discuss our emotional states (even when we aren’t prompted to do so). Negatively, whenever sharp Mercury is positioned in Cancer (or even Pisces for that matter), communication gets hazy and lines are blurred. Mercury in Cancer can sometimes lead to missed signals, misunderstandings and miscommunications between ourselves and those around us. Later in the month of June, Mercury will Rx for 3 weeks in Cancer. A subsequent article will be posted regarding what that transit can bring to our communication styles.
The best June days for interviews/important discussions/presentations/ and overall pleasant communication with others: 3rd, 10th, 20th
June days that may bring tension/awkwardness/hurt feelings and overall challenges to effective communication: 7th, 8th, 17th