June 2, 2013: Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer "Underwater Lovers", by Sonja Photography of DeviantArt.com

Venus in Cancer
“Underwater Lovers”, by Sonja Photography of DeviantArt.com



Pull out a quilt, The Notebook, and lots of wine! Venus, the planet of romance, has left the flirty and fun constellation of Gemini to settle for 3 weeks in sensitive Cancer. Under the influence of Gemini, Venus looks for opportunities to try new things (and possibly with new people).  Venus in chatty Gemini runs on mental energy; our partners may have stimulated us via verbal communication: racy text messages, erotic phone conversations, and sexy innuendos. Venus in Cancer, however, runs on nonverbal communication: we look for stimulation through physical affection. Reading facial expressions and body gestures is important to intuitive Cancer. We seem to “read” our partners without them having to say much about what they need/want. The planet Venus will remain in dreamy Cancer from June 2nd– June 27th.


As most faithful followers of astrology know, Cancer is the sign that rules domestics. During the next three weeks, a huge emphasis is placed on stabilizing and expanding our home life. Because Cancer needs both material and emotional security, we may find that we are ready to settle down (or at least think about it, even if there’s no one in sight). We want an “all consuming” love—the signature trait of the Venus when positioned in the Waterfamily. This is also a wonderful time to repair or strengthen relationships with women important to you (particularly the mother, wife/gf, and daughter).  We are protective of our relationships/family and very defensive about our households.


Astrologers also connect Cancer with nostalgia, the past and karmic energy from our previous lives/relationships. So positively, this may be a period in which we reflect on good memories (either in our current or most recent relationship); negatively, we may also be inclined to hang onto memories of a bad relationship or even unhealthy partnerships that we are presentlyin. Unfortunately, when in Cancer, Venus has an overactive imagination. Sometimes that imagination/intuition can manifest into paranoia, moodiness and passive-aggressiveness. When upset, or experiencing feelings of rejection (whether our partners are actually ignoring us, or if we’re just overreacting), Venus in Cancer is prone to guilt trips. And with Mercury also in Cancer, we may sulk instead of telling our mates why we’re angry.


Generally speaking, Venus in Cancer introduces (and reintroduces for some of us) compassion, creativity and loyalty in our relationships.


This transit works best for individuals with their Sun, Ascendant or Venus sign positioned in the Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) family.


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