SPRING into SUMMER with style!

summer deal


Have you ever wanted to learn more about what makes you, you? Have you ever wondered why you communicate the way you do, or why you behave a certain when in relationships? Have you ever wanted to figure out what truly motivates you and why you respond to some of life’s strains in the manner you do? Perhaps astrology can help! Here at HolisticTruth©, we look at several different factors outside of your Sun sign that can reveal who you truly are at the core of your identity. And now, for a limited time, we are offering a great deal!


If you purchase a natal report or compatibility reading between May 30th and June 10th, we will send you a FREE personalized monthly report that correlates specifically to your chart. Essentially, you’ll be able to see which days are best for business, communication, romance; and which days may offer a challenge to you. Unlike most astrology sites that create vague one-liners for Sun signs, the HolisticTruth© monthly report unmasks how the planets on the day of your birth are influenced by the planets’ current positions.  Both the natal reading and monthly readings are detailed and tailored: catering to the unique you! If you are a bit skeptical of the study of astrology in general, then this may be the offer for you!


And distinct from most sites, once you’ve made your purchase, you won’t have to shell out any more of your hard earned cash if you have questions or concerns related to the items you paid for: we are happy to assist you understand all aspects of your chart. All monthly readings are confidential and information collected will not be sold to third party entities.  Transactions are made securely over PayPal. Summer is on its way in and you don’t want to be left out to dry: move into the new season with a better grip on your personal and professional life. Essentially, this is a win-win, as you lose nothing if you are unsatisfied with your monthly reading—-which I know you won’t be!


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